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  1. I want to agree, but I've seen that kid do some amazing things. I think that he needs to do a bit more growing up, which is certainly possible. We'll see how big his head is this season.
  2. I know so many people who just outright ignore this. Dude is one of the best, all time, and because we can't seem to send out an NFL caliber defense, or have any semblance of a consistent run game, "Ryan is second tier." "Ryan can't win in the clutch. " It's mind-numbingly frustrating.
  3. Are you serious? How often has Ryan had a run game or a defense to help him? Julio Jones, by himself, is not a great supporting cast. What did Montana have? Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Fred Dean, and Charles Haley. He also had guys who are close, like Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, and Tom Rathman. #1 Defense once, #2 defense three times, #3 defense three times, and a top 10 defense 9 times out of 11 years playing for the 49ers. How many hall of fame players has Ryan had on his team? Tony G for the back third of his career. Alex Mack for the back 3rd of his career. Roddy White, Julio Jones. Anyone on defense? Maybe Grady Jarrett. Where has our defense ranked while Ryan has been here? LOL. What about our run game? We've had a few years with a decent run game, but just as many with a cellar dweller run game. That's not, "great supporting cast." Ryan has achieved some very impressive things, despite having very little help to speak of. Our fanbase craps on him at every turn. It's disgusting. We don't deserve Matt Ryan.
  4. 3rd. Behind Mahomes and possibly Wilson. Frankly, I think that Ryan is better than Wilson, but popular consensus is that Wilson does more with less, and that Ryan has a ton of help. I can't argue with that, but Matt has consistently put up better numbers than Wilson, so... I'm also accounting for the fact that Matt had an off year last year. I suspect that he will not repeat that this year.
  5. Two nights ago... I dreamed that we won the Superbowl this year. Gurley was a monster for us, and Ryan had his 2nd best season. Defense was stout for most of the year, and was on fire in the playoffs... We got after the QB, with 5 sacks and 2 picks in the big game. Teams weren't able to run on us, which generated a lot of 3rd and longs, and our guys pinned their ears back. Secondary was the weakest link, as we'd give up a few big plays now and then, but we generated a ton of 3 and outs. I have had dreams about the Falcons in the past, but they have almost always been bad dreams... hehe.
  6. Well, again, a lot of moves have been made to make room. The Falcons might well have started in cap ****, but they managed to work their way out of it. We let Hooper, Beasley, Crawford, and Bosher go. We cut Freeman and Trufant. The people who said that we were in cap **** weren't wrong. We made a bunch of moves, that were kinda tough, to make it all happen. The CBA was also renewed, which came fairly quickly, and that allowed us to make moves that we couldn't have made without the new CBA. (Cutting Trufant and Freeman for instance) The general notion that people were, "wrong," is silly. No one was wrong, decisions were made and the situation changed.
  7. A lot has been done to make more salary cap available. I am not sure what comments you're referring to.
  8. We said that the Falcons wouldn't have money if they signed Hooper. They didn't sign Hooper. Problem solved.
  9. Ryan is currently the best. Brees has been the best passer of the past 10 years or so. Brady was the best game manager, perhaps of all time. Ryan is a mix of Brady and Brees, and at this point, he's better than either of them, but both of them are in decline due to age. Ryan hasn't shown signs of decline due to age yet.
  10. Yeah, I don't think that this is the issue. Perhaps the issue is that he's not Michael Vick, but I don't think that it's a race thing.
  11. You know, it's easy to play the game, "if so and so played for other team..." but Stafford is a fine QB. I'll still take Ryan though. Ryan and Stafford are friends off the field too, for whatever that's worth.
  12. Best QB in franchise history. Will retire as a top 10 QB all time. What's not to like? Crappy defense for his entire tenure? Lack of run game for most of his tenure? Bad decisions from the coaches?
  13. Quite a few people do, actually. It's a great place to share and learn about new ideas, events, etc. It's a horrible place to air family or work problems. For some reason, idiots across the world have decided to use social media as a form of personal diary. That's just profound stupidity on their part.
  14. Just because you CAN do a thing, doesn't mean that you SHOULD do that thing. Certain people do themselves no favors by being on social media. Takk is a perfect example of this.
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