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  1. 6 hours ago, MoFalconsFan56 said:

    Yet another example of this team playing their best when there’s no pressure on them whatsoever. Get these wins when there are expectations and I’ll be impressed. They never deliver til it’s too late. Watch the saints make us their b¡tch again next week. Beat the ******* saints and it’ll be worth celebrating 

    No pressure? I'm not sure if you are up to date on the NFL, but there is always pressure to win, especially for the coaching staff. 

    Such an absurd concept. 

  2. 17 hours ago, itsryanwonder said:

    Our team is better with out Julio, Gurley, Takk and others that were out today? 

    We just blew out the Raiders who literally took the chiefs to the final play last week.  

    I will take the effort and heart of this team over the big names we have had.  Ito and Hill are a nice 1, 2 punch. 

    Here you go:

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