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  1. I've heard interviews with him on the paranoid radio shows before. It is an interesting topic.
  2. You know how much beer I can get for $200?
  3. It did sound heavy, but it is the internet and things can get misconstrued. Apology accepted. The money I would have spent on tickets, not including the PSL has been diverted to my retirement. My hope is, by then, I will be able to procure a PSL.....Stay tuned. For now, I am a TV spectator.
  4. I thought my points were rather clear. Primarily, none of this was necessary as the Dome was more than adequate. The state owns the Dome and was responsible for the maintenance. Sure, the Falcons kicked money in to some updates, but there was never, to my knowledge a 200 million dollar outlay from the city. Money that is needed to repair the failing infrastructure. I'm already $450 in for replacement tires because of the crumbling streets, so yeah, I'm complaining about the taxes. If you got $450 to send me, then my concerns are mitigated.
  5. Kind of specious reasoning that if this city doesn't have a billion dollar stadium, it falls behind Birmingham.....As if that is a bad thing? There are many factors involved to raise a city to an elite status, and hosting a Superbowl in a billion dollar stadium barely registers. There are may factors involded in reducing a city's status, and corrupt city government is one of them, and this tax deal reeks of it. Lets look and see where Mayro Redd will be when the Falcons open the stadium in September. My point is, with my original post and this post is guys like me are left out. How you choose to disburse your income is your business,a s how I chose to disburse mine. For me, it's not a worthy expenditure and I am unhappy with the way it's come about.
  6. Not from the Falcons. Only third party brokers/sellers. Until the team tanks, and I am not saying they will anytime soon, that means the ticket prices will be higher than if the Falcons had set aside a number of tickets for single game purchases, like they had in the past. They are trying to encourage more PSL sales. Good for them, but the average fan is being left out.
  7. Extremely disappointed with the franchise regarding the new stadium. Did the city/team need a new stadium? I don't think so, especially considering some of the funding came from municipal sources. The other source outside of the owner was fan based(PSL). I don't recall much, if any clamoring for a new facility. It's not like back in the 80s when the team was playing in the old Fulton County stadium. That place was horrid. I don't recall anyone dreaming of hosting another Superbowl. What does that matter to the average citizen of the region? Further, the use of tax dollars earmarked for much needed municipal infrastructure repair is devastating. Anyone traveling on the roads in the city limits will know. I actually quit driving my car in to work to keep from destroying it. The last time I did, I hit a giant pot hole while avoiding a jay walker. It ruined the tire. I had to replace another tire at the same time as it was damaged. $450 later, I vowed not to drive the car in town again. Fortunately I have a clapped out truck I don't care about, so I drive that. These hotel taxes could/should be used for road improvements, not building a new stadium that now excludes the average fan. Don't forget the many many malfunctioning traffic signals. It's a software issue that the city can't afford to upgrade. Now that no single game tickets will be sold, I find it highly unlikely I will go to a game anytime soon, especially considering the events tied together costing me $450. I was a season ticket holder for 15 years because it was a reasonable expenditure, Now it is not, and the means to build this new stadium do not justify my participation.
  8. I live here and it may be out of my price range for a next to the last row seat.
  9. I just read that there will be NO single game tickets sold this season. The seats for sale will be through third party sellers, at a premium price. This may scuttle my plans as I don't intend to pay $500 for a 2$ hot dog. Stay tuned. Jeff Schultz blog.
  10. For those who have not been in awhile, that area has changed and what was once a crappy sports bar is now condos, which are next to the hotel parking lot. Actually, there are condos all around. Of course we have to remain somewhat civil. The noise ordinance in DeKalb is 11:00, however the hotel may have a different curfew for noise. I do remember in the past, not having any problems at this location. This hotel is also a short Uber/Lyft ride from many restaurants as well. Not sure about bowling alleys though.....
  11. The last several years we have stayed at Fairfield Inn by Marriot. It's close to MARTA and a small shopping center that includes a grocery store, Arby's and Dominoes
  12. Not sure if we can ever do that again. The NFL mandated a change in these tours for security reasons. As Duff Man said, lets enjoy seeing long time friends again.
  13. We still have plenty of time, however don't put off planning for this. As I stated above, there is a Strong Beer Fest that Saturday at the Wrecking Bar in Inman Park. It's about $45 - 50 per person. It's an epic event and I have been to everyone, and judged the last two. I will post a link when the tickets go on sale. It will be October before they are available. It is a beer geek event, so if you are not in to barely wines, barrel aged sours or huge stouts, it may not be for you. Of course, you are not required to attend as there are other things to do and anyone wishing to volunteer their efforts to organize activities, go right ahead. More later.
  14. You long timers here remember the MBGT from years past. It's fallen off the last several years. Since there will be a new stadium, we need to rekindle this event. There were some good times and great stories from previous events. The targeted game would be the Vikings game, the first Sunday in December. For you beer geeks, that coincides with the Strong Beer Fest at Wrecking bar. Saturday beer, Sunday Falcons. The days before, do as you wish, but we can discuss other activities. So....Who wants to get the band back together?