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  1. And if he gets fined I’m sure he’s ok with that. But my point is the hypocrisy of fans. If Ridley performs great this year, and the team cuts Sanu during the off season, how many of these fans will be outraged at the team?
  2. I find it funny that a lot of the people on here that are saying Julio needs to honor his contract blah blah blah, are perfectly OK with other players getting cut during the off-season. Did not those players also have contracts that they were signed to? Why shouldn’t the team have to honor those contracts? Why is it only that the players need to honor the contract, even if they have outworked them?
  3. Some ppl on these boards are hilarious. He asks for more money so that he’s getting paid market value, and you want to trade him? He’s doing what most stars in the league do. It’s part of the business people! As the salary cap goes up, the stars contracts go up... it’s pretty simple and has been happening for a while now
  4. Lol I hate this argument. Players get cut every year!! The teams rarely stick to their word. Players sign contracts but sometimes out work them. It’s as simple as that. If he wasn’t living up to what they were paying him they would cut him
  5. I think they ask Sanu to restructure before just outright cutting him. If they can save some money off of his contract and keep him around to help Ridley develop it’s a win win
  6. I like the signing. Our special team needs a boost and I think he provides it. Plus it gives one of our starters more rest during downs
  7. Honey badger Tyran Matheiu being released
  8. Heck NO!! I know Andre Roberts was crap last year but let’s not forget how bad Weems was the year before him! They need a young fresh face back there. Or give someone who is already on the roster a shot. But, by no means, bring Weems back..
  9. Try living in MA with these idiots!!
  10. Honestly I don’t think it can be much worse than it was this year with the amount of talent they have. So as long as he is aggressive and creative I think they will take a step forward
  11. Yea I agree with everything Lombardi says. I would be completely fine, and happy, if Sark was gone. But only if they bring in a creative mind that has some nfl play calling experience
  12. Just curious as to how you guys think Foles will do today.. I’m thinking 20-35 235 yds 2tds 2 Ints
  13. I would love to see a blowout win, but it will take a complete game from the Falcons, and I question whether they can/will put 1 together. THe Rams D line will give the Falcons trouble which will throw the whole game off. I think it’s possible but I’m not sure it happens .
  14. It was my opinion. To me they just didn’t seem to have the energy or fight that they usually do