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  1. The only thing that anyone should be calling him is, "Coach."
  2. 2008, week 6. Bears @ Falcons. Falcons are down 19 to 20 with 11 seconds left on the clock. Harry Douglas returns the ball 10 yards. 6 seconds left. Matt Ryan drops back, has a rusher in his face, drops a perfect ball into Michael Jenkins and he steps out of bounds with 1 second left on the clock. Elam kicks the field goal. Falcons win 22 to 20. This is when Matt Ryan showed me who he is. Matt Ryan is special. A whole lot of people simply don't appreciate what he's done for this franchise. They don't seem to understand the challenges that Ryan has had to face that a lot of his peers
  3. I don't know if Pitts would be my pick here, but I love the trade. If we're going to be rebuilding, having a bunch of picks would be of great benefit since the Ryan/Jones contracts will make acquiring free agents prohibitive.
  4. Yes, they are. The point he's making is that with decent coaching, the talent on the field could have put up a much better record. I tend to agree. I don't think that we've had a respectable head coach in about 20 years. The vast majority of our success has been due to having a hall of fame QB and WR. For two seasons, we had a **** good OC. For two additional seasons, we had a pretty decent OC, but decided to throw him under the bus instead of the head coach and defensive coordinator, where the problem was. Then we made, possibly the worst decision in franchise history by bringing back a horr
  5. New GM and Coach's first duty should be to set up Ryan's final contract restructure. Sign him for the next six years with a decent signing bonus and a massive cut in overall pay. Tell him, "this is it dude... 6 more years. COVID is killing the salary cap, and if you want to win, we gotta get your contract down. Do you want money, or do you want to win?"
  6. I don't think that the Falcons can afford to do anything other than go all-in on Matt Ryan. I think that the first priority of the new regime will be to get him a restructure/extension with a significant pay cut. The salary cap is going to go down hard over the next two years, and the only way that this team can survive the cap problems is going to be to restructure Ryan. We might be in a better situation with Jones, and I certainly wouldn't restructure/extend Jones. Coaching and culture is going to make or break the next 5 years. IMHO, the culture problem starts with Blank, and the
  7. How many players, in the modern era, have left the Falcons to go on and do better elsewhere?
  8. IMHO, Points > clock. Especially if your defense has held the other team to ONE touchdown all game. The problem here is a mental problem, not a capability problem. "No lead is safe," has become our cultural norm. That's a massive problem. We need to get over the 28-3 mentality and dictate our will to other teams. We aren't, "soft," we're, "scared." Although, with this past week's dominant win, perhaps we're starting to come around...
  9. Disagree. We're talking about the Falcons. We could have fumbled on the next play, or botched a snap, missed the field goal, etc. Frankly, everything about this situation is toxic as ****, and is the perfect illustration of how/why our culture sucks. As much of a fan of Matt Ryan as I am, he was completely wrong in this situation. If I'm the coach, I'm taking those points 10/10 times. The attitude of, "oh no, we scored too soon," is a defeatist attitude, and it's no wonder we lose in those situations. Have some **** confidence in your team. There was only 1 minute left, and our defense h
  10. This is a very hard call. There are issues with the culture in the building, and I don't know how firmly entrenched those cultural issues are with the temporary staff. It is obvious that this team has some considerable decision making issues, but all but a handful of NFL teams do. IMHO, it starts at the top. AB needs to get out of the way entirely and let whoever takes over, run the show. Stay in the box.
  11. ^ this has a lot to do with it. Cam Newton has all of the potential in the world, but he's a man-child.
  12. TD is gone. Quinn is gone. If you want to turn the ship around as fast as possible, the best way to do it is to fill up the stockade. Someone will be willing to trade the farm for Lawrence. If we fall that far, and were to make the trade, we would likely pull in two 1st round picks and one or two 2nd round picks. (perhaps more) If you want to rebuild, that's how you do it. If you don't trust the new GM with that kind of draft capital, then you might as well throw in the towel right now. Though Matt may not be everyone's favorite QB, he can get the job done for several more years.
  13. Too late. Should have done it last week. (if not last year)
  14. We're plenty good enough. We're scoring 30 points a game. We had 15+ point leads going into the 4th quarter of two games. Quinn's defensive scheme doesn't work. It hasn't worked for as long as he's been here. Time to fire him and move on. I would fire him today, and not wait two weeks. Give the team a chance to rally before it's too late.
  15. So would Matt. I've never seen/heard anything from him that would suggest otherwise.
  16. Our opponents are averaging 39 points against us. 39... THIRTY NINE. It doesn't really matter what Ryan does if the defense is going for the title of worst defense in history.
  17. Yes. Tell him that he's done at 0 - 3. Put everyone in the NFL on notice that the Falcons are looking for a new head coach next year. I continue to have no interest in getting rid of Thomas Dimitroff. The talent on the field is obvious. The issue is clearly scheme and gameday coaching decisions.
  18. Matt Ryan - On pace for 5,500+ yards, 45+ td's, 8 int's. MVP numbers. Calvin Ridley - On pace for 128 catches, 1750+ yards, 32 TD's Julio Jones - On pace for 88 catches, 1400+ yards, 0 TD's Russel Gage - On pace for 120 catches, 1200+ yards, 8 TD's Hayden Hurst - On pace for 64 catches, 800+ yards, 8 TD's How in the world is this team 0 - 2?
  19. Are we running a 4-2 defense? Basically Nickel all the time?
  20. I've never seen a player get uppity about money the week of the Superbowl before. It has probably happened, but wow, it sure does leave a bad taste in my mouth. I was ready to cut his *** that day.
  21. It all depends on how political the NFL gets. Right now, we just have uniform alterations, and for some, that's going to be too much politics. IMHO, we're being inundated with people's opinions at this point, and I really don't care much for the opinions of a bunch of actors and athletes. If they want to tweet and do interviews after the game, for an audience that's interested in what they have to say, that's fine by me. Don't mess with the product on the field that I pay for. If the NFL manages to keep the politics to a minimum, then hopefully it will be a nice escape from, "2020
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