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  1. Look, something new(old) for the base to rally around and focus their hatred on. This 'Us against the World' strategy works on Trumptards like jingling keys in front of a baby. They never look anywhere else or see the absurdity in it all. "Just do what the master says..We must support everything no matter what..This is how we own the libs."
  2. Nathan Phillips, 64, was singing the American Indian Movement song of unity as he approached the steps of the memorial where these kids were gathered. I did not witness anything threatening from this Native elder. He was not hostile..and He did Not get in anyone's face. If I was stupid enough to even consider mocking or degrading any matter the circumstance, i would have been beaten within an inch of my life.
  3. Yes I have. I also saw the video When this Native elder (and veteran) walked up. All these little pr#cks were taunting and jumping up and down and worked into a frenzy. Chanting "Build the Wall" At NO time is it appropriate to disrespect your elders in this way.
  4. Great Again....
  5. ▲ A statement that does not remotely match what I referred too. Nor does it describe Trumps excitement by others misfortune if it means he profits. Its his right to be a shallow self absorbed POS. Lets stop pretending he gives a Shat about the people..any people for that matter.
  6. Or welcomed the recession in 07' so that he could buy property at rock bottom prices( **** the people and small businesses who lost everything).
  7. Its been a few hours since Trump lied to the people...Again!
  8. There are 1200 plus miles along the Texas Border. 1100 miles of that is Privately owned land. This is land that the Land owner will not relent in order to build a fence ..a barrier..or a Concrete Wall. During the Bush Era More that 120 land owners used the "Secure Fence Act" in order to prevent the Government from taking their land. 13 years later and these claims have Not been resolved. So, Just to be clear! that's 1.100 miles of the 1.900 mile border that will Never be fenced or Walled.
  9. THIS! ↑ Much like Trump, They are afraid of the unknown. Their behavior is Simple minded and fearful. They smear, degrade..or squash anything that may reveal truth and logic.
  10. So The President had someone print this up? This is the tax payers dollars at work.
  11. I thought the same thing.
  12. Soon to be 50, so I'm hardly anyone's Son these days. At least not in the context you are referring. I was taught from an early age that Conmen and crooks were not people to be admired. I'm sure you were as well. Also, that being a liar and being untrustworthy is the absolute worst way you could be perceived by others. You keep defending the worst and I'll point out that you are casting the light on yourself.
  13. Old men who lack wisdom and honesty. As I said, Just like Trump.
  14. That's a pathetic way of saying you were wrong. You are always trying to stretch something into what it isn't. People who LIE do this..People who are dishonest and untruthful by nature. There is No 10 ft. Wall..and this is not a Compound its a House. Its gated property. Probably 8ft. As long as there are TrumpTards mailing bombs, former Presidents will need protection. You are Exactly like Trump.
  15. It's hard to believe that someone's mind actually thinks/works this way. This is leadership folks. I have to tell you I am truly inspired. Electing a self absorbed, small minded Reality Game show host to the most powerful position in the world is the best idea we've ever had!