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  1. The LT comparison is a bit crazy, but I think that there's something to be said for median salary. It seems to me that teams that are consistently in the playoffs generally have higher median salaries. I don't have the numbers to back that up at this point, but in the rudimentary examinations that I've done, there seems to be a significant correlation.
  2. Is too much an acceptable answer? First pick, second pick, and Hooper. Not a good trade.
  3. It's possible that Biadasz, Cushenberry, or Ruiz will be there at 47. If one of them are, that would be a good move. Draft them, let them play LG for a year with Mack playing next to them. Let them take the reigns in 2021. They're all coming out as juniors.
  4. No OL in your mock. We need to draft 2 more OL in the next 2 years in order to fix our OL issues. (not going to fix them in FA) Frankly, I'm on board with drafting OL every year.
  5. I'd love to kick the tires on Berry. He might even give us a home town discount.
  6. Hooper is a great player. I would love to keep him on the roster. However, if we sign him for ten million a year, then between him, Ryan, and Julio, we will have 60 million a year tied up. (30% of the salary cap) That leaves 70% of the cap for the other 50 players. That's a train wreck. Our record for the past two seasons with Ryan, Jones, and Hooper was 14 and 18. Considering the results, why do we want to throw even more money at those guys? We have no run game. Our OL can't open holes or protect the QB. Our defense can't stop the run. Our secondary is the walking wounded.
  7. Do they overturn this call? Looks like a trap, but NFL officiating is weird.
  8. There's a couple of 15 yard penalties in there. Can't be going for QB legs or throwing them to the ground at the NFL level.
  9. Nah. He's not worth two 1st's. He's not a game changer, he's just consistent. We would be silly to not take a 1st rounder for him. If you wanted to go for a bit extra, a 1st and a 3rd or 4th. But a 1st should get it done.
  10. If I'm running the show... I'm using Hoop's franchise tag to make a trade. He could be worth a late 1st or early 2nd. Whatever the case, paying him would be a bad move for a team that already has way too much money tied up in offense. Assuming that a deal gets made to trade Hooper, we pick up another pick between 25 and 45... We now have the opportunity to nab four players in the top 55, and six in the top 100. If you wanted a way to fix a lot of problems in a hurry and don't have much cap space to do it, that would be a good start. Alternatively, we can pay Hooper way too much
  11. So, you say that, "Julio is the reason that we go to Super Bowl LI." Then FF70 says that it was multiple factors: scheme, spreading the ball, run game, and improved defense. Then you say, "You don't go to a SB because of just one player or coach... ...Julio." You're contradicting yourself. You're also wrong. Shanahan is back in the Super Bowl, and he did it without Julio. He's done it by spreading the ball around, having a good run game, and a good defense. Elite WR's are just about worthless when it comes to winning Super Bowls. Someone just listed off their list of 7 elite
  12. What's interesting about this list, and someone can correct me if I'm mistaken, only Rice and Fitzgerald have Superbowl rings. This just gives further credence that Elite WR's aren't important in terms of winning Superbowls.
  13. No he's not. In what world, seriously? Hooper is a complimentary piece. Jesus, why is it that whenever Ryan feeds someone, they're suddenly the greatest thing since sliced bread? Hooper is simply the uncovered receiver. He's the guy that gets forgotten because you have Jones and Ridley on the field. A couple of years ago, it was, "aww, we're going to be screwed without Jacob Tamme." Now Hooper is putting up marginally better numbers, and we need to pay him better than Greg Olsen and Jimmy Graham. We need a defense and a run game. We're not going anywhere without those. It doesn't
  14. This would make the most sense. I suppose we'll see, but I'm thinking that the Falcons are trying to make him a Falcon for life.
  15. TD, ever dazzled by the shiny hood ornaments. 7-9 with Julio and Ridley on the team dude. Get over your fetish.
  16. We had our one chance under Shanahan. We let the best coach in our history walk out the door. We were left with a cheerleader. This is the Arthur Blank legacy.
  17. Agree completely. We also have Graham waiting in the wings, who might fill the role better than Hooper.
  18. I don't hate Brees either. I hate Cam, and it might be because he wants me to hate him.
  19. One other thing... If we let Hoop and Beasley walk, someone's going to pay them. We're not going to be very active in free agency, so they could net us some good compensatory picks in 2021.
  20. No point in restructuring Mack unless you want to give him another back-loaded payday. He's not worth the 10 million, but he's also not worth extending for 6 million a year. (I doubt he's going to just let us push half the money to next year with no incentive) Let him finish the contract and draft his replacement (Biadasz) this year. (Let Biadasz play LG this year) No one's going to trade for Free. We overpaid, and then got burned by injury. Gotta cut him loose. Might re-sign him at league minimum, or close to it. Let Hoop walk. We don't need to have 30% of our salary cap tied u
  21. (*I misread the post, my bad) Rodgers is 2 years older than Ryan, and has been hurt more than Ryan. I'd expect Rodgers to retire first.
  22. Our scheme was the majority of our problem. Far too frequently, we ran a soft zone defense, allowing people to shred us with 2 or 3 step drops. We played from behind the first half of the year, allowing teams to run whatever offense that they wanted. They ran on us... A lot. Like with every Falcons defense ever, we were unable to cover RB's and TE's, allowing teams to set up screens or quick passes up the middle. In the second half of the year, we started running more man defense, and lining up on the line on obvious passing downs. That's when the sacks started happening.
  23. To anyone other than Julio, yes. For some reason, Ryan and Julio's timing has never been good on the deep ball. Ryan has thrown some amazing passes to just about everyone else.
  24. You're welcome to check my post history, I've never been this concerned about the cap before, even though I'm very aware of it every year. The reason for the concern this year is because we're losing a bunch of folks to free agency, and still don't have room to acquire more talent. I've been talking about this for the whole season, stating that re-signing Hooper is a bad idea under the current circumstances. Of course, I did say a few years ago that paying Free and Julio top dollar was going to hurt us later... Well... Here we are, it's later, and this is the worst position that I th
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