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  1. I wouldn't be upset......Everyone knows Julio is a shellfish player.
  2. I just hope we don't have to play the Saints twice this year.....I don't like them.
  3. Why numbers? Why not punctuation symbols, or children's art?
  4. Another video blocked by the NFL? I think they are everywhere.
  5. No pressure? I'm not sure if you are up to date on the NFL, but there is always pressure to win, especially for the coaching staff. Such an absurd concept.
  6. I love these proclamation threads that use specious reasoning. Makes as much sense as playing on rainy days with the roof closed because they play better.
  7. I don't remember, but Pepperidge Farms remembers.....
  8. Also. The Falcons should have moved Duckett to FB. All the Superbowls they could have won.......
  9. He should be throwing for a TD on every pass play. Anything else is a total failure. Staring 0 - 16 IN THE FACE!!!
  10. Of course, the Saints fans will still cry about this forever.
  11. Any chance of custom/personalized jerseys?
  12. Sign Cam for the vet minimum to back up Ryan and maybe play some wildcat. He could........Oh ****, I almost finished that without laughing at yself.
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