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  1. Wow....What a surprise. A 42 year old player is cut. Never would have guessed this.
  2. Like blaming the loss on one missed call?
  3. Reality: It was a horrible non call. One of the worst I've ever seen. The Saints kicked a FG and HAD the lead. They FAILED to stop the Rams from tying the game. They had the ball first in OT and turned it over. How were they robbed?
  4. This is what college gives you? This was backed up by New Orleans’ star wide receiver, Michael Thomas. “He ain’t talk to us,” Thomas tweeted.
  5. https://thespun.com/football/saints-insider-says-roger-goodell-lied-during-press-conference?fbclid=IwAR1xZ0cp65m6lLeyue19hVk43dRrLYNDn-Ttw8HhmP5C_7Y2GRuz08V7l14
  6. I don't understand why Payton is mad at Goodel. He should be more upset with his team not finishing the game, allowing the Rams to score just before regulation ended and turning the ball over in OT. Then, he should be upset with the officiating. Never upset at Goodel as there is NOTHING he can do. What a tool.
  7. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/did-sean-payton-mock-roger-goodell-with-clown-shirt/Fphmozir8LjOfTJ9HjooDK/ Before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took the podium in Atlanta Wednesday for his “State of the NFL” announcement, Saints head coach Sean Payton had his own season-ending conference in New Orleans. Payton, still upset over the missed call during the NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles Rams, appeared to take shot at Goodell with his attire. Keen viewers took note of a T-shirt Payton wore under his unzipped quarter-zip sweater. The T-shirt bears a
  8. You'd think the biggest priority would be to find a new future ex wife for Blank.
  9. If you look closely at the Zapruder film, you can see Brees on the grassy knoll.
  10. With all this crying in New Orleans, you would think the levees would have failed by now.
  11. I'd rather spend money to feed out of work federal employees.
  12. It had to be one of the worst missed calls I've ever seen. Regardless, they did get the ball in overtime, which gave them a chance and were unable to win. They are not the only team to suffer from the officials mistakes.
  13. https://www.ajc.com/blog/mike-check/bad-idea-for-dan-quinn-shaky-game-manager-add-coordinator-his-falcons-duties/9GbC4mDBQDHdlrERjbuv9I/ By Michael Cunningham It was an addendum to the big announcement. Falcons coach Dan Quinn dismissed his three coordinators, and by the way, “Quinn will assume the responsibility of defensive coordinator.” That shouldn’t be an aside. It is just as significant as Quinn’s decision to can coordinators Steve Sarkisian, Marquand Manuel and Keith Armstrong. It’s also a bad idea. Quinn obviously can do
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