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  1. He’s under contract. You would need to trade for him and his existing contract
  2. welp!
  3. My GPS says 19 hours!
  4. Thank you
  5. There is a difference. Tanking is losing on purpose. Playing your younger players might actually give your team a shot in the arm. It also helps you see what you really have on the roster by giving the young guys some real playing time, not junk time in meaningless preseason games. If you happen to lose, well then you get a higher draft pick, as well as some very important playing time for the younger guys!
  6. No we shouldn’t dress to lose but there is no harm in getting our younger guys some playing time. This way we can see what we really have on the roster. You never know when the young guys will be thrust into playing so why not get them some playing time. It can only help the team in the long run
  7. The way I see it, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, is that the purpose of playing the game is to win, not just games, but championships! And the only way to win a championship is to get into the playoffs first. So if you have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, why are you still trying to win this year? If the purpose of playing the game is to win a championship, why not start looking to next year if you are out of it this year? Why not get some of the younger guys that you have drafted some playing time? Why not see what you actually have on the roster? And in doing this, you will probably lose some games. All that does, is that you up nicely for next years draft. Again, the purpose of playing the game is to win championships. So why not set yourself up to be in better position next year if you were out of it this year?
  8. Because it is not 2012 anymore yeah it seems like Dirk has the same playbook is hoping that defenses haven’t caught up to him yet
  9. Everything that went wrong can be fixed. I think the hardest thing to fix will be the o line play. Ryan needs better protection. The d line can’t keep getting gashed in the run game. But on the bright side, the Vikings are a really good team that really just took advantage of the mistakes made by the Falcons
  10. That’s what I worry about in this game. We have the weapons but will Matt have the time to get the ball to them??
  11. He won’t last... probably was just bought in as competition, and to light a fire under Tavechio
  12. This has turned into a pretty good offseason!!!