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  1. now that it has been spelled out (again) that every player on the offense sucks, there's only one thing left to say: it's petrino's fault. if they had hired a real nfl coach (like bill cowher) instead of a college coach, we wouldn't be losing. that much is obvious from reading this article.
  2. fan -*******-tastic!!!!! i haven't know what to do the last few years. too many good vibes floating around. now we can get back to being real falcons fans. calling for the coaches head. demanding the backup qb start, and sticking it to him when he blows. second guessing every decision by everyone (why weren't they drinking red gatorade instead of green?) calling out the owner. monday morning quarterbacking all week long. ######ing, moaning, & complaining. ahh, the glory of being a true falcons fan. don't tell me you don't love it. the satisfaction of saying "i told you so" (even if you
  3. there was a mention of the golf channel as being a niche channel. the explination to that is simple. golf has never gotten good ratings, yet even network tv carries it. why? the average income of people that do watch golf is really high, so there are plenty of advertisers lining up to sponser golf. the golf channel has enough advertisers that it doesn't need to charge a lot to cable companies. i can't see that the nfl network can justify charging as much as cnn. cnn is one of the most watched cable channels. other than the football games themselves, i can't see there is a huge market for 24 ho
  4. nfl, cable bickering pre-empts cowboys by the editorial board | monday, november 19, 2007, 02:51 pm when it comes to the increasingly nasty fight between the national football league and the cable television companies, it s hard to know which should be the winner. but it s easy to see who s the loser: millions of pro football fans. several years ago, the team owners established the nfl network to broadcast key games in the last half of the season. this year s first game is thursday, thanksgiving day, when the indianapolis colts play the atlanta falcons. half the country won t be able to tune
  5. joey = best chance not to lose. lefty = best chance to win. the difference may seem subtle to some, but not if you're a competitor. joey is the classic backup qb. a non risk-taker. he'll play it safe to ensure he isn't going to make a mistake and dig you into a hole. the other side of that coin is he won't do anything to lift you chances of winning. joey will get you a lot of "moral victories". you still lose the game, but you don't lose too badly. playing joey the rest of the year means at best we finish with 1 more victory (max) and 5 "moral victories" (loses). lefty is the boom/bust qb
  6. their early stuff is always crazy. i have noticed that the closer they come to draft day, the more accurate they become. look at their april rankings the day after draft day, and you'll that a lot of the stuff that look crazy in april turned out to be pretty accurate. once they have had time to dig into things, they seem to come closer to the way actual nfl scouts are thinking come draft day that most others. this time of year though, they are all over the place in their rankings. their individual profiles seem to be pretty good this early though.
  7. i'm not prone to conspiracy theories, but there seems to be a more than just the usual stuff. there have been several "i heard on the radio" rumors (petrino won't let players talk, petrino talking to college teams) that never seem to get confirmed anywhere else. the local paper seems intent on twisting any story to produce maximum controversy (mckay "hiding", clubhouse unrest) or manipulating situations to produce controversy (running from petrino to harrington and altering what petrino said to produce a qb controversy.) every time we start to get moving in the right direction, something comes
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