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  1. Its a business,no need for reactionary nonsence.Make a deal both sides can live with.Dont mess up future signings or cause bad blood.
  2. This is the 25th in a series of team-by-team breakdowns that will run on SportingNews.com before the start of training camp. Reporting date: July 31 What can we expect from QB Matt Ryan as he enters his second season? With all due respect to the Arizona Cardinals, the Atlanta Falcons were the real surprise team of the '08 season. The Cardinals, after all, had a playoff-proven quarterback, a tried-and-true lead rusher and a pair of Pro Bowl wide receivers. Even their coaches had tasted success before, albeit with another franchise. The Falcons, on the other hand, had none of those things. They
  3. What about sex,drugs,alcohol and power?
  4. The point is to have different looks.The wildcat is a small part of their offense,unless its kicking someone hiney.Then the keep it going.
  5. I dont agree with stallworths sentence but he never entended to kill anyone.Mike did on different occasions.Parents who leave a gun unattended is a good exaple.I heard the dude who was killed crossed the road illegally so the family settled quickly.
  6. Hes not done yet.Probation.........or would it be parole?
  7. Leftr guards have to take on right def ends when a outside backer blitzes.Thats as hard as it gets.Inside taking on their best outside.
  8. I keep seeing the whiff in the playoff game where they got the turnover.Nasty is cool but hes got room for improvement.
  9. I remember riding my horse to the game.
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