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  1. Actually no I didn’t. Someone quoted me and said that. I replied with he may be but he still had more help than Marino
  2. Honestly I don’t care what you take seriously. I think Marino had less support, and just because the numbers show that they both had crap support, doesn’t make me wrong. Yes Rogers has bad support, but so did Marino. When Marino retired he had set a bunch of records with that bad support.
  3. 1. I think Rogers will end up an all time great 2. Rogers clearly had better running backs behind him in Eddie Lacy, Ryan Grant 3. The comparison was Ryan to Marino. Not sure how Rogers got added 4. Rogers has played in a pass happy time so his rushing #’s won’t be as high 5. Marino played in a time when they were actually able to play rough, physical football so a run game was more important then
  4. Having a run game opens everything else up. If you don’t have a guy who can average 60-70 yards a game your team becomes 1 dimensional and easier to scheme against.
  5. They were solid but I would take Greg Jennings, Ryan grant, jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley over them.
  6. He might be but he still had more support than Marino
  7. Aaron Rogers has always had more support than Marino... Marino played 16 years and had 1 thousand yard rusher. Rogers has played 10 and already has 4 thousand yard rushers behind him.. plus a better list of receivers and TE’s
  8. Marino never had a running game! Ever! I’m pretty sure he only had one running back run for 1000 yards behind him and his entire career! The Dolphins were A one dimensional team yet Marino still put up amazing numbers and still won a ton of games.
  9. At this point he is not better than any of them. Marino might be the best ever when you consider what he was playing with, and the records he set Peyton is considered top 3 by most people who know anything about football Jim Kelly was hugely underrated, yet took his team to 4 straight Super Bowls and ran a pretty good offense I love Ryan but I don’t think he’s in the top 10 of all time, which all 3 of those guys are
  10. Same here. I joined around 2000 but lost a ton of posts
  11. If I quit being a Falcons fan I would quit watching football. I get pissed at this team but could never root for another team. But I have come seriously close to just not watching football anymore
  12. Yea I’m hoping that was it, and not the scheme
  13. The one thing that I remember about the offense back then that really irritated me was the use of the running backs out of the backfield. I remember being so frustrated that Turner would come out of the backfield about 3 yards turn around and just sit down and wait for Matt Ryan to dump it off to him. Because he was sitting still he usually was just tackled immediately by a linebacker. Never really saw Turner or any of the other running back’s catching the ball in stride or in space and using their athleticism. Hopefully that changes with the running backs that we have now
  14. Yea I’m really hoping this off-season is dedicated to the trenches
  15. Just heard on Sirius that Min will be hiring Kubiak... oh well. Let’s hope Koetter has learned something over the past few years