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  1. Your name sake and many other veterans are our biggest problem. Passive defenders that Half A$$ cover and refuse to engage in a tackle. Coaches that are suppose to be defensive minded who allow this garbage to take the field. Matt Harrington behind center today. What is the identity of this team? What can we be consistently good at and then build on? Just observation and question. I could go on but why bother.. Been watching this **** show for 40 years
  2. Always standing or fading back..waiting on someone else to do the work. Veteran leadership..
  3. He continually fades back, waiting on someone else to make the tackle. Literally any 2nd tier DB could contribute more.
  4. Bring him home Mckay! kidding..
  5. Thank you my friend i appreciate the info.. very useful. I didn't even consider a ethernet connection.
  6. I have a fire stick. Do you recommend the FireTV..does it have more processing power? Also some of the streams freeze due to download speed and or the file stream itself. i recently installed the Cinema free app. It appears that it allows you to download and then watch which might eliminate the buffering issues. Do you know anything about it, if so what are the do's and don'ts? Thank you
  7. From the Gemini 7 mission 1965.
  8. Have we been visited in the past? are there possible ancient structures from eons ago? I was intrigued by this Nasa photo of a possible structure. There are lots of straight lines and flat(square) plateau's.
  9. My first thought. How would the callasping of space and the gravitational field effect other planets and bodies along the path?