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  1. Better than Bevell...not a fan of the move but we'll see how it goes.
  2. Stephen A said basically the same thing as well...its a head scratching hiring but oh well...
  3. Sark, MM and Armstrong...Pink slips is what I think.
  4. We just have to get the right guy for our situation. The pick position shouldn't matter...
  5. Sark is auditioning for college teams looking for coaches...
  6. They gotta go...STILL
  7. No need to...his contract affords us the ability to sign players still. Now in two years he might need to though.
  8. Well the reports that Sark was in the building lead to his hiring so I would say this is partly credible. Lol...I just hope we go a totally different direction...
  9. Still one of my favorite all time Falcons! That dude was a monster.
  10. Quinn is dumb...I can see Sark being kept anyway if he keeps bringing in guys to consult. This makes me sick.
  11. Always and twice on Sundays!
  12. I guess numbers lie...according to this image, we don't have an attendance issue...SMDH.
  13. I will but luckily I will have already eaten dinner so they won't mess up my meal...
  14. Coleman was averaging 8 yards a carry and on 3rd and 2 we pass! WTF!
  15. Great midseason pickup!