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  1. I have Directv and Sunday ticket but I don’t live in GA so I can’t answer that. Sorry
  2. Hopefully they don’t play much. No need to risk injury in a meaningless game. Hopefully the coach can figure out a way to have practice going at near game speed, so that the players get used to the speed of the game.
  3. True. He was just an example.He was just an example
  4. And as far as them having a plan, the last regime had a plan as well. Just because they get paid a lot of money to make those decisions doesn’t mean they are good at it.
  5. I think it’s been pretty clear over the last few years what they have on this roster. As far as the defense of line, there isn’t much. What additions have they made that would give them pause to adding a veteran?
  6. I honestly hope that I am off. But when I see that we have a little over 8 million in cap space and someone like Justin Houston signs for up to 4 million it makes me wonder
  7. I wanna see if this makes sense to anyone else…. The Falcons have struggled on the edge for quite some time now. I figured that when the new regime came in, they might address it. They don’t seem to have taken much interest in it. Does anyone think that, that might be coming from higher up than the GM. Does McKay or someone have a philosophy about the D-line? I could be way off base, but I just find it hard to understand why this team hasn’t had a good edge rusher since Abraham.
  8. Knowing this organization, nobody. Or a practice squad nobody
  9. I completely agree with the thoughts on DQ. I wasn’t completely on board with his hiring because I felt like he inherited a great D and he wasn’t bringing those players along with him. I feel like he benefited more from the players, than the players benefited from his coaching. I just hope we aren’t getting a repeat of that with Arthur Smith
  10. I’m excited because they actually have a D coordinator in there who might be able to help them improve. If the D improves, and the O can do what it’s capable of doing, this could be a good year. Im also excited to see what Pitts can do in his rookie year with all the hype around him. This offense can be absolutely explosive if handled correctly. Im nervous about this year because Arthur Smith is an unknown as a head coach. I think he’s a great O coordinator, but people also said DQ was a great D coordinator. If the job turns out to be too much for him, then we as a fan base are in for a long couple of seasons. What is everyone else’s outlook on the season?
  11. At least he admitted that he was trying to end it… he should have just been smart and ran the ball. That would have ended it
  12. The silver lining is that it was smarter for them not to. Always was
  13. I think there’s a shot. He will probably get a one year prove it deal. Players seem to like to play under Pees so that helps too
  14. Exactly. Not the greatest piece but definitely a veteran upgrade to what they have right now.
  15. Except that in football it is a lot harder to take over a game and dominate because you only play one side of the ball. Matt Ryan can throw as many TD’s as he wants, and it won’t matter if the D goes out and gives up a matching TD. what they need is a coaching staff that can have them playing smart football as a team.
  16. If the offense does what it is capable of doing, then that’s all they will need to be a very competitive team.
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