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  1. Neither one. The team will probably go 7-9 and miss the playoffs by 1 game. And end up drafting 18th
  2. Completely untrue. I’m a Matt Ryan fan but wanted Quinn gone last year. Ryan needs an OC that build the offense to its strength. An OC that can scheme Julio and Ridley open. An OC that uses Gurley out of the backfield.
  3. My guess is that those above him are our upcoming schedule and think they have a bunch of winnable games coming up. They would prefer to have their head coach in place and try to run up some wins and get back in the playoff race. I don’t see that happening but it’s my guess as to why Quinn is still employed
  4. Let’s hope Blank sees the same thing, and realizes that this team is not playing for Quinn, and fires him after the game.
  5. i find it really hard to believe that some fans think matt ryan is a problem on this team. he may not have the strongest arm in the world, but he is a darn good qb and the least of their problems.
  6. Not a chance!! He has to go with the rest of them. The defense is giving up too many points and yards! He has been just as ineffective as Quinn
  7. Same. The offense was sputtering. The defense was playing well but getting tired.
  8. We don’t need a QB. Not even close. If the Falcons do end up with the #1 pick they should trade it away and build a competent defense. Some QB needy team will pay a kings ransom for that pick. But the Falcons would probably screw that up too
  9. Maybe he’s finally as fed up with DQ’s BS as we are!
  10. Exactly my thoughts. Not 1 coach reminded them that the cowboys have to wait. They saw how he was just laying it there. Bad coaching all the way
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