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  1. From the Wall Street Journal - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703939404574567423917025400.html By Richard S. Lindzen, Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Is there a reason to be alarmed by the prospect of global warming? Consider that the measurement used, the globally averaged temperature anomaly (GATA), is always changing. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down, and occasionally—such as for the last dozen years or so—it does little that can be discerned. Claims that climate change is accelerating are bizarre. There is general support for the ass
  2. He got bent over backwards. A lot of his weight went on his ankle/knee.
  3. Here is my offseason plan for our offensive line... Move Baker to RT Move Clabo to RG and let Dahl and Blalock fight it out for LG. Draft a true LT with our first pick, or go out and acquire the best OT that we can, either in FA, for picks, or for players. I agree with others that say that the right side is the biggest weakness at this point. However, I think that Clabo would do much better at guard, and I believe that Baker is the answer at RT. Baker has been getting beat all year at LT. He's decent, but if we want to have a, "great," line, then we need to upgrade LT. I'm also not a big fa
  4. You should take some time to read some of the posts in this thread as opposed to making one-line snide remarks about the thread title. No one here is suggesting that we eliminate the military. No one here has shown any disrespect to the soldiers who fight for us. I, for one, have family in the military. In my opinion, they don't get paid enough. What's worse, when we send them overseas, we're not properly outfitting them. During the Iraq war, regular citizens had to send armor over to their family members so that they would be properly protected. From my perspective, that's a massive f
  5. I agree with this sentiment. However, I'd also like to know who you define as our most beneficial allies. (Military partners, trade partners, people who share our world view)
  6. For a long time, we've been forking over far too much money, "making sure that the world is safe for democracy." I've had quite enough of that. First of all, democracy sucks. It's called mob rule. The founders of our country knew that and went with a constitutional republic in which the constitution gives us our freedoms. A constitution which does not include, "right to police the world." Personally, I'm for closing down all military bases on foreign soil. Use a lot of the money saved to upgrade our military so that it truly is the most advanced, and well prepared in the world. Not only
  7. I know that some of the meteorologists have offered to debate Al Gore and the climate scientists, but to my knowledge, such a debate has not taken place. There have been smaller debates between non-scientists, however. But again, if what is in the emails is accurate, the guys at the CRU have been working to prevent, "real climate scientists," from getting their papers published in peer reviewed magazines. We can't even have a debate if dissenting arguments are not being allowed to be published in the first place. The issue here is not about who should review the data, the issue here is who
  8. I want the information to be made available, and if it was, yes, I would review it. I might not be a climate scientist, but I do know my way around statistics. Secondly, what is a conspiracy theory? Global warming isn't even a theory at this point, it's a hypothesis. There's no proof at all that supports that our planet is working outside of natural variation. The only evidence to suggest that there is massive warming are some climate prediction models, none of which has accurately modeled past climate, and none of which has accurately predicted future climate. There are plenty of papers
  9. I think that you're missing the point Brock. My issue is that these guys have been hiding data for years and that they have apparently been working to either prevent, or otherwise reject any conflicting opinions. RC is part of that machine. We know very well that this group has tried to minimize the Medieval Warm Period. We know this because their data suggests that it is warmer now, where as the temperature record shows that it was warmer then. They have been asked repeatedly to supply their source data and the models that they used to arrive at their conclusions, but they have refused.
  10. First, I certainly understand your position. It's my understanding that they haven't yet determined whether it was a hack, or an inside job. I also acknowledge that my original post said, "hacked." However, to my knowledge, there has been no law enforcement involvement as of yet, which would be expected in the case of hacking. A few months ago, another leak happened with this same group, and it turned out to be one of the scientists. Hacking is obviously illegal, and I certainly wouldn't trust anything that a hacker had to say to me... unless it was, "your site is not secure," or, "I'm g
  11. Here's the skinny... The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia was hacked a few days ago. Data from their servers including their email and climate modeling code was uploaded to the net. Something like 61 megabytes of files. The data has been acknowledged as being genuine, and there's a ton of folks currently going through all of the data to see what was actually leaked. The most easily evaluated items were the emails, which have been posted on the net in many places in order to facilitate searching through them. Many sites have posted some rather insidious emails which di
  12. The Falcons have been trying to throw more deep balls. This is why Ryan has been taking more sacks. We give him several opportunities a game to make a big throw with max protect, but he is having trouble finding someone, or pulling the trigger. We're also not giving him a check-down receiver in those situations, and he's trying to run for his life if he can't find one of the deep guys.
  13. I'll add my $.02. I see two things. First, the offensive line is not doing a good job of protecting Ryan at this point in time. Second is that Ryan is forcing throws, or trying to scramble too much. At the beginning of the year, Ryan wasn't getting touched. We were doing a LOT of 3 step drop passing. Short to intermediate routes. Ryan has been especially successful running the no-huddle, which again, consists of short to intermediate routes. Starting with the Dallas game, we have been doing more 5-7 step drops. We have been calling longer routes with max protect and no check down options
  14. Forget Finn, get Jenkins out there. He's fast as heck, tall, and he can catch a ball or two occasionally. Plus, he's a great blocker... Perhaps that would translate into a great pressure corner.
  15. To the person who said that he doubts that we re-sign him... He would be the first person on my list to get re-signed. He's young. He's crazy athletic. He's almost always in position to make a play on the ball and has several more pass breakups than anyone else on the team. Hands down, he's our best coverage corner. Too short? Did you miss that vertical? The key to improving our pass defense is to get better pressure with our front 4. It doesn't matter who we have playing corner if we cannot generate any pressure with our four defensive linemen. We can't seem to get any pressure unles
  16. GTFalcon25 has laid things out nicely. At this point, I want to see back to back winning seasons more than anything. That, to me, will prove that we are no longer the, "old Falcons."
  17. I doubt it. Just because it's not paying immediate dividends does not mean that it won't in the future. Jerry was doing well before he got hurt. I don't think that Moore is going to do anything to help us this year, but he may still pan out. I think that Owens and Sidbury are being brought along slowly. Sidbury will be groomed to replace Abraham, and I believe that by the end of the season, he'll have a couple of sacks. He may be next year's Beer man.
  18. I believe that the only, "spiking," that Ryan will practice this week will be spiking the ball into the chest of #84 and #88 from about 10-15 yards out.
  19. Are you kidding me? Smitty goes nuts all the time. He goes nuts on players, he goes nuts on refs. At one point today he was going nuts on someone way in the back. The way the camera was facing, it looked like he was yelling at a little kid. Is that all an act? Why are folks so eager to tear other people down? We won today. Be happy about that. Singletary and the 49ers are going places, but they don't really have the talent yet. Just leave it at that.
  20. Great day for Roddy. Also a great day for Ryan. Great overall team effort today.
  21. No, Crabtree was not under contract. He owed nothing to anyone. Roddy White was under contract. He agreed to play for the length of that contract and should have done so. He did not benefit himself by holding out. For all you know, the contract would have been resolved with or without the holdout.
  22. Agreed. I want to see more of this. Get out to a big lead, then go into cruise control. Make the other team pass the ball 50 times.
  23. Fox announcers aside, I really like Singletary. I wanted him here. Our team, which has a lot more talent on it, stomped on his team today. It's a shame that the announcers were so biased towards the 49ers. However, I still respect Singletary and I like what he's doing with the 49ers. I wish them well in the future.
  24. I didn't make any such comparison. I said when you're under contract, you go to work. The NFL agrees with me 100% as players are fined daily for not showing up.
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