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  1. Why on god's green earth do we need ANOTHER WR? We have a TON of young and talented WR's. White, Robinson, Jenkins, Douglas. How many more do we need?
  2. Please don't look at our WINS and decide that our offensive line is awesome. <sigh> Look at the Tampa and Carolina games. Our offensive line got DOMINATED in those two games. Don't evaluate our team when we win. Evaluate it when we lose. Do you want to continue looking great against the bad teams, or do you want to look good against the good teams? Our offensive line needs work. We've been piece mealing the offensive and defensive lines since Dan Reeves left, and the results haven't been pretty. And no, Green Bay isn't a bad team. But they are a team that is VERY banged up. They
  3. This is what has me most excited about him. I really don't care that he hasn't thrown for 200 yards yet. In 3 of our 5 games, he simply hasn't had to. However, at some point, he's going to have to make the plays with his arm. Had he hit that TD pass today, it would have gone a long way to silencing his critics. Instead, he has a 2TD, 1Int win under his belt to build on. He's not perfect. But 5 games into his rookie season, a season in which a lot of folks expected us to win only one game, he has been a solid QB, (much better than I expected) and our team is 3-2.
  4. I respectfully disagree. Our offensive line has looked great against weak defensive lines. They have looked HORRIBLE against strong defensive lines. Dahl is servicable, but he's not top tier talent. Same deal with Clabo. Baker has been fantastic. Blalock has been ok, but he still has problems with assignments at times. One thing seems crystal clear to me, NFL football is won at the line of scrimmage. The better our lines, the better our team will be.
  5. A lot of folks are saying things like Grimes isn't an NFL CB and other such junk. I guess Woodson isn't an NFL CB either. He fell down on that turf in the 1st quarter. The big problem with our "secondary," is a lack of pressure from our front 4. Abraham is obviously a stud, but after him, there's nothing. We haven't recorded a sack from the LDE position in over a year. We need to address our lines in the 2009 draft. We need DT, DE, OT, and G. I wouldn't mind bringing in another C to compete either.
  6. No doubt. The kid has tons of poise. He's a smart player. So far, I like him very much. My above point was that it was his fault, and I'd be willing to bet that he took responsibility for it. Accounaibility. It's not a bad thing. Take responsibility for it, do your best to correct it. Much MUCH better than blaming the receivers, the linemen, the coaches, the cheerleaders, and the fans. (Man I'm glad those days are behind us.)
  7. "The great ones," dropped plenty of balls. The thing that makes them great is that you know that you can go right back to them, over the middle on the next play, and they're gonna make the catch. Roddy is quite capable of being that guy.
  8. Well, before we start clammoring to spend a high draft pick on a CB, remember that we have Von Hutchins on IR, and we used a 3rd round pick on a CB this year.
  9. The throw was late, and it didn't have enough on it. Ryan tried to finesse it in there and threw a bad ball. Finesse is good, but that throw was off the mark. He should have aimed for the back corner and let the receiver go get it.
  10. Vote them all out. Please, for the love of all that is free, vote the Democrats and Republicans out of office. ALL OF THEM. As long as the two parties are allowed to run things, this country will just get worse and worse. The Republicans should have been 100% against this bill because it goes against the free market economy. The Democrats should have been against this because it bails out big business, which they are supposedly against. GET RID OF ALL OF THEM. They're no longer the parties that we thought they were. They're something else entirely, and until we vote them out, we're comp
  11. We REALLY need to address the offensive and defensive lines. I'd bring in one DE, one DT, one OG, an OT, and a C. We can draft them, trade to acquire them, or pick them up in FA, but we need to bring in new starters at those positions in order to correct the problems with our team.
  12. Our CB's are short. However, that's really not the problem. The problem is a lack of a consistent pass rush. After Abraham, our pass rush is non-existant. Againt Carolina, there were no sacks, and I believe 1 hurry. That's not going to get it done in the NFL. You give any QB in this league the kind of time that we gave Delhomme today, and they're going to pick apart just about any secondary. This has been a problem for us for the past several seasons. We brought in Anderson to be a pass rushing DE, but that simply hasn't panned out. We got rid of Rod Coleman, who was one of the better
  13. We need a revamped offensive and defensive line. We need to build that next year. We might be a winning team next year if we address that.
