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  1. Well, it's right there in the highlight videos; Watch the helmet. Other posters have confirmed that it's a known knock on him. I've never heard of him before, nor do I have any kind of bias against him. I watched the videos and noticed the tendency. (I also pointed out his strengths)
  2. So, he seems to have great arm and touch. But in the highlights, he is almost always locked in on option #1. Hard to evaluate based on highlights though.
  3. They're not doing anything because they can't afford to do anything. This team is in a serious salary cap bind. There's no good answer as to how to fix it. Hooper might be a cap casualty.
  4. You know, what I realize is that I have no idea who is to blame for what's going on with this team. I get the significant impression that Quinn did not want to fire all of his coordinators last off-season. I believe that choice was made by either TD or Blank. I know which one is getting on camera and declaring players, "Falcon's for life," during contract negotiations. It also seems kinda obvious that DK wasn't Quinn's pick for OC. I think that Quinn picked Sark, and I'm starting to feel like he wasn't wrong to pick him. Sark made progress in year 2, and his OL was trash. I also que
  5. What most people talk about is Ryan's lack of arm strength. They seem to forget that Ryan has consistently been one of the league's most efficient deep ball passers. That might be because Ryan puts a lot of air under his throws to make it easier for his receivers to find the ball.
  6. Some of us just liked the post. I'm a long-time defender of Ryan, but do we need to reply to a topic every time someone posts something positive? That said, I understand the sentiment. There's way too much Ryan hate around here. There's about 4 people that I work with that are big Falcons fans, and 3 of them hate Ryan. I just don't get it. People don't remember what it's like to lose every season. They don't get that the guy has never had a defense, nor a consistent run game or OL. (or coaching staff for that matter.)
  7. Of all of the Ledbetter trash out there, this article really isn't too bad. He points out that McGary is last currently, but also includes that he's gone up against fierce competition, and has been learning. He also includes Koetter's positives.
  8. I am accounting for the deficiencies in the OL. I have seen several instances this year where there has been a hole to his left or right, and Freeman would have seen and hit that hole in previous years. He isn't hitting those this year. He's almost strictly a north/south runner at this point. But there's another factor at play in my, "hatred..." Freeman is paid like a top tier RB. He's not such a player anymore.
  9. I hate on Free because his biggest asset used to be his field vision, which seems to be gone. He doesn't recognize holes in his periphery anymore. He has also lost a step. Those injuries have been adding up.
  10. If the Falcons are smart, Freeman gets cut as soon as possible, and we never look back.
  11. Tua is going to be an NFL flop. Remember, Alabama doesn't play anyone. When they finally get around to tough competition, Tua performs poorly. This is the guy that folded in last year's SEC Championship game. On top of that, he's proven to be injury prone, with injuries to both his ankle, and now his hip. I wouldn't touch him.
  12. Plenty to see and do at the stadium. Even when we were winning, the stadium always looked empty because there's plenty to do when the product on the field looks like trash. This is Arthur's dream.
  13. You're absolutely correct. And Ryan has said as much, plenty of times. If the Falcons had ever fielded a TEAM that was any good, then we would have had several SB rings by now, just as Brady has. Brady would have at least one less at this point. But we've never properly built a good TEAM. We've been leaning on a top 5 QB's for the past 12 years. We've had a bottom dwelling defense, and almost no running game during that time. People have provided the stats over and over which show that Ryan has done more with less than any other QB's out there. And yet, here we are yet again with a
  14. All these nitwits that want a mobile QB again don't remember the non-touch, open field fumbles, the lack of back to back winning seasons, the constant injuries, and the QB giving the fans the finger. I'll take the emotionless, statue in the pocket, noodle armed QB, who holds just about every franchise record imaginable at his position, over whatever you think might work.
  15. This list is good. One thing to add. After you pay your QB, spread the cap space as evenly as possible throughout the rest of the roster. The more millionaires you have on your team who are earning their paycheck, the more consistent the team is going to be. Do you want superstars, or Superbowls? If you want superstars, play it fast and free with your wallet. If you want Superbowls, be smart about who you pay, and spread the money around. Aside from Belichick's gameday prowess, this philosophy is largely responsible for the Patriots' consistency.
  16. If by, "decline," you mean, getting hit so often that he's liable to end the season on IR, then yeah. Otherwise, he was #2 in yards and #1 in TD's before he got hurt. Don't know how anyone could consider that, "in decline."
  17. Blank has turned the Falcons into a corporate disaster. He values showmanship over substance. MBSphincterdome is a prime example. MBS is not a football stadium, it's a night club. He made everyone get PSL's, and priced the FANS right out of the building. He made the whole experience about everything but what's happening on the field. Even when we were winning, the stadium was half-full because the "not Falcons fans," were wandering about the stadium, checking out all of the cool things to do. I'm kind of surprised that there's not mini-golf somewhere in the stadium. And Blank i
  18. Koetter called a horrible game. He's way too quick to abandon the run, especially when it's working. The way that Tampa was teeing off on Ryan, we needed to establish the run, and every time it looked like we might be doing that, we abandoned it and went back into a shotgun formation. WHY? WHY THE **** DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS? At least under center, there's the threat of play action. From the shotgun, that goes away. Koetter, you're a freaking idiot.
  19. Walter Payton, followed by Jim Mcmahon. I grew up in Chicago. First favorite Falcon was Deion Sanders. He's pretty much the reason that I'm a Falcons fan.
  20. "Something has to give," doesn't mean that someone needs to be fired. Perhaps Blank gives up trying to micromanage the organization and allows the people that he's paying, to do their jobs. I want to be clear that I'm not sure that this is the problem... I'm merely presenting it as a possibility as to why we haven't had the success that most of us believe that we should have had.
  21. I'm thinking that Blank is as responsible for this as TD. I mean, how can you do your job as GM if the Owner says, "He's a Falcon for LIFE!"
  22. I do not know what the inner workings around Flowery Branch are like. I doubt any of us really know what's going on behind closed doors at Falcons HQ. But one thing is certain, there were some monumental mistakes made by someone over the past couple of years. We got to 1-7 before finally figuring out that we weren't, "mysteriously," losing games, but were instead setting ourselves up for failure with poor decisions, and a lack of accountability. Dan Quinn is the most obvious candidate. He's the HC. He's the one who should have had the final say as to which coaches are playing where,
  23. I believe that Matt Bryant and Matt Bosher have gotten it somewhat recently.
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