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  1. Thank you Rams!
  2. One down one to go
  3. I joined in 1997 I believe. Some of the posters I remember back then were Gazoo of course, Chandler is God, BEllis24, JohnnyBuc, Direwolf and many others. I lost many thousands of posts during one of our changeovers.
  4. Smitty thank you for all that you did for the Falcons. You are a class individual and I respect you fully. Thank you and enjoy your retirement. You have earned it.
  5. I wouldn’t like it but it would have zero impact in my life in the big picture:)
  6. If he can’t see that is a bad situation then I truly have to question his judgement. You can call that BS if you like but bad decisions on something that obvious would call his decision making into question. He has a gold mine at UGA. Why would he possibly leave that to go coach in a place where coaches go to become non factors?
  7. I will be the biggest Eagles fan outside if Philly next week
  8. Have you looked at the dumpster fire that is Tampa Bay (the football team AND the city)? It’s not BS at all. He can have a great long term run at UGA or go to Tampa and get fired in a couple of years like everybody else does (see the Rutgers coach who went there, Raheem Morris, Dirk Koetter etc.). Why leave a good thing like UGA for a cluster like Tampa. It’s not BS. It’s the truth.
  9. Saban and Smart are friends. Saban will tell Smart “I went to Miami and it didn’t work. Now I own College football. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Stay at UGA”. Kirby says “yes sir.”
  10. If Kirby Smart is stupid enough to go to that train wreck then we wouldn’t want him at UGA anyway. I do not see him making that move. He is smarter than that.
  11. Atlanta is a promotion over Jacksonville lol. I always liked him
  12. Yeah man. This is God’s Country:). PM me your contact information. Let’s grab lunch one day
  13. We could get Blake Bortles to be our starter since many on this board hate #2. Deep, deep purple
  14. I agree Gazoo. And long time no talk to by the way. Hope you are well. I agree, you can’t really trust anything or anyone in business until an enforceable contract is signed and even then you can’t always trust people. I seem to remember a certain coach who had a signed contract and went on Monday Night Football and assured his owner and the fans that he was their coach. Less than 24 hours later he had taped notes on the players’ lockers that he was leaving and was calling pigs in Arkansas. Now WHAT WAS his name again?????