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  1. I will disrespect him for what he did to this franchise for the rest of my life.
  2. Bobby Petrino has been fired by Louisville. It couldn’t happen to a finer, more courageous and honest man. (This personal description of Petrino written here is in the deepest purple I can imagine for sarcasm. The part about him being fired is in black and white for truth.)
  3. It seems to me that on almost ever pass rush situation I see, Beasley goes for the outside move and the tackle simply rides him out of the play allowing the QB to step up in the pocket and complete the pass. He looks like he could really benefit from a strong inside move instead of letting the tackle take him out of the play outside. Do you guys see that as well?
  4. It looked like Matt spread the ball around a lot better and the play calling was more creative. Hope it continues.
  5. Well alrighty then:)
  6. Thank you:)
  7. Nope. And we didn’t lose it last week either. Looked like Sark called a better game and Matt made better decisions
  8. I am in sales by profession and my success or failure is measured every week by the numbers I get every Tuesday afternoon. Our VP of Sales is correct when he says that neither one really bad week or one really good week is anything to get really high or low about. His words are “one week does not a trend make.” He says you have to wait a few weeks to determine a pattern or a trend in either direction. He provides a steady hand at the top with that type of leadership Following that advice, I came into this season committed to reserving judgement on Sarkisian and Ryan until after Game 4 which represents 1/4 of the season. I stand by that decision. Last week was depressing. Today was much better. By the end of game week 4, we will have a better idea whether both of them (Sarkisian and Ryan) and the team as a whole are more realistically like they were against the Eagles or the Panthers. By then, in the words of Bill Parcells “we will be what our record says we are” All things considered though, significant upgrade in this week’s performance over last week for the team as a whole and for Sark and Ryan in particular.
  9. I agree 100%
  10. Let me preface this by saying this is one game and one game does not a season make. Also, I am not saying that we should do this or that it is going to happen. HOWEVER, for discussion, suppose we are midway through the season and averaging 14-17 points per game. We are at or near .500 primarily due to our defense Would you be in favor of letting Sark go in mid season like Baltimore did to Cam Cameron a few years ago? Was Knapp brought in specifically as a safety net in case this happens? Jim Caldwell stepped in for Cameron and the Ravens began to improve almost immediately. If there is significant improvement under Knapp, do you keep him in that role permanently or still try to find someone else? Again, I’m not saying I think this will or won’t happen. I hope Sark turns it on and we aren’t having this discussion a month from now. But if he doesn’t, would we cut the cord in mid season and hope Knapp could bring immediate relief? If we have a few more weeks like last night, this decision will no doubt at least be discussed internally at Flowery Branch. Realistically, within the bounds of logic and reality, what would you do?
  11. Man we are getting killed. Time to put our scrubs in/sarcasm
  12. R-E-L-A-X
  13. The brother in that video is seriously bringing the Word.
  14. Joe Namath used to sponsor one of my products and I met him at a dinner function one night. I asked him what it was like to play against Claude Humphrey and Tommy Nobis. He said “Claude would chase you around and talk smack to you the whole time he was doing it.” And then I said “so what about Tommy Nobis?” Joe Namath sat there for a minute before he ever said a word as if he was thinking about a specific incident. When he finally responded, he said simply “when Tommy Nobis hit you, everything went dark.” He went on to say both of them should be in HOF. This happened before Humphrey got in.
  15. I started on the boards in 1998. Been a fan since the team got here in 1966. Used to watch the games with my dad when I was very young and I treasure those memories. Don’t post as much as I used to but read the posts pretty much every day. Wish I had all of my total posts....would probably be between 25k and 30k I would guess. It’s been a lot of fun over the years. I have enjoyed getting acquainted with a number of particular Knight of God (who is a brother in Christ), Gazoo and Papachaz who lives pretty close to me. Many good times here for sure. Thanks to all of you for the fun!