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  1. A little while back, I was asking a friend of mine why he hates Matt Ryan so much. He gave me the usual talking points, "can't throw deep," "can't win in the playoffs," "can't hit a runner in stride," "folds under pressure." So, I went through and, using stats, proved all of that wrong. When all was said and done, I asked again, "So all of that stuff that you said wasn't true, so what's the real reason." He said, "I don't know what it is, I just don't like the guy. No one could ever replace Vick." **** you not, those were his exact words. So, yeah... In some folks minds, R
  2. I've never seen anyone with a negative comment karma on here before...
  3. He also flipped off the fans, refused to play if he wasn't perfectly 100%, and his 2nd year was the best year of his career. (IE, he never developed.) If the dude had put in any effort, he could have been one of the best ever. Instead, he acted like a thug and fought dogs in his free time. Vick was an example of wasted talent, not someone who deserves any special recognition.
  4. Agreed. It is a bit hypocritical. However, I do have an explanation. Circumstances were a bit different during the Roddy holdout. (social media wasn't as big when Roddy held out) When Julio held out, he distanced himself from the team, quitting the social media pages and such. He also skipped OTA's. In general, Jones has never really seemed to support the team. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/julio-jones-skips-first-day-otas/uHvbUUvM1NoQEd0hWQzQAL/ https://brobible.com/sports/article/falcons-julio-jones-social-media/ Roddy also held out, but to my knowledge, he didn't really dis
  5. For my, "Falcons Rushmore," I have a few stipulations. Memorable Career as a Falcon. Spent most of their meaningful years in Atlanta. Stand up teammate and human being . (As a player, didn't do or say anything that reflects poorly on the team or city) Tommy Nobis - Mr. Falcon. Jessie Tuggle - 14 seasons, all as a Falcon. Roddy White - Man seems to bleed Falcons red. Matt Ryan - He could still screw this up, but nothing in his character leads me to believe that he will. Honorable mention: Jeff Van Note, Mike Kenn, Steve Bartkowski, Claude Hu
  6. Last year, the Falcons were 22 points away from being 10-6. We lost 6 games by a total of 16 points, and that was with Julio out for 7 games, and largely ineffective for another 3 games. Despite the coaching problems and injury problems, we were not too far off from being a respectable football team. That suggests that we have talent on the roster. Under Dan Quinn, we had a lot of player personnel issues. There was the obvious problem with Julio's holdout in 2018. We also had some players who had really bad attitudes along the way, who we eventually parted ways with. I don't know if this
  7. Wasn't hindsight for me. When people take unprecedented actions that negatively impact the team, it's a very clear sign that they're not interested in, "helping," the team. Blank should have realized that Julio's actions were problematic, and should not have rewarded it. The teams' response should have been, "you're under contract, do your job," or they should have traded him. Paying him simply pushed the problems back by a few years. We could have gotten multiple #1's for Julio at the time, and would not have incurred the cap problems that we're having now. Again, it is my sincere hope t
  8. I know that this is gonna sound crappy, but we should have traded him when he held out for a bigger contract. "Falcon for life," was a really dumb move that netted us absolutely nothing, and now Blank is a liar. Hopefully Blank has finally learned his lesson. Maybe the new regime won't have to worry about a privileged old white man, with no football acumen, making player personnel decisions.
  9. I don't think so. I think that Ridley could have a solid, long career as a possession receiver, but I don't see him as someone who can do it all, the way that Julio, in his prime, could. I think that Pitts is one to keep an eye on though. If he can translate his physical gifts into production on the field, he could have a Julio-like career.
  10. Yessir. I've been around since about that time as well, though I'm not certain of my official start date. hehe.
  11. Last time I bought anything player specific was Deion Sanders... Learned my lesson. I almost got myself a Vick jersey, but I fell out of love quite quickly with Vick during year 3. Dude had so much potential, but just kinda pissed it all away. My dad got me a Matt Ryan jersey for Christmas one year, as a surprise. I never would have done it myself. I suppose if there's a jersey that I'd be happy to own, Matt would be the one. Matt's never said a cross word about the organization or any of the players. He's never shown a lack of effort. He's played through some injuries that would ha
  12. It's possible that all of this is true. But I don't blame Julio for any of it. I blame Arthur, "Falcon for Life," Blank. "We treat star athletes better because they're better people." - Mr. Garrison. You would have thought that Blank would have learned his lesson after he got screwed by Michael Vick. Blank wheeled his hobbled butt onto the field in a wheelchair. Vick responded by refusing to get back on the field once he was healthy. He later gave the middle finger to the home crowd, and got arrested for dog fighting. Did Blank learn his lesson? Nope. Blank clearly does not understa
  13. I disagree. He held out for more money in the 2nd year of a new contract. No one does that. He frequently takes off optional team activities. He's not a huge prima donna or anything, but he's also not this perfect specimen of professionalism either.
  14. It all depends on the trade... IMHO, the primary purpose for trading Julio would be to free up cap. I don't think that many teams are going to give up too much to acquire Julio, but whoever would be willing to trade would likely be in a win now mentality, so compensation would likely come either in future draft picks, or from a position that the other team has in abundance. (perhaps RB or DE) I don't have the time or inclination to go digging for the perfect trade partner for that scenario, but I doubt that the brain trust would get rid of Julio if they weren't going to profit from it.
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