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  1. ^ this has a lot to do with it. Cam Newton has all of the potential in the world, but he's a man-child.
  2. TD is gone. Quinn is gone. If you want to turn the ship around as fast as possible, the best way to do it is to fill up the stockade. Someone will be willing to trade the farm for Lawrence. If we fall that far, and were to make the trade, we would likely pull in two 1st round picks and one or two 2nd round picks. (perhaps more) If you want to rebuild, that's how you do it. If you don't trust the new GM with that kind of draft capital, then you might as well throw in the towel right now. Though Matt may not be everyone's favorite QB, he can get the job done for several more years.
  3. Too late. Should have done it last week. (if not last year)
  4. We're plenty good enough. We're scoring 30 points a game. We had 15+ point leads going into the 4th quarter of two games. Quinn's defensive scheme doesn't work. It hasn't worked for as long as he's been here. Time to fire him and move on. I would fire him today, and not wait two weeks. Give the team a chance to rally before it's too late.
  5. So would Matt. I've never seen/heard anything from him that would suggest otherwise.
  6. Our opponents are averaging 39 points against us. 39... THIRTY NINE. It doesn't really matter what Ryan does if the defense is going for the title of worst defense in history.
  7. Yes. Tell him that he's done at 0 - 3. Put everyone in the NFL on notice that the Falcons are looking for a new head coach next year. I continue to have no interest in getting rid of Thomas Dimitroff. The talent on the field is obvious. The issue is clearly scheme and gameday coaching decisions.
  8. Matt Ryan - On pace for 5,500+ yards, 45+ td's, 8 int's. MVP numbers. Calvin Ridley - On pace for 128 catches, 1750+ yards, 32 TD's Julio Jones - On pace for 88 catches, 1400+ yards, 0 TD's Russel Gage - On pace for 120 catches, 1200+ yards, 8 TD's Hayden Hurst - On pace for 64 catches, 800+ yards, 8 TD's How in the world is this team 0 - 2?
  9. Are we running a 4-2 defense? Basically Nickel all the time?
  10. I've never seen a player get uppity about money the week of the Superbowl before. It has probably happened, but wow, it sure does leave a bad taste in my mouth. I was ready to cut his *** that day.
  11. It all depends on how political the NFL gets. Right now, we just have uniform alterations, and for some, that's going to be too much politics. IMHO, we're being inundated with people's opinions at this point, and I really don't care much for the opinions of a bunch of actors and athletes. If they want to tweet and do interviews after the game, for an audience that's interested in what they have to say, that's fine by me. Don't mess with the product on the field that I pay for. If the NFL manages to keep the politics to a minimum, then hopefully it will be a nice escape from, "2020
  12. I voted NO, YES. For whatever reason, Matt Ryan is the king of the road. He always seems to play better on the road, so I really don't think that road games impact our ability to win. That said, I do believe that the lack of fans will have an impact on games overall.
  13. I want to agree, but I've seen that kid do some amazing things. I think that he needs to do a bit more growing up, which is certainly possible. We'll see how big his head is this season.
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