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  1. I think he can be a solid number 2 because Pitts and Hurst will be legit weapons as well. I think Matt spreads the ball around enough that we don’t really need a superstar number 2. The offense is loaded so he should be fine
  2. I think it all depends on Arthur Smith and Dean Pees. If they can have a huge impact on the players then I think it’s definitely winnable. But if it’s the same ole same ole then nope
  3. Hes been a great player for the organization but I don’t think he deserves to have his number retired. Too many missed practices, too many missed training camps, held the team hostage a few years back….
  4. I think he will do good. Maybe not great, but good. To me, it all depends on how the O-line plays. If they open up holes, I think Davis is good enough to make the best of his situation.
  5. Technically they could use the money the save with the trade to get a defensive player.
  6. Not sure how accurate this is… but if true, not sure I would want them to throw in that 4t
  7. I will be there. I live in Massachusetts so it’s not a far drive
  8. Absolutely not! While Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Matt Ryan, he is not that much better to have to throw Julio into the mix. Now if the Packers gave a second or third round pick in the trade I would have to think hard about it. But I can see Matt Ryan playing just as long as Aaron Rodgers and at a level high enough that this trade wouldn’t make any sense
  9. I agree 100%! There is no doubt in my mind that TD takes Justin fields and sits him. That alone is enough reason for me to be happy that they moved on from him
  10. I think this would be a really good move. He is past his prime but still better than most of what we have. A vet presence can always help
  11. I think they are hoping that Mingo can create some pressure as well
  12. It would depend on what they got in return for him. I’m a Falcons fan before a players fan. If it truly benefited the team, then I’m for it
  13. Based on what he said in interviews he probably would have went Fields in round 1
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