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  1. Raheem Morris back at DB coach helped too
  2. 7-9 wouldn't make me want to keep him...
  3. DQ should be let go because we should have been playing like this all season...not 9 games in.
  4. Shouldnt but we are IN New Orleans.
  5. THIS! Most of the greats everyone compares him to have had that consistency for their entire careers. Meanwhile, Matt has had to learn a new voice every two or three years because those guys were given HC opportunities.
  6. TRASH! Trade deadline in the NFL sucks because of the salary cap.
  7. He was ready to go home and sit on the couch on Sundays.
  8. No. Quinn is a dead man walking.
  9. And its sad...TD put us in this mess.
  10. We can't get anything for these guys. SMH
  11. Quite a few deserve to be hit with the Hick'ry stick though...
  12. Sounds good as long as TD isn't picking.
  13. So now no more Bean Talk for us...
  14. I have faith in us making history once again...
  15. The fact that we are questioning the decisions of this HC is the problem...they seem to be clueless at this point in their tenure. This doesn't surprise me...
  16. Even if DQ said anything in the presser, I wouldn't trust his word at this point.
  17. Pathetic...there should be no press conference this Monday other than the one announcing DQ as former HC
  18. Is Ollison that bad or is he INJURED? He never is active
  19. Bosa is a monster out there...**** shame we have non-existent pass rushers. Sheesh...
  20. I don't think Dirk knows how to coach a "big" back...
  21. I dont think they will fire him while they are traveling to Arizona. Blank will wait til he comes back to Flowery Branch. If we lose to Arizona, I could see a firing on the horizon.