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  1. I just have no clue what the new coaching staff will do this year. We did not see much in preseason. Maybe that was by design. I do know the Mike Smith in drag Dan Quinn is no longer here. Maybe this will mean no more second half melt downs? Or botched onside kicks.
  2. Same here. Also, why ask the guys? Maybe some of the dames here can answer too.
  3. Since i have been vaccinated, I have gone back to paying hookers to spit in my mouth.
  4. Pull a rabbit out of his hat? This is football, not a petting zoo......Is it?
  5. All I no is Rayan has a week arm and is a shelfish player! 😆
  6. That's when I was moderating and he reached out to me asking to have that thread removed because he didn't want his reputation as a writer to be ruined by that post. I told him no way. He was a Panthers fan on a Falcons board and to take his punishment......I think he went on to write for the AJC.....Someone named Ledbetter.....
  7. I wouldn't be upset......Everyone knows Julio is a shellfish player.
  8. I just hope we don't have to play the Saints twice this year.....I don't like them.
  9. Why numbers? Why not punctuation symbols, or children's art?
  10. Another video blocked by the NFL? I think they are everywhere.
  11. No pressure? I'm not sure if you are up to date on the NFL, but there is always pressure to win, especially for the coaching staff. Such an absurd concept.
  12. I love these proclamation threads that use specious reasoning. Makes as much sense as playing on rainy days with the roof closed because they play better.
  13. I don't remember, but Pepperidge Farms remembers.....
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