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  1. I’m a big Trevor Lawrence fan. That being said, ESPECIALLY in light of the recent article sighting our lack of talent under 25 years old, the idea of trading away multiple future draft picks AND Matt Ryan for anyone, including Lawrence, would not be a good move overall.
  2. We should develop the overblown and comically exaggerated legend of Sterling Hofrichter in much the same way one was developed for Chuck Norris
  3. Yeah this really seems to be much deeper than it may appear on the surface. If he is truly having issues, mental or otherwise, then I pray for him and truly hope he either reaches out to someone who can help him or someone who can help him reaches out to him. If he legitimately needs help I hope he gets it.
  4. Roflmao I thought the same thing when I saw that as well
  5. Vick, as talented as he was and as many highlight reel plays as he made, will always go down as “what could have been”.
  6. If we win the Super Bowl this year we can honestly say that we won it despite a worldwide pandemic. Nobody else can say that.
  7. With Morris and Ulbrich running the defense, I am really looking for good things out of that unit.
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