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  1. It's a shame that they don't notice that they're getting slapped.
  2. I think that Devonta has checked out. It's possible that I'm wrong, but I just haven't seen the same player since he got paid. And then there's the injuries...
  3. This team isn't serious about squat. If they were serious, they would have fired DQ instead of firing everyone around him. If all of those people needed to be fired, then clearly, Quinn was doing a bad job. We're cleaning house at this point. Out with the old, in with the new. Frankly, I don't know what to expect. Bryant has been money for us. He was going to have a 3.5 or 4 million dollar cap hit. There's no reason that he shouldn't have retired with us, in his time. Let's hope and pray that this doesn't bite us in the butt.
  4. I don't hate the Pats. I have tons of respect for that organization. And Pats fans are typically ok folks from my experience. I suppose it would be easy to get jealous of their success, or get whiny about their, "cheating," but it's not like our team has a lot of room to complain there. It sure would have been nice to have won our Superbowl, but I'm not going to root against the Pats because we gave away a Superbowl. Anywho, I don't care who wins on Sunday.
  5. I think it's silly to say that someone who grew up playing outside of a dome in the North is going to suffer for not playing in a dome now that he's a pro. Maybe the problem is the other 52 players not being accustomed to the cold weather. Without looking, I'd wager that like 75% of the team is from Florida, the Carolina's, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, and California.
  6. Oh my. 6043... Imagine if that had been 6047....
  7. He's from Boston...
  8. Hard to speculate. However, we have a pretty good idea of who Belichick is, and who Ryan is. I think that it's easy to say that Belichick/Ryan would have been very successful. I don't know about 5 Superbowls, but Ryan seems to have exactly the kind of work ethic, competitiveness, and consistency that Belichick is looking for.
  9. Yeah, we have been very weak with drafting OL ever since TD has been here. We've drafted 11 OL over the last 10 drafts, and only 3 are still on the team. Because we are so bad at drafting OL, we've had to resort to overpaying in free agency to get serviceable talent for the lines. I have no problem with us filling a spot on the OL with a free agent this year, but I also want to see no less than two picks devoted to OL, hopefully a late first 1st, (if we trade down) or a 2nd. If we stand pat at 14, I don't want to see us draft for OL. There's simply no value at that spot for OL. If we trade back into the 20's, then we should take a shot at Cody Ford, or someone equally physically gifted.
  10. I think that 2017 will eventually pay off. Takk is a force on the field. He has a great motor. Obviously, for whatever reason, things simply haven't clicked for him. Perhaps his personal matters are simply weighing on him too much. Whatever the case, I'm not writing him off just yet. Duke is a bust. He seems to have all of the physical talent, but lacks vision/intuition. Kazee is a breath of fresh air for us. He's a ball hawk, which is exactly the kind of player we need on defense. I'm really hoping that they let him and Allen compete for starting FS spot, and make the other the nickel. Or... Move Neal up to SLB and play cover 2 with Allen and Kazee. I expect Saubert to make significant improvements this season. Tight end's rarely bust onto the scene, and with all of the weapons that we have, he just wasn't given much of an opportunity to show anything in 2018. Hill showed up. 7.9 YPA last year. Maybe that's just an anomaly, but the guy was clearly making plays when we gave him the ball. But I realize, as everyone else should, that our running game will only be as strong as our OL. No idea on Harlow.
  11. I'm a mind warped, brainwashed tool because I provided you the means with which to watch the thing for yourself? No one told me what to think, and I'm not telling you what to think. I'm providing you with what you need to make your own informed opinion.
  12. This article has the full video in it if you care to watch. TLDR; There was a fundamentalist religious hate group there, doing what those groups do. The students got into a heated verbal debate with the group. Native Americans got in between the two groups. The kid in the video held his ground. He didn't attack anyone, call anyone names, etc. There's no shouting of, "build the wall," which was claimed by the media. There are a lot of racist names being thrown about, mostly by the fundamentalist religious group that's there. Don't take my word for it. Watch the video. (video is at the bottom of the page. It's almost 2 hours long.)
  13. I think that the issue with Blank continues, though it's much less obvious now. I think that the Falcons have a standing MO of acquiring players who make for, "exciting football." This is why we have dedicated so many resources to WR's over the years. (And have been apathetic about the OL) You are right in that we have invested far more in the defense, but a lot of that was completely blown drafts. (Remember when we drafted 4 LB's in 2014, none of which lasted 2 years...) FYI, we've spent 48 picks on defense and 31 on offense since TD has been in charge. With that much investment in defense, it's kind of embarrassing how bad our defenses have been.
  14. "Under there were only two WRs drafted in first round." - Important piece of info missing there. Blank was the owner when McKay was around. I said, "Blank is all about shiny hood ornaments." Blank has been here for 17 years now... Over those 17 years, we've spent 6 first round picks on WR's. (Price, Jenkins, White, Julio (x2), Ridley) That's a lot of high draft picks for shiny hood ornaments.
  15. Why I think that when Ryan's career is over, he will belong in the conversation: Matt Ryan has been Iron Man - He has missed two games in his career despite taking some serious hits. Dude gets up, dusts himself off, and goes right back to it. He consistently puts up around 4000 yards and 30 TD's. If his body can continue to hold up, he's going to surpass all of these guys in NFL totals. He probably won't break any of their single season records, but he has already been consistent for longer than most of them. Marino's career shot out like a cannon. 5000 yards and 48 TD's in his first year as a starter. That was, statistically, his best year. People remember him for his first few years in the league, when he was lights out. After that, his career was still good, but it wasn't consistent. Kelly had a great 4 years stretch with a really fantastic team. Outside of those 4 years, he was a top 10 QB. If Ryan is ever given a great team to play with, perhaps we'll see a good stretch of years from him. As it stands, Matt is simply a top 5/10 QB every year. The big difference between Manning and Ryan is touchdowns. Manning consistently put up 4000 yards and 30 TD's every year. He had two seasons where he threw over 40 TD's. (49 and 55) Ryan hasn't thrown 40 TD's yet. Manning's best year was his 16th in the league, with a team that gave him everything that he needed to succeed. Perhaps, one day, Ryan will be given that deal. Until then, he'll just be that model of consistency... 4000 yards and 30 TD's. I don't think that Ryan is, "better," than any of these guys. I think that when his career is over, he will be in the conversation.