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  1. Just like with Ryan and his stats, almost anyone can throw for 400 plus when your playing from far behind. Defense plays soft and allows the easy underneath completions. Just look at how many completions and yards Hooper has after we are way down. It would be nice to see what some of our players could do if the game was on the line.
  2. How do we attract the best candidate considering our salary cap situation? I say if we can afford to pay players like Beasley $13 million a year to do nothing, Blank should throw a ridiculous amount of money at their top choice. Coaches don’t count against the cap and finding the right one is more important than anything right now.
  3. It’s that time of the game when we have to throw every down against a soft defense and Matt Ryan can put up some great numbers in another lose !!!!!
  4. Hope Blank takes notice. You can’t charge ridiculous ticket prices and put that team on the field. I went to the Titian’s game and after that and the butt kickin we took at Houston, I cancelled my hotel reservations for next week. See ya next year
  5. He doesn’t make plays and seems like he’s scared of contact. Larkin from the preseason would be giving more to the team.
  6. Anyone we play can make their punter inactive. Worst defense I’ve seen in 40 plus years as a Falcons fan.
  7. That’s how many we had for the Titans game. Wait til the Rams come to Atlanta following a Falcons loss to the Cardinals. It’s possible the Rams fans might out number us. Maybe that will wake MR. Blank up
  8. Texans first drive of 3rd quarter. Beasley and another Falcon jump offsides giving them a free play. Instead of continuing to play, Beasