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  2. Yes I agree with this totally
  3. Yeah I agree
  4. Run it two more times. Make them use up their timeouts then kick a field goal. Up by 11. I like my chances
  5. The Pats didn't have Gronk either and, in fairness, if we look at our injuries we have to look at theirs also. With that being said, if we run the ball on 1and 10 from the Pats 22 we win the game regardless of injuries on both sides.
  6. John Smoltz went to a shrink, got straightened out and now puts the letters H.O.F. after his name.
  7. Slow and steady wins the race every time. This leadership team understands that.
  8. It's just a minor thing I know but with a franchise worth appx $1B dollars you would think it could be fixed. But be thankful....if the Smith's still owned the team we MIGHT have dial up by now.
  9. I often get it too when I am on cellular and not on my wifi network. Not always, but pretty often. And honestly, I understand that they don't mean it this way but it really comes across as rude and offensive to someone like me, especially having been a fan of the Falcons for many, many years before computer message boards were ever even thought about.
  10. We drafted an OLineman from Wisconsin about a year before they drafted Travis. He was so good he is out of the league now. KONZ!!!!!!!!
  11. You WILL note that I DID say WITHOUT the steroids. Alzado had an innate tenacity from his upbringing. I see the same in Takk. I am hoping that translates to an Alzado-like tenacity on the field WITHOUT the steroids.
  12. I just watched a special on Lyle Alzado and I can see a lot of similarities between Lyle and Takk. I hope Takk brings the same tenacity and intensity to the field that Alzado did WITHOUT the steroids. If we get something close to that we will all be very happy.
  13. Yeah it's hard not to be impressed with this young man. It will be interesting to see how much he gives back to his community in money, time, mentorship etc. I can overlook the curse words and I hope they don't become a habit but somehow I don't think they will. I hope somebody in the Brotherhood mentors him so he can mentor others. That's what it's really all about. Much more important than football. Now go smack Cam Newton for trying to dress like your grandmother:)
  14. My mistake. Same principle though. Not saying he won't turn out just fine. It's just that those numbers DID come against lesser level competition
  15. I will definitely give him the benefit of the doubt and trust the front office on this. However, keep in mind that was against Ivy League competition.