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  1. Replaced them with Treadwell, Hurst, and Gurley. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we'd go into the draft with this much more talent on offense. I honestly don't think that Koetter is up to the task of getting the most out of this offense. But if the right side of our line comes out better after a full off-season workload, we might be in business to do a lot of damage. (hey, it's even Koetter's 2nd year... Matt makes everyone look great in their 2nd year)
  2. If folks would stay home for a few weeks, only going out to get the essentials, then no, the NFL season would be just fine. However, that's not what folks are doing. The longer people ignorantly fight against the quarantine, the longer this thing is going to last.
  3. We probably won't be getting any comp picks. The two biggest comp players that we had were Beasley and Hooper. Fowler and Gurley signings pretty much negate those two.
  4. Yeah, it is strange to see some kids wash out at the NFL level after dominating in college.
  5. Lol. Best highlights ever!
  6. This guy could explode for us. If his hands and speed are as good as they look, Ryan's going to make him a pro-bowler. We might even be able to afford to keep him in two years when some of our dead cap falls off.
  7. It will all depend on what people are willing to pay him. He's not a game breaking TE. He's a dependable go-to guy. If teams are willing to reset the TE market on a possession TE, then the Falcons will not get him back. However, if other teams recognize Hooper for what he is, and no one drops the big bucks on him, then he could be back in a Falcons' uniform in 2020. I figure that if he was available in the 7-8 million/year range, we would happily jump at that. 10+ million is just too much.
  8. Got any examples where the player was a DE? Or a WR?
  9. This is exactly how Arthur Blank thinks, and it's exactly why we're consistently mediocre. "We're just one piece away," should be this Team's mediocre mantra.
  10. No one here cares about Vet Min. We need to mortgage the future to bring in Chase Young, or break the bank to bring in Clowney. We need BIG MOVES, not useless vet min guys. /s
  11. It isn't the same people. Generally, the people saying that we need to sign Hoop are the same people that wanted Julio, Jarrett, and Jones to get paid. They believe that the salary cap is a recommendation, not something that actually does anything. You can put me down as a person that was against paying Freeman and wanted to trade Julio before his most recent contract. I was mostly fine with signing Jarrett and Jones, though, at the time, I was worried about overpaying for Jarrett. (20+ million/yr) His contract turned out to be pretty reasonable. I would never pay big, free agent money for a RB. NEVER EVER. RB's generally have the shortest careers in the NFL. Anything other than a rookie contract is a risky proposition. The better thing to do is let them walk and draft a replacement. Though I recognize Julio as a generational talent, and a first ballot hall of fame player, I also recognize that it doesn't make a lot of sense to pay a WR, who touches the ball an average of about 8 times a game, 10% of our salary cap. I think that Julio is fantastic, and I believe that he deserved to get paid, I would have preferred that someone else had paid him. We could have used the money and draft picks to find a top-tier replacement, draft 2-3 starters, and be able to afford to sign 1 or 2 upgrades at other positions.
  12. Who hates Julio? I wouldn't think that any Falcons fan hates him. Maybe the rest of the NFC South. There are people, like myself, who aren't fans of his contract, but that doesn't mean that we hate him at all.
  13. Sark certainly wasn't the biggest problem. He was scapegoated. I can't really say if DK is better or not. Frankly, I think that we've made some significant mistakes in personnel over the past 3 seasons. (Freeman, Julio's BONUS contract, the backup guards last year...) That said, I think that we continue to draft well, but we are horrible in free agency.
  14. Yeah, it's not under the table at all, it's right out in the open. I don't know how this can possibly be considered, "legit." At the very least, it should be a conflict of interests considering the salary cap. How much money do the Patriots pay the TB12 organization?
  15. I have corners valued right after the lines. And again, I stated that the secondary + LB are more valuable than any of the skill positions on offense. (outside of QB) In my rankings, where would you value them?