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  1. He's probably the escape goat for the team and does not like it.
  2. I was a season ticket holder for many years until the PSLs came along. The Dome was a suitable, already paid for facility. It met the needs and didn't cost the fans, or the city any additional money. The sell: Get a new stadium and we get to host the Superbowl!! - So what? How many of us gained anything from the Superbowl being in town? $5 beers and $2 hot dogs? - I can still do cheaper at home, and better quality. Anyone buying PSLs for the discounted beer and hot dogs needs to re-evaluate their life. Let's be real. This new stadium and the PSLs had nothing to
  3. Just ****......So no bowl game for the Falcons this year. Who's the escape goat on this one?
  4. Classic. This brings me back to the old days of the Kris Jenkins thread, the Mike Vick is shelfish thread and anything by Pittman4two.
  5. Should have gotten insulated windows. They pay for themselves.
  6. Even though they don't have any picks tonight, I bet they STILL blow it!
  7. And they have to play each team away.....I can understand if both games were here, but to trade home and home? No fair! They need to do something about that!
  8. We play the Saints, Bucs and Panthers twice a year. Insane!
  9. Also, you can't take a shot of the uneducated if you can't spell uneducated.....
  10. Obviously, I misunderstood the title.....
  11. I just cut one......Smells like the restrooms in the infield at Talladega.
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