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  1. All good questions. I personally think they could survive the Tampa game with Free carrying the bulk of carries and ward getting some carries. And if they have a decent lead I would like to see Ward get a heavy dose
  2. Exactly. That is 1 thing I like about Quinn. I feel like he holds everyone accountable for their actions. Even if he doesn’t do it publicly I am see him having a long conversation with Armstrong
  3. I kept saying that too!! They were moving early on a ton of plays!
  4. I was at the Jets game and I saw Quinn putting up hand signals then too. Has he been doing this for weeks?
  5. Ugh I’m gonna get soaked! Time to buy a poncho. I really need them to win
  6. I will be at the game, so I hope we score a lot of points and win!
  7. Yea they probably will. It sucks because I will be at that game!!
  8. Yea he's just looking for some attention. That's why I didn't even respond to him.
  9. Good thing there is a constitution, CBA, and union preventing things like that from happeningGood thing there is a constitution, CBA, and union preventing things like that from happening
  10. The refs have to have time to set the ball and get out of the way... In theory then then Lions would have to have got to the line, called a play, and snapped the ball within that 1 remaining second... impossible
  11. lol I didn't post it. I was just replying. But yea I understand what you mean. I try not to read any of them, but got sucked in this time
  12. 2 home games.. I live in MA. Been to at least 10 away games though
  13. Cowherd is an idiot. I used to listen to him but it got to be too much so I stopped. He says things to draw interest and rating like Bayliss.
  14. Same here. I think he Falcons have a good chance of winning but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost. If they play like they did last week( which I don't think they will) they have a high chance of losing