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  1. Benkert won't beat out Love so it could be him...
  2. He was **** close twice...2016 and 2018 (similar stats).
  3. Yes! Been waiting for this to happen!
  4. If we can have an above average D and our offense is balanced like they say they will, I'll be excited this season as a fan! Hurry up Training Camp with yo stanking a**!
  5. Thank you and Happy Father's Day to all the Falcon Dads!
  6. Sucks but we knew it was coming...now, time to move on.
  7. Looking at this tells me we need to run the ball better...
  8. This actually sucks...but it is a business.
  9. https://twitter.com/ReadTheBioNgga/status/1396853197638148102?s=20
  10. Atrilleon Williams...I like it!
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