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  1. Yea he's just looking for some attention. That's why I didn't even respond to him.
  2. Good thing there is a constitution, CBA, and union preventing things like that from happeningGood thing there is a constitution, CBA, and union preventing things like that from happening
  3. The refs have to have time to set the ball and get out of the way... In theory then then Lions would have to have got to the line, called a play, and snapped the ball within that 1 remaining second... impossible
  4. lol I didn't post it. I was just replying. But yea I understand what you mean. I try not to read any of them, but got sucked in this time
  5. 2 home games.. I live in MA. Been to at least 10 away games though
  6. Cowherd is an idiot. I used to listen to him but it got to be too much so I stopped. He says things to draw interest and rating like Bayliss.
  7. Same here. I think he Falcons have a good chance of winning but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost. If they play like they did last week( which I don't think they will) they have a high chance of losing
  8. I voted super bowl hangover because while I think this team is mentally strong, the expectations are gonna be super high this year. And I'm afraid that will wear on them and maybe cause them to make some mistakes
  9. Yea I've never gotten charged either. You just have to make sure you cancel in time
  10. I'm definitely going to see them play the jets though!! It's a few hour drive but it's the closest they will be besides foxboro
  11. Nope. I live a little over an hour away, but last time I went to that stadium a few years ago, the fans are soooo obnoxious and ignorant that it ruins the game. I've been to a bunch of different stadiums, and I always have fun with the opposing fans, or at least can be civil with them, but those fans were just downright rude and obnoxious
  12. Rb's aren't worth 12 mil a year but when Bell signs his tag he will be highest paid this year
  13. Yea what would be the point of cutting him now? You never know what the team will look like in week 11 or 12 or whenever they activate him
  14. This opens up a roster spot right? Or is he still technically on the roster because he's injured?