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  1. I think a whole lot of that transformation can be credited too Raheem Morris and to a lesser extent Jeff Ulbich(sp). Morris changed the scheme and coached them up in a big way. Never understood why he wasn’t coaching defense the whole time he was here instead of Wide Receivers.
  2. That team was a lot of fun to watch on defense and totally frustrating on offense. Saw Glanville actually blitz all 11 defenders several times that season. I know he had serious issues as a head coach but he was the best there was as a DC for several years during that era. And again, I love those uniforms. I sure hope our new ones look a lot like those.
  3. Voted most likely to be a NFL General Manager by absolutely no one in his graduating class. That is one more peculiar looking dude.
  4. My son’s birthday is April 2.
  5. Absolutely LOVE those uniforms. Hope the front office is watching and sees how good they look.
  6. Happy Birthday my brother. Enjoy your day. Hope you and your family are safe and doing well.
  7. Simmons won’t be there. Moot point
  8. An added benefit of bringing him here is that I think he would push Jake to play better at LT. Bragging rights for “best Matthews on the team” would be at stake.
  9. Maybe we could get Houston to also throw in their first round draft choices from 3020 - 2040 as well. Yeah that makes sense.
  10. Very loud groans from me. No way do I want that toxic personality and the drama show that comes with it anywhere near my team or the city where I live.
  11. Unfortunately we got our defense off of the close out rack at The Dollar Store.
  12. Awesome! Congratulations! It’s the greatest thing you can imagine!
  13. I re-read my posts and I do not say he is better than Hooper anywhere. I said I think he will be an upgrade due to his bigger size and superior speed and that he will cause mismatches (if Koetter uses him properly) that Hooper simply could not cause. He never did cause them. I think Hurst will cause them.
  14. I think you will see Hurst thrive and have a breakout year provided he and Matt both stay healthy. That speed on the deep routes Koetter runs is going to be hard to deal with and give us mismatches that we never got with Hooper. Opposing defenses won’t be able to cover everybody.