  14. Ryan had no time to throw today. He was on the ground constantly.
  15. The play calling was fine. Matt was getting hit all game. His first throw he took a helmet to helmet. Until we get him some protection, expect him to look like this. Let's hope that our offensive line doesn't get him killed this year. Note, I don't blame the linemen. I blame our front office for not doing more over the past 8 years to build our lines. Ditto for our secondary. Grimes and Houston had good coverage for most of the day. However, Delhomme had ALL DAY to throw the ball. He got hit like once or twice the whole game. No sacks, no one in his face, nothing.
  16. We are losing to the teams that are rated better than us. We have been competitive in those games till the 4th quarter. We have blown out the teams that are rated lower than us. To me, that's a good thing. The team is only a few players away from being a playoff team, but those players are linemen and if we can't win the battles at the line, we can't win the game. The NFL, right now, boils down to your team's ability to protect your QB, and get to theirs. We can't do either of those things well at this point.
  17. Quite frankly, we need a pass rushing DE, at least two offensive linemen, and another DT in order for us to be a consistent winning football team. We're really not that many players away from being a great team, the problem is that we're missing those players at the point of attack, and it shows up the most when the game is on the line. If you look at the Carolina and Tampa Bay games, the biggest issues were our inability to get to the other team's QB, and the other team's ability to get to our QB. QB's play differently when they're having to be peeled off of the field every time they throw
  18. We had no pass rush today. None... Nada... Zilch. No sacks, a handful hurries, and like one hit. Our secondary was step for step with the Carolina receivers for most of the game. However, because there was no pass rush, Delhomme just sat back there and picked us apart with great throws. This team isn't that bad. This team is lacking players at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. We need to build our offensive and defensive lines. On paper, our offense is stunning, but because we can't pass block for anything, we're lucky to break 150 yards passing in a game. And again, on t
  19. It has been said already, but plenty of fans have already acknowledged that the Bucs legitimately won the game. The headshots on Ryan did not change the outcome. That said, they were cheap shots, and I hope that there are more fines/suspensions coming for the shots that Ryan took from your defense. Hard hits are great... Leading with your helmet is the kind of thing that ends careers. If this were gladiatorial combat, I wouldn't have a problem with it. However, it's not a fight to the death, and I'm not rooting for my team to cripple your favorite players. I would hope that you aren't ro
  20. I thought he was over the line as well, but the replay made it pretty obvious that he was not.
  21. When the NFL levies the fines, or outright suspends your players, you'll see. That might make some of us feel better. I really don't feel that bad about the loss. Starting a rookie QB, I don't expect to win more than a few games this year. But seeing your team try to take our rookie QB's head off wasn't cool. I'm sure that if our players had been leading with their helmets on your QB's, you'd be crying about it as well. The league will deal with it though.
  22. I'm not "sold," yet. The line has been very good at protecting Ryan for a few seconds. But we have yet to see this line perform when we're down by 3 and have to go 80 yards in 3 minutes. That said, Redman and Ryan will make this line better. They are both good at recognizing the blitz and throwing to it. They're both good at spreading the ball around. Redman might have a better deep ball, but we really haven't seen any deep balls from Ryan thus far. Two months ago, I was completely against the prospect of throwing Ryan in behind this line. Now... I still don't want Ryan to be the openi
  23. Sounds like we're on the same page NiteFalcon. hehe. Any other opinions?
  24. Everyone is welcome to chime in on these. I'll start it off by posting my impressions... Redman. Not much to talk about regarding Redman. 3 of 6 for 13 yards and an int. The int might have been a little short, but Jenkins seemed to give up on the ball. I assume that the coaches have already decided that Redman is the starting QB. I have a hard time believing that they'd pull someone who was, "competing," after 6 throws. I guess we'll see. Ryan. Kid looks pretty good so far in terms of leadership, finding the right guy, and reading the defense. However, most of his balls did seem to be thrown b
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