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  1. Deion did it for me also. Originally from Chicago; Was a Bears fan until Deion came along.
  2. I'm typically a homer for Ryan, but he certainly had a bad night. The haters are out in force tonight though. "Elite QB's don't have games like these."
  3. Even the announcers credited that to Ryan. He changed the play at the line. But keep hating. Ryan had a bad game, it happens to the best of them.
  4. You realize that Brees has thrown 5 ints in one game, right?
  5. Ironically, it was our First, 1st round pick that had the best performance of the day. Sadly, he's out for 8 weeks with a broken foot.
  6. It wasn't a matter of being soft; It was a comedy of mental errors. There's no discipline. Almost all of the big runs were because people didn't stay in their gap. It wasn't because they were being manhandled, they just bit on everything. On the other side of the ball, our pro-bowl OT was repeatedly faked out of his shoes. I think all of this comes down to namby pamby preseason coaching, and it takes a few weeks of regular season mistakes before we figure out how to play properly again. Soft isn't really the right word. We didn't play soft today. We were eager to butt heads with people. (a little too eager) When it comes down to it, we played stupid. We beat ourselves. Mental mistakes abound on this team at this point, and that's entirely on Quinn and his preseason formula. Are we really, "good enough," to let Julio Jones and several other starters sit out for the entire preseason? It sure didn't look like it today. Not soft, stupid. Quinn better get this fixed ASAP or this will be his last year in Atlanta.
  7. This... So much this. Quinn isn't learning this lesson, it appears.
  8. Check the topic, and check my last post. I never expressed my opinion.
  9. To the folks speaking to me in a demeaning tone, understand that I started the thread for the discussion, I did not state that he should replace Schaub. Many people have wanted to clear Schaub's cap hit. They were pulling for Benkert to win the backup job. Most people believe that if Ryan goes down, we're done anyway. Again, I was asking to see what other people thought, I was not saying that we should or shouldn't.
  10. Though I agree with you on premise, isn't Ryan the red-headed stepchild here? No one seems to care much about Ryan, including many Falcons fans.
  11. One from each team for me. I respect the heck out of Brees. I respected and hated Steve Smith. I respected Sapp.
  12. You know, I'll never know for sure, but I will always suspect that the reality shows served as a distraction from football. When that took off, Kroy seemed to taper off on the field. That said, he was one of my favorites, and I always pulled for him.
  13. We gots us a WILD receiver!
  14. Why did we bring back Simms. There are a lot more options out there, and we went with Simms. We know that Simms sucks. No need to evaluate him. How are you going to evaluate the rest of the team if the QB sucks?