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  1. i will say this about petrino, if you don't cut it, you get cut. for that, i like him.
  2. first, he said leftwich is undergoing surgery this morning to repair ligaments that have been stretched. the surgeon reattaches them with screws and recovery time is about 10 days. this surgery will make the ankle stronger. grady jackson - stated zimmer was unhappy with his play and his inability to tie up two blockers on the los. grady would try to make plays instead of the desired effect to get in the way, thus allowing lbs to make plays.
  3. i'm still waiting for leftwich to throw the deep ball.....i thought thats why he is starting.
  4. dang that dun he git nother fist down why aint norwod strating?
  5. trying something here......playing the radio broadcast so i don't have to listen to the tv guys.......there is a delay with directv, so i hope it does not drive me nuts.
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