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  1. Sessions is being soo dishonest. As the hearing continues he's having trouble keeping track of his lies.
  2. Even if people don't believe that he could possibly have relations with a fourteen year old girl, I still find it every bit as disturbing that a 34 year old man in his position would pursue a 17 year old. For those who missed the Hannity interview, here is a recap. I don't hear any denial...I do hear someone saying that in these cases they had the Mothers permission. ________________________________________________ Moore said he never had contact with Corfman, but admitted he “recognized the names” of at least two of the women named in the Post investigation. “I do recognize the names of two of these young women: Debbie Wesson and Gloria Thacker," Moore told Hannity, though he contested the details of their stories. Wesson, named Debbie Wesson Gibson in the Post story, said she was 17 when Moore met her in a high school civics class, and they went on several dates. “I seem to remember knowing her parents,” Moore said of Wesson Gibson, adding that he remembered her as a “good girl.” He claimed no inappropriate behavior ever took place. Moore also added that he doesn’t “remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother.” Then, apparently referring to Wesson Gibson, Moore added that one woman “said her mother encouraged her.” Then Hannity asked about Gloria Thacker (now Gloria Thacker Deason), who told the Post she met Moore when she was 18 and they went on dates where Moore offered her Mateus rosé wine. (The legal drinking age in Alabama at the time was 19, meaning Thacker Deason would have been drinking underage.) Moore’s denial here largely stemmed from the fact that it was, in his words, “a dry county.” “We never would have had liquor,” Moore said, adding, “As I recall, she was 19 or older ... that just never happened, I never provided alcohol [or] beer.” But again, he didn’t deny knowing Thacker Deason. “I seemed to remember her as a good girl,” Moore said.
  3. Yes You know at some point they'll have to Stop pointing at the past. They elected trump because they were tired of the crooked politician. We were all suppose to see MORE from Trump. He was going to drain the swamp, but instead he just top it off and dove in. He's simply a fraud who enjoys using the country as his own reality show. Whether its tweeting about little rocketman..or sending Pence to the NFL game just to have him leave. He gets off on the drama that he creates. And it really is something different every week. People are happy to swallow his lies and spread his Bullsh#t, because they don't won't to admit they got duped.
  4. Multiple indictments are handed out and more potential conspirators are revealed. Tens of thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook adds, spreading propaganda by Russians. ..And our President is trying to convince the American people to be fond of Russia. At what point do the Trumpsters pull their nose out of his Arse and began to see the truth?
  5. I believe this was his attempt to clean up his point of view, after receiving a bit of flack from the radio discussion of this same subject when Geraldo was his guest. Even in this clip he's spend much more time attempting to cast doubt on the allegations. Oddly enough I could not find that radio clip anywhere. But I did find another radio interview where Hannity brought on a guest from England who discredited these accusers immediately. This should tell you where his morality and judgement lie. Here's that link I live near Gadsden, where Moore got his start. For the record there are rumors in this area about Moore and this sort of thing. Most would say he is not the big Christian that he pretends to be. Also, We see the irresponsible and careless actions of his son, who has been arrested 8 times and probably gotten out of trouble (thanks to Daddy) more times than anyone knows. Its not hard to imagine the father being just as impulsive when he was younger.
  6. Yeah.. Why don't we just admit that Don JR is an Idiot? A person born into wealth who has never struggled or wanted for anything should probably keep his mouth shut.
  7. As I watch Trump and the Prime Minister of Singapore in the rose garden, it re-affirms what we already ready know. Trump is an idiot. Unprepared and simply regurgitating the same thing his said for the cameras while in the oval office. The Prime Minister seemed intelligent, well prepared..and as all visiting leaders do, he out shined this Buffoon who is our President.
  8. Only a Fool would wage war against the media. Investigative journalists with decades of experience will pick you apart lie by lie. Trump is a Carnival barker..and you are the stupid kid who seems to be fooled and mesmerized by his tired Act. He wasn't even a good reality star..and he's even worse at pretending to be a leader. "Islands are land surrounded by water...really big water!...Ocean water!" You see, the media could go silent on Trump for a month and he would still destroy himself. He's a Fraud! Time to stop pointing at Obama..or saying "whatAbout" Hillary! Trump said, Nobody is better than ME!...and I alone can fix it! We are all paying for bout you own up to it?
  9. ..And here Trump is telling yet another lie while accusing the media of spreading lies. Whats more sad? This is what our President is focusing on. The majority of his time is spent turning the wheel of his very own reality show. In two days there will be a new controversy and it will be everyone's fault..except for the fool who started it. Please..I'm dying for a Trumptard to chime in and tell me how smart he is. Hows its all part of the master plan.
  10. You ask for evidence...
  11. If he said anything remotely close to this, its another example of just how out of touch he is. How he is completely void compassion. I don't think he had any intention of writing letters to the fallen.. or calling the family members. He only did this because he was called out on it. Do you remember his resentful attitude when he was called out on the Charlottesville incident..and was asked to make another attempt at his condemnation of Neo Nazi's? I too would like to see more information, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. I've said before, my only loyalty is to the truth.
  12. Ahh. Its not a gaffe. Trump is just a F#cKin@ MORON. He didn't know PR was part of the U.S. either.
  13. I respect Kelly and thank him for his service. It was nice to see a professional articulate person, who actually treated others with respect. Even when disagreeing with the press he would repeatedly say No offense intended. The Press returned the goodwill in kind. Thanking the General for addressing the press and taking questions. You seemed to forget that Trump was the aggressor from the start. He has always been the A$$hole..and disrespectful to everything. Little Marcio. Sleepy Ben, That time of the month for Megan, Handi-capped reporter, Belittling the war hero, Fake News, Clueless intelligence agencies...and on and on. Somehow the world has been unfair to the Bully. This press conference is an example of how intelligent adults communicate. Lets hope Trump was watching. But, someone should also remind Kelly, That the investigative reporter has been accurate most of the time. Spicy gone...Mooch gone...Bannon gone. and more.