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  1. I took my son to that game...it was his first NFL game and it was amazing!
  2. Yeah Kittle goes without saying...
  3. Deebo and Brandon Aiyuk I guess. I think KS can get the best out of that duo.
  4. So you saying he doesn't have a history of picking good CBs in general? That was my question because the way I read it was that TD is great at evaluating CB talent...and that we have been good at evaluation of CB talent lately. 2013 was it...got it. You once again, answered my question. I hope he nailed it with Terrell...I really do.
  5. Again...not a cornerback. That was my question. How many times has this regime made the right call at CB? Someone made it seem like these guys have been great at picking CB talent in the draft...
  6. THANK YOU! That's all I asked. Poole wasn't drafted by us though but I'll allow it. And it is exactly what I said in my second reply. We have had 1 really good draft of CBs picked in 2013...the rest are still up for debate, in my opinion. I just hope they nailed this Terrell pick.
  7. I just asked a simple question...not trying to make a point. One person answered saying Collins. Well, that helps a lot...
  8. Then we can't count Alford and Trufant can we? So, if go by your definition, then my previous question is valid. How many times has "this regime" made the right pick at the CORNERBACK position? Again, as I stated earlier, I hope he got this one right with Terrell.
  9. Did I miss something? Was TD not making picks since 2008?
  10. Yep 2 in one draft. You're right...
  11. That is as far back as you gonna go? Chevis, Middleton, Owens...I just hope they hit on Terrell like they did on the one we both mentioned and not the ones in this particular reply I am posting.
  12. I specifically said CORNERBACK...
  13. I mean right by they actually panned out...I can count Alford, Trufant...still remain to be seen on Oliver, Sheffield and Miller. I think TD does a great job in late round guys but I hope he nailed this one.
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