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  1. Ding ding ding!!!! We have a winner! Best post in this thread by far!
  2. Bring him home TD!!!!! NOT!!!
  3. I have been a Falcon fan from the day they arrived in 1966 and will continue to be until the day they leave Atlanta or the day I leave this earth.
  4. Abe was #2. Claude Humphrey is clearly #1
  5. You have 100% ability to make that one wish happen. Make it so if that’s what you want.
  6. LouDog we are neighbors. I am in Villa Rica
  7. Grilling out some hot dogs, burgers, chicken. Also going to grill some corn and mushrooms. Wife will make a salad and some kind of tasty side dish. I will eat well:)
  8. Drops the mic and walks offstage lol
  9. co-sign! Long past due.
  10. He managed to do it very successfully for a long time
  11. As much as I like Julio, I have to say this....”Mr Rice would like a word with you”
  12. I think Larkin is on the practice squad already
  13. Hope we keep Larkin, TBJ. Glad we kept Etling
  14. I think we have the potential to have a really good practice squad. Injuries happen and depth is critically important. Hope we can keep the guys we want.
  15. So when do we start signing folks to the practice squad? Have any of our cut players been claimed by other teams? As I understand it, if someone is on the practice squad they can only be taken by another team if they go to that team’s active 53 man roster. Is that correct?