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  1. Yep. I was here then. I remember Skeetbird, Gazoo, Sacfalcfan and several other names come to mind. Have you always been WFW?
  2. I think there were only a few thousand or so members back then. That may have been the year it started.
  3. Yes, that's what Ryan is doing or attempting to do, he just can't pull the trigger. He looked like shat as always. You're an apologist and a really good one.😆
  4. You can shave a second off the time, that doesn't change the fact the there were options on this play and options all day. Ryan froze up in the pocket. I posted the video, you ignored the fact that he could have thrown the ball to any one of those receivers breaking out of their routes and didn't. Ridley had 2 steps on the DB running away.
  5. This play is just one example where he had 5 seconds before getting sacked. Receivers are breaking out of their routes with separation and defenders trailing. They are open by any standard. Ryan is suppose to be cerebral. He cant walk to the line and determine the defense he's facing? His best option for a completion? Come on! Anyone can play this lousy ..and do it for Waaay less money. 3rd and 11 or 12 on this play. Count with me. 1/1000..2/1000...3/1000..4/1000 he has almost 5 seconds.
  6. There seems to be no cohesion..after all these years. This Qb and these receivers.. at times look like they've never played together. Where is the got to play..the sure route..any rhythum?
  7. Yep, Let the excuses begin. New uniforms, same low tempo and bland play calling.
  8. He watched the target the whole way(as he often does) and his wind up and release is slower than Molasses.
  9. Take off your rose colored glasses kid. You're trying to defend the indefensible. Matt is garbage.. along with many other aspects of this team. You should probably go back and read your analysis of a 3-7 team. It's laughable
  10. Troll? Surely you can do better than that. I bet I've been a fan longer than you've been alive.
  11. Declining in 1 game? Seriously? Are you Neo?...trying to bend reality to suit a perspective that isn't real? Everyone here understands progressions, blocking schemes, route depth. We also understand interceptions, fumbles, poor decision making, holding the ball too long, fear of pulling the trigger. We are at the bottom of the league ..and you want people to see how bad it can get? WE ARE THERE! why do you think we are complaining? Stop making excuses and assign the blame to Matt that he deserves. BTW. Julio played last week against Tampa and this same QB and the offense mustered 10 points when it mattered.
  12. There are routes on almost every play that develop in 3 seconds or less. There were more than a few examples posted by the thread starter. Ryan had 3 turnovers..and he blew the throw on 4th down at the goal line. It was a pick play..Ridley was open for the score and Matt blew it. He was not under duress. On another play, Ridley got behind double coverage and was open for the score. A 25 yard pass and Matt threw the ball 5 yards too short. Ridley had to slow down and come back. We got a Pass interference when we should have had a TD. He was not under pressure. This happen all night. ..And Yes the Announcers were discussing this conversation with Brees about speeding up his mental clock. Matt has been here 12 seasons. The team is 3-7..and we are putting up 10 points a game when it really matters. Not impressed!
  13. This has been the issue for a while. He is supposed to be a cerebral QB and this is his second tour in this offense. These players are all familiar to him. Drew Brees said, "The entire left side of My O-line is new. I'm going to shorten the clock in my head...I'll make it a point to get the ball out in 2.5 seconds." With Matt, almost ever throw was LATE and MANY OFF target. I lost count of how many times I yellED at the TV. "THROW THE '______' BALL!! 2 leaders of their teams...2 different approaches on how to prepare and how to lead.
  14. I don't baby my kids. I'm not going to baby a **** football team that's playing below sub-par. No one here is going to change teams. We are going to demand Better. Don't makes excuses for the QB who had 3 turnovers and a blown read to a wipe open Ridley on the goaline. Half of these sacks were on him. He simply will not pull the trigger. The guys covering the game pointed this out multiple times on multiple drives. Poor decisions, late throws. ****, on one play he threw a pass for negative 7 yards.
  15. I remember there only being around 1500 or so members back then in 99/2000.
  16. This D did not play soft. What I see is that Shaub was a better passer and more effective once he got the rust off and got into rhythm. Standing tall in the pocket, he made quick decisions and delivered a scrips clean ball with velocity. None of this odd leaning posture and long drawn out patting/tapping of the ball before throwing. No slow moving lolly-pops passes. The tempo was different today...better, even though we still lost.
  17. Yes, and what was his reward for playing the position so well. Move him to linebacker. This staff has slowly sucked the desire and talent out of these players.
  18. A game that could have been won by simple clock management. Evidence of a Head coach and staff who are not thorough in preparation. Something that continues till this day.
  19. No one attacks. We corral the ball carrier like we are sheep dogs. Even when a receiver catches a short ball and his back is to the LB or DB we form a halo around him while he gains another 5 yards and someone finally comes in to make the tackle. To say that we strike fear into anyone would be laughable.
  20. You continue to mention screaming. I said nothing about screaming. These are professionals who signed the contract and took the money. The season ticket holders were not happy today, they were in no mood to give a consolation trophy..an attaboy! ..or "Good Job." for a piss poor effort. These guys have been together for a while. This is Ryan's second stretch in this offense. If not for a Julio catch on 4th down against the Eagles, this team would be 0-4. If you want to count pre-season 0-9. We are Waaay past fist bumping and good jobs! BTW, Hardy was late on his assignment, he missed the block and then got blown up by our fullback. Yep. fist bump..Good Job! SMH
  21. The same coaching staff put Hardy in to block on 4th and 1 while Julio and others were relegated to the side line. No one here gets a pass..or an excuse. Ryan rolled out to get clear, then made the decision to run for it. He didn't post up or look for anyone once he was void of pressure. It wasn't a good job or a good try..and it would be different if it were the only poor decision on the day from our veteran QB who can't captain this team.
  22. Ryan got tackled trying to run for a first down on 4th and 4. When he came off the field he got a fist bump and a.."Good Job." from Quinn. Really are you kidding? This is Superbowl calibur expectations? No one cared whether they won today..it was easy to see.
  23. Stop making excuses! He looked like Dog Shat again this week. He's thrown more picks in the red zone this year than I can ever remember. His decision making has been terrible, his accuracy even worse. We could find a dozen QB's in this league who could turn in the performance we watched today..for a fraction of the cost.
  24. 3 receivers that are suppose to be top notch. A very talented Running back A talented TE. Weapons at all the skill positions If we only had a Captain behind center who could utilize this talent. Command the offense that he's suppose to already be familiar with. Elite huh? like Peyton, Brady, Brees? What could these guys do? I promise they would bring focus and demand that everyone play their best. You know..Leadership!
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