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  1. Guess I am the uneducatted one...
  2. Also, you can't take a shot of the uneducated if you can't spell uneducated.....
  3. Obviously, I misunderstood the title.....
  4. I just cut one......Smells like the restrooms in the infield at Talladega.
  5. He hits almost as hard as Bosher.
  6. Thought I saw him pushing a lawnmower in East Atlanta.....
  7. Wow....What a surprise. A 42 year old player is cut. Never would have guessed this.
  8. Cleaning house?
  9. But those $5 beers are corn syrup!!!
  10. Like blaming the loss on one missed call?
  11. It was Vicodin, not ice cream.
  12. Reality: It was a horrible non call. One of the worst I've ever seen. The Saints kicked a FG and HAD the lead. They FAILED to stop the Rams from tying the game. They had the ball first in OT and turned it over. How were they robbed?
  13. I can't have ice cream......Diabetes
  14. This is what college gives you? This was backed up by New Orleans’ star wide receiver, Michael Thomas. “He ain’t talk to us,” Thomas tweeted.