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  1. I've said this before. Quinn is just another version of Mike Smith.
  2. You'd think Tyler Perry would be upset about Cam dressing up as Madea.......That's Perry's thing.
  3. Are you suggesting grunting noises are more appropriate?
  4. I never totally understood the Quinn hire. He's basically Mike Smith in drag. Both had/have trouble finishing games, drives and stopping teams on third and long. I can see getting fed up with Smith, but why replace him with a nearly exact replica?
  5. Falcons don't have a plan B.....Their plans are numbered.
  6. The ideal situation would been to keep Bryant and Tavecchio and let them earn the job. Would have saved face for the franchise.
  7. The desire to shorten the preseason has nothing to do with player health. It's all about money. The NFL is charging regular season price for pointless games in the preseason. More and more people are complaining. The solution? Add 2 games to the regular season to justify the cost of the ticket. No way will they eliminate 2 games and losing revenue.
  8. Not every great player makes a great coach. It's absurd to think that. The same can be said for every great assistant coach becoming a great head coach.
  9. It's obvious that the team hates Ryan and laid down for him and then stepped it up for Schaub. Staring 0 - 16 in the face!
  10. No completions.....Julio as well....ZERO receptions! 0 - 16!
  11. His communications skills are equal to a third grader. He does not comprehend proofreading his copy. This is on top of the numerous factual errors he makes. I used to troll him when we could leave comments on his blog regarding his ******** discourse. Of course, he deleted everything.
  12. Sort of surprised to not see any 28 - 3 trolls here.
  13. What's the over under for spelling and grammar errors?
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