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  1. I typically use https://overthecap.com/calculator/atlanta-falcons/ The cap calcs updated their sites to include the players signed to futures contracts in the past 24 hours. They weren't there yesterday. Are they going to count towards the final 51/53? Probably not. Sportrac has the cap at around 204 million, and OTC has the cap at around 200 million. Both sites show the same data for currently signed players. We're at 206 million, which is well over the cap in any case. The restructures will gain us about 12 million, which will put us at 194 million. I assume that they work
  2. To follow up on my previous comment... As of now, we have 27 players signed for the 2020 season. Those players account for all but 5 million in cap space. We have 26 unfilled positions and 5 million to work with. The league minimum salary is 550,000. Thus, we can sign about 8 people at the league minimum with our remaining cap space. 27 + 8 = 35. Leaving 18 unfilled spaces on the roster and no way to sign anyone. As stated in the OP, we can clear some space by cutting some folks. We're going to have to.
  3. You're absolutely correct, but if we don't clear cap space, we won't be able to field a 53 man roster next year.
  4. Wes Welker and Jimmy Graham. What have their former teams done since letting them go? Patriots have won 3 Superbowls and the Saints were 3 points away from NFC champs. How many Superbowls have been won in recent years with the league leading WR or TE? Players who catch the ball are not worth money. Your core is your QB, your OL, and your DL. Those are the positions that need to get paid. Those are the positions that winners don't let walk. As much as I like Hooper, I realize that he's really nothing horribly special. He has a rapport with Ryan, but anyone that we bring in
  5. Our run game is an organizational problem, and has been for some time. We value flash over substance. Until last year, we had been pretty apathetic to improving our OL. Once in a while we'll make a big splash, like drafting Matthews, or signing Mack. Even when we use a high pick on OL, we often reach for a player because we're in desperation mode. (Baker, Konz, McGary) What we should be doing is constantly taking shots at OL in the first 4 rounds of the draft... At least once a year. Get your RB's and WR's in the mid/late rounds. Use the early rounds on defense and OL. We're also
  6. Keanu Neal, which would save $6.466 million Desmond Trufant, which would save $4.95 million Allen Bailey, which would save $4.5 million Ty Sambrailo, which would save $3.75 million Devonta Freeman, which would save $3.5 million Luke Stocker, which would save $2.6 million Matt Schaub, which would save $2 million These guys should be cut. That will give us about 20 million to sign 27 people with. (assuming we sign Hoop) Ideally, we let Hoop walk and make some moves to get more talented at multiple positions. Don't get me wrong, I love Hoop, but if
  7. <sigh> Offseason has started it seems. Tell me how our OL did with and without Lindstrom this year. Do you remember the problems that we had at Center before Mack was here? Do you remember what the line was like when we had Lamar Holmes and Jeremy Trueblood as our OT's? Remember when Jimmy Graham was traded to Seattle? Remember how horrible the Saints were after that? OH WAIT. They've been the pride of the NFC since then. I get it. Fans are in love with the people who catch passes, but they're not that important. The money is better spent spreading it across the rest o
  8. If he was given a 4 year 40 million dollar deal with 20 million guaranteed, his first year would be around 7 million. Then 9. Then 11. Then 13. That's how the cap works. Regardless, after he's signed, if we sign him, we've got about 20 million left to sign 27 people.
  9. Mack, Matthews, and Lindstrom would like a word. Hooper is rather unimportant in the grand scheme. Remember that Matt Ryan made Harry Douglas a 1,000 yard receiver.
  10. It's still not much to work with. After cuts, we're going to end up with about 30 million available, and 28 spots to fill. You sign Hooper at 10 million a year, and you're now at 20 million with 27 spots to fill. League minimum is 550k. We're going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill those 27 spots.
  11. This is my estimate also. I think that Ryan restructured in order to keep him, but I don't feel that he's worth $10mil/year to us, considering the other talent that we have. He is certainly worth $10 million a year to someone. I'm not taking anything away from him. Dude has been good for the past couple of years. I'm not a fan of giving 5% of the Salary cap to the 3rd or 4th option on offense.
  12. Gazoo is still around, he just hasn't been posting. Probably taking a break for the holidays or something. Oh, and his profile is actually: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/profile/166022-gazoo/ I hope that all is well Gazoo.
  13. $10,000,000/yr is very doable. I don't know why you'd take issue with that. That said, we really shouldn't extend Hooper. Even if the beginning of the contract is a good bit less, you're still looking at 10-15 million to spread between 27 players. With that little cap room, we might have 20 UDFA's on the roster next year. (~$500,000 each) We are in cap ****.
  14. Yeah. On my calc, after cutting Trufant, Freeman, Neal, Bailey, Sambrailo, Carpender, and Schaub, we're only 20 million under. Signing Hooper is probably going to cost $10,000,000/year. That leaves 27 roster spots to fill while losing Beasley, Bosher, Crawford, Clayborn, Hardy, Wreh-Wilson, Wilcox, Ismael, Hill, Harlow, Schweitzer, Campbell, Hageman, and Koo. Cap problems next year are a massive problem. Anyone who says differently doesn't have any clue what they're talking about.
  15. I don't know who makes those decisions. Our front office is a circus. It would be a big surprise to me to hear that Quinn was the one that wanted Sark fired. I'm thinking that move came down from Blank or TD. Again, however, I do not know which it was.
  16. This. Last year's decision to dump Sark was stupid. It was the defense that didn't perform. The offense under Sark's 2nd year looked much better, and that's without an OL. If you had kept Sark and had improved the OL, this season would have gone better. Again, this is probably on Blank or TD more than anyone else.
  17. I don't think that there's any point to firing Quinn or TD. I think that as long as Blank is in charge, things are going to continue to be the way that they are.
  18. Tom Brady is a very particular exception. He has a very successful supermodel wife that has a net worth of 400 million. He has a very successful company, mostly because he's Tom Brady. He plays football because he loves to play football. He doesn't need the money. Brady is paid almost as little as a rookie QB. Frankly, it's a rather unfair advantage to the Patriots. I don't think that there's anyone else in the league who takes as little money while producing at a top level. I don't think that it's logical to hold other quarterbacks to that standard.
  19. That's all well and good if you gloss over the fact that our defense folded like a wet blanket. Julio, Matt, and Grady did their jobs that day. A good number of the folks on the rest of the team did not. You can't just rely on Superstars to do everything. You need to have talent across the board. This is absolutely true. But it's true because we have neglected our lines, and we otherwise haven't had any semblance of a run game for 3/4 years while Ryan and Julio have been here. Is that because of Julio? Not specifically. But giving Julio 10% of our salary cap makes it hard to re
  20. He is the best WR in the game, a first ballot hall of famer, and a shiny hood ornament. For those of us who are frustrated with the situation, It's not Julio's skills that are in question, it's the value that he brings to the team in terms of generating wins consistently. The problem is that WR's don't win Superbowls. WR's should not be paid like QB's. The proven method to win consistently is to have a good/great defense, and a franchise QB. (There are other ways to win, but good/great defense + great QB is the most proven method) Great WR is way down on the list of importance.
  21. Only long-term contracts worth having are QB, OL, and DL. Everything else should be transient, unless a player can be had at a cheap price. RB and WR should be the last positions that you dole out big $$$ for. Falcons management followed the logic that offense puts butts in the seats. Problem is that losing doesn't.
  22. Drew Brees is one of my favorite QB's. It's obvious that he loves the game and gives it his all every single time out. Thankfully, we have Matt Ryan, who is also one of my favorite QB's. Both of these guys exemplify everything that it means to be a pro. We've been lucky to be able to watch these future hall of famers duel it out twice a year for the past 13 years. Hopefully Ryan will get his ring soon.
  23. See Tom Brady, Superbowl LI. Compared to Matt Ryan, Tom Brady had a crap day, but his team pulled it off in the end. Matt had an amazing day, and lost. Matt Ryan detractors will say that Brady is more clutch than Ryan because of that.
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