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  1. I entered....Julio Jones! Whoooo! I haven't won anything in a really long time, on top of being unemployed and less than broke. This is my lucky day! I got the correct entry, now it's time to win that trip. Time for my luck to change!
  2. If that happens this week, every single Falcons fan in that section should stand and never sit and support each other. I would tell them to go find Arthur and see what he says about standing to support the HOME team.
  3. Still need tons of votes. Please visit Facebook and vote for me. I really want to be part of the 12th Man on Saturday!
  4. I am trying to win tickets to the game Saturday because I lost my job before Christmas and can't afford to buy. If you are on Facebook, go to the page of Fireside Natural Gas and like it. Then go to photos and click on the picture of me with my feathered Ladybird hat on. A like for it is a vote. I started out late and need as many votes as possible before Thursday at noon. Thanks to all my fellow Falcons fans!!!!!
  5. Johnny, miss you old friend. Thanks for the post. I was sure glad to see the Bucs beat up on the Aints that last regular season game. I was hoping that the Bucs and not the Aints would have made it to the playoffs. And we are definitely on the way to being the best division, period. Hope to see you in Atlanta next season. Shay
  6. Most people work? Not these days. I lost my job right before Christmas, so I have nothing better to do than support my team. I am hoping a lot of other fans show up so the city may finally be behind this team. There is such thing as sick time and vacation days, and I imagine and hope that a lot are taking off early to be at the Dome on time tomorrow night to be in their seats well before kick-off. This is the biggest game of the year for us until the Super Bowl.
  7. shay did you get rid of the greenbay tickets

  8. I hope you all have a good time this year. I won't be down to the hotel, too much to do at home. I had foot surgery 3 weeks ago and I just started driving again and still can't be on my foot too long at a time. I will be at the game tomorrow and tailgating and probably visit the Landing prior to going inside.
  9. The tickets are still available. If you want them, I would like to complete the transaction as soon as possible. I live just outside of the Buford City limits. If you could come by would be ideal, or just drop a check in the mail today or tomorrow and I can either email the tickets to you or mail the hard copy tickets to you. My name is Sharon Kelly, 1457 Railroad Avenue #3 Sugar Hill Ga 30518.

  10. Shay,

    Hey, not sure if you remember me, but I think I bought some tix from you last year for the Chicago game. I'd love to buy the Cardinals game if they are still available.

    PM me, email me (richard@onlineinfo.net) or call me 404.918.7825.

  11. I am sitting with a friend, so I have a pair of tickets, front row mezzanine near Falcons tunnel for sale. Need to sell soon, out on medical leave with no pay and hurting for $$. Tickets are $100 single game price, but I am asking $85 each. Only one seat away from aisle, and that seat is almost always empty. Great view and good neighbors. PM as soon as possible, need to get these sold soon and would rather have Falcons' fans in them.
  12. I have a single ticket for that game, front row mezzanine near Falcons tunnel if anyone is interested. Need to sell ASAP because out of work for surgery on my foot. PM me.
  13. It is great your children had such a positive experience and so much fun. It sounds like you did too. Normally it is easier during preseason to get the players' attention. You did it just right and timed it perfectly too. Way to go, proud parent!
  14. I may just have to make that this year. I work nearby and could just come over after work on Friday and maybe even stay Sunday night and have a very short commute. I hope we have a good turnout!
  15. Done, prayers are with her and your family.
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