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  1. You do realize this is a gag thread?
  2. Sign Cam for the vet minimum to back up Ryan and maybe play some wildcat. He could........Oh ****, I almost finished that without laughing at yself.
  3. Geeeezzzzz
  4. I would drain Loch Ness and find that monster.
  5. I see the phrase "in a heartbeat" all the time. Well, now is your time to tell us, what you would with/for the Falcons in a heartbeat......Uniforms? Trade Matt Ryan for a 7th round pick? Trade TD to the Gladiators in exchange for their Zamboni driver? You choose.
  6. I'm going blind.
  7. And yet you post in this thread......Interesting.
  8. I predict the new logo will be an aborted fetus.
  9. It's satire.
  10. The helmet should have an empty stadium logo instead of a Falcon.
  11. You just know there will be some who hate them, so here is your thread.
  12. You want more fans in the stadium? Rescind the PSLs.
  13. This is what happens when you miss 3 payments in a row.
  14. Falcons need to draft all(insert you college team here).