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  1. Since he was able to fool some of us us in to PSLs, a precedent has been set.
  2. I watched it a second time and the Falcons won!!
  3. Yeah!!.....Maybe you should call Flowery Branch with this idea. 1 800 get real
  4. Based upon the sentiment among many here, the Falcons should draft all UGA players.
  5. When I saw 100% right, I assumed this thread was about me.
  6. It's almost a signature result for the Falcons to make two great defensive plays on first and second down, then give up a first down on third and long. Either through porr tackling, or a penalty.
  7. I was surprised he made the final roster this year. I had not seen anything that made him worth keeping. At least they got something for him. If this pans out, then great. Otherwise I did not understand how he was still on the team.
  8. After some discussion this morning with other football fans, the subject has been broached that Quinn might be losing control of the team. I'm not certain, but the lack of fire and the slow starts could be a harbinger for a season spiraling out of control.
  9. That's kind of specious reasoning. Being a first time coach should not make them less capable of scheming and coaching a good game. I don't think he got the job through a contest. Remember, all head coaches were at one time, first time head coaches.
  10. Owners always have a replacement coach in mind, regardless of the success.
  11. J J :I have no place to wipe this booger. D Q: Great idea.....I'll put it on a t shirt!
  12. What's the saying? Act like you've been there before. The excess celebration after a close win for a early regular season game is indicative of an undisciplined and unprofessional team. That sort of celebration should only occur after winning the Superbowl.
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