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  1. Pete Carroll is about to sign Brian Schottenheimer as OC...
  2. I'm ready to run through a wall!
  3. Defense indeed...we shut down the top scoring offense in the NFL this year.
  4. Julio has 1 TD...Matthew has thrown for 11 TDs compared to 19 last year...plus those **** turnovers.
  5. This is your moment DEFENSE...make a stop
  6. Keith has some dirt on someone...he should have left with Weems.
  7. I see what you did there...Lol
  8. It's sad...Josh McDaniels was basically showing Sark how to run an NFL offense...Sark did not take any notes.
  9. Sark is terrible...but there may be nothing we can do. If you are going to have someone run the same offense we had last year why not just keep one of the guys on the staff!? Matt LaFleur should have been retained. Quinntroffed
  10. Our favorite hater, Colin Cowherd, dropped us out of his Top 10. Lol
  11. LMAO! Spit my **** coffee...
  12. Gonna miss the old digs! But the new stadium is beautiful!