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  1. LoL. Jesus took the wheel...
  2. I thought it was matte black at first too but then I saw it on a pic and realized the error...and I have had Lasik so let that sink in. Bad video lighting did me in.
  3. My son said that is his favorite of those...
  4. It's actually pewter and I think it looks **** good in light...the video doesn't do it justice.
  5. Not bad...
  6. Those were close to it
  7. It's the only time they will beat us this season....
  8. I wonder how true this is. Did a search for 2020 Nike Limited NFL and two Bucs jerseys came up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15aHNf5YgaylTpT_T385msMBCKzmIZ79m/view?usp=sharing
  9. Facts...this thread has gone sideways so many times already but we're almost at the finish line everybody!
  10. Keep up the good fight! I hope we don't change to anything extra stupid or we'll all just be wishing they left the logo alone to begin with.
  11. No...but we all knew someone would give him the money he desired. Just wasn't gonna be us.
  12. That's the current logo man. I did a side by side comparison and it looks the same.
  13. Confirmed...I have not heard whether he had a physical or not though. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/report-falcons-to-sign-running-back-todd-gurley?fbclid=IwAR3b9EU1arKh24AoIOOb75-JJqW5wUFXwZF5tNTmpyk7ygPMgtvLFzVPhT8
  14. Sounds like my wife and kids...they were home watching at a party. She said, they up and left. Didn't say anything. I watched HGTV and Food Network for months, ignored texts, did not touch sports shows. It was rough...so yeah, I will never re-watch that game, EVER.
  15. LOL! It took a lot to not do it man. Trust me, I am as die hard as it gets around here...hence the reason I went to the game. If he hadn't been so down the whole game about all the "calls" I would have probably knocked him out though. I was too busy telling my friends who were texting me "congrats" to stop because I could see it from my seat that the wheels were starting to fall off.