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  1. LOL take a chill pill I was joking. Conjuring a reaction out of you was just too easy. You remind me of my sister.
  2. I feel so much better knowing I did not cause you any distress or unnecessary inconvenience.
  3. As the author of this thread, I thank you for your thoughtful and well spoken contribution to the discourse. I truly value the critical analysis and judgement which you, alone, are uniquely equipped to provide by virtue of your overall superior intellect and the vastly more in depth knowledge of all things football related than I possess. I can only imagine the other awful threads I have posted on the this site over the past 20 years in which I have posted here. Please accept my sincere apology. In the future, I’ll be sure to check with you before posting anything else on this site. (deep purple)
  4. Despite the fact that most of the Seahawks’ secondary is either out or playing hurt, because of the rain predicted, we win with the run. Tevin Coleman has a big game and the run sets up the play action which is used in certain situations for key plays. Defensively, we are smart and put a very athletic spy on Russell Wilson, keeping him somewhat contained. Seahawks score a late TD to make it closer than it really was Falcons 27 Seahawks 17
  5. Come on Native Americans with enriched melanin!!!!!!
  6. Both halves:)
  7. 11-5. Back in the Super Bowl with the Lombardi Troohy on parade down Peachtree Street
  8. We mop the floor with them
  9. Let's not talk about Brees' personal life
  10. DILLY DILLY!!!!!!!
  11. I think Jim Miller is still available
  12. Last year we were like the Apostle Peter when he walked on the water. He was fine until he took his eyes off of the prize (Jesus in his case) and started to focus on the situation around him (the Patriots in our case). We were fine until we lost focus in the second half. The Cowboys would have gotten beat as badly as Green Bay and Seattle did.