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    Wax paper, making fun of Jupiter, sports that utilize gasoline.
    I like going to the park to watch the children jump scream and run. They don't know I am just using blanks.

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  1. Of course, the Saints fans will still cry about this forever.
  2. Any chance of custom/personalized jerseys?
  3. Sign Cam for the vet minimum to back up Ryan and maybe play some wildcat. He could........Oh ****, I almost finished that without laughing at yself.
  4. I see the phrase "in a heartbeat" all the time. Well, now is your time to tell us, what you would with/for the Falcons in a heartbeat......Uniforms? Trade Matt Ryan for a 7th round pick? Trade TD to the Gladiators in exchange for their Zamboni driver? You choose.
  5. The helmet should have an empty stadium logo instead of a Falcon.
  6. You just know there will be some who hate them, so here is your thread.
  7. You want more fans in the stadium? Rescind the PSLs.
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