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  1. This is an awful situation. Without investigative journalist we may never be aware of this.
  2. Trump Said!
  3. He said .."He hoped it would trigger a special counsel." As you guys love to point out..the word "Hope" doesn't mean a dam# thing.
  4. So could you explain why you're defending the compulsive liar? ..and trying to discredit the former FBI director?
  5. So Trump lies on a daily basis and yet you trust and defend him. You suspect that Comey may be lying and you don't trust him on anything. Could you explain the difference?
  6. I think we are referencing two different things here. Comey testified in an open session before the committee. he also had a closed committee session. Prior to the date/time of this session, The President could have decided not to permit it. Comey released his testimony early as a safe guard. (Understand?) Now his recount of events is Not a secret document..or a classified memo. If there are classified documents or memo's as Marla stated, pleased list them. Its common knowledge that Trump is a compulsive liar. His lame A$$ bluff about having tapes is just another lie in a long string of lies. Comey is a are most people in the intelligence divisions. So, this is not a Dem thing. Comey is about as straight as they come in Washington. Its astounding that we're trying to find one lie told by Comey, so we can question his credibility . Yet you come here and defend a President that lies multiple times everyday. Hypocrisy..
  7. No. Comey leaked his statement/Testomy of events prior to giving it before congress. He also did this as a safeguard. Had Trump decided at the 11th hour to shut down the testimony, we would have never heard this side. He released his statement early to eliminate that possibility. Everything else you implied is a stretch.
  8. Only if you're about to do something you know is against the rules. "I hope that you will drop the investigation" "I wish that you would drop the investigation" "I would like... No matter how you word it, it means the same thing, The President is looking him in the eye and saying "I would like you let it go". You only verbalize a 'Hope' or 'Thought' if you want it to have impact..if you want someone to act on it. The questions is not whether he ordered or commanded Comey to drop the investigation, But he did attempt to influence and interfere.(just as bad)
  9. So why offer up such a poor Candidate? Truly he's not a Republican...I'm not sure he gives a dam# about any party, Only himself. He has a long history of being selfish, self absorbed..and basically being full of Sh!t. A master of the Lie. Long before he got in the race people have seen him for what he was, And disliked him. For his poor moral character, ..his shady business practices..and his treatment of other people, especially women. A "Look at me!" type of guy. "Look at all I have..All my gold..aren't I better than you." Were you raised to act this way? would you raise your children to act this way toward others? If not, then how can you support and defend someone who act in this way?
  10. As we try and determine who is lying and who's telling the Truth(as if we don't know). Lets have a look back..
  11. I guess I missed that. Tomorrow being the last episode, I guess the only finality will be everyone killing themselves..
  12. After thinking this show reminds me a great deal of "Lost"..I find out the creator is the same guy. Do you think we'll find out what happened to the departed..or will we be left hanging?
  13. Only you could look at both men and see the same thing..