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  1. It’s a crying shame that people have lost their sense of humor and we can no longer disagree without being disagreeable.
  2. I used to actively look for your posts. Your Emmitt persona was hysterical. People as a whole need to lighten up. Not everything is racist or offensive. Some things are, for sure, but not everything. Back in the 50s Senator McCarthy started an anti-communist movement and basically accused everybody who didn’t think like him of being Communist. In particular he went after Hollywood and said most of them were Communist. We’re there Communists and others who wanted to destroy America? Absolutely and there still are. But was everyone he accused of being a Communist actually one? Not at all. Many
  3. He is a highly paid and highly trained professional moderator whose sole purpose in life is to moderate these boards. He never leaves. He is on call here 24/7/365. Kind of like Siri but much more intelligent, merciful and compassionate. Did I miss anything J? in all seriousness, you and the other mods do a great job. Thanks to all of you for what you do to make these boards better and more fun!
  4. Outstanding! If memory serves me correctly I think he signed with us as the first pick in the 76 draft for $400,000. Peachtree Bart was the toast of the town
  5. Bonus if anyone knows who our QB was that day without looking it up.
  6. Loved that game. Bob Lee and “Cadillac” Eddie Ray kicking butt and taking names
  7. How could we be so stupid!!!! We just gave away the Super Bowl. He will probably go to NO or TB and be MVP of the Super Bowl/purple
  8. There is a REALLY good joke here but since I don’t want to get banned I will resist the urge LOL.
  9. Unfortunately if she has been in NO then Covid is not the only thing she needs to get tested for. Diseases float around in the air down there. LOL nothing negative against your mom mind you:)
  10. Yes I agree. Slotting for rookies is a good thing.
  11. He really seemed to do that a lot more than any other skill player did. And I’m not talking about coming out for personnel package reasons. I’m talking about raising your hand and voluntarily coming out. Granted I don’t know the behind the scenes and try to give him the benefit of the doubt but it sure didn’t look good.
  12. Will Julio be there? .....What? Too soon?????
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