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  1. I love the guy, even if he's always injured. Resign him by a one year contract and let's see if he can stay healty. In any case draft a speedy back as a possible replacement to use him the way we'd use Norwood.
  2. First of all i'm sorry if i'll make some mistakes, but i write from Italy and my written english is not perfect.. I'm a falcons fan since 1990 (when i was 14), and i'll remember this like one of the best season since i started to follow our beloved team. So, even if i know there's a big amount of frustration among fans for the brutal way the falcons season ended, i really don't understand why, reading all the "post Packers game topics", about 90% of the fan have a perception of a dismantled team... I read a lot of "we have to change this, that, let's trade Turner, let's fire BVG, let Mularkey
  3. I think we'll win, but not so easily... Falcons, 24-17. Norwood will score on kickoff return to open the game...
  4. It didn't arrived? I was pretty sure to have sent it.... Check better.....
  5. First one: i was not talking about this year or the next one, so your comment is inappropriate. Second one: i said him OR SOMEONE ELSE, so please read before announcing people don't know about the game. And sorry if all of us are behind you, our GOD!
  6. Noriaki or someone else, anyone but Jennings, please!! I can't understand why coaches are giving him such many opportunities, due to the fact that since he took the job he handle it so poorly.... I'm Italian, and superstitious, so every time i see him waiting for the ball i have to touch my balls (this is an Italian way to pput away misfortunes...) 'cause i'm warried about what he can (or can't) do touching the ball. CUT ADAM JENNINGS, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree giving the japanese man his opportunity, he can't be worse than Jennings, whatever he'll do....
  7. Ah Ah Ah... Fianlly someone who can understand me.... Here in Europe (and in Italy specificly) people is mad about soccer and nothing else. I'm really frustrated i can't talk with many people about football, we have to found each other trough forums and similars... However, nice to meet you 14Falcons!
  8. I consider myself a newbie, considering i registered some month ago but this is my first post. I live in Italy, and follow the NFL and the Falcons sInce i was a child. Very tough years those before internet, because i had very few ways to follow by beloved team, but now it's clearly easier thanks to internet. I wish to say hallo to all of you Falcons! I was twice in the U.S.A. during my life, but i couldn't come to Atlanta, so even if i attended a couple of NFL games my best dream remains to be able to join a Falcon game in THE DOME, and sooner or later i guarantee this will happen. Bye all
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