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  1. ...see Saint reaction videos from the last 48 hours.
  2. 1) Good, not great season.. 2) Considering Shanny's 1st season, Sark's 1st season gives me a bit of hope..... 3) Yes, play-calling cost us this game... 4) See you guys at the draft..... 5) (&#(#&%#(&% ^@)()@$*&%#
  3. Knee jerk. I understand the frustration bruh....but let's take the long-view here.
  4. Time for hibernation.....the NFL means NOTHING to me now.....
  5. Look know what? F**K IT. We lost....time to crawl into a hole for 3 months....C-ya......
  6. I just PRAY everything is ok with the fam....
  7. LOVE your handle work for Williams Street by chance??


  8. Just sayin' I posted not one but 3 humiliating videos to support out Falcons....just sayin'.
  9. +1 for the avatar bro!
  10. I did some looking around. It seems that this guy is only effective in a ZBS......
  11. If anything, we beefed up a bit in a needed position. Smart move.