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  1. I love when these fools implode.
  2. I think that was Reuben Foster...unless they both used the same excuse
  3. Good thing he can't play defense...
  4. Yeah them tickets are HIGH AS H E L L!!!
  5. Thanks! Someone sent it to me on Twitter and I wasn't sure who the original poster was.
  6. Schedule release can't get here fast enough! I'm dying hitting refresh trying to see if someone leaked it.
  7. Exactly...this can't be right. All of those are Sunday and one Monday.
  8. I could rock with 5 primetime spots. But I need that Cowboys game to be when my teams I coach in Texas are on bye week. LOL
  9. Yeah that was the first thing that stuck out to me...along with no multiple SNF appearances. I truly doubt this is the leak but if it is in some form or fashion, we know we should have a few primetime spots based on our SB appearance.
  10. I don't believe it...waiting for another leak.
  11. Just got this on Twitter from someone...not sure if true.
  12. So they don't see the Dallas game as a Nationally televised night game? I still think that will be one of the SNF games.
  13. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/16/patriots-chiefs-expected-to-opening-season-falcons-at-home-on-snf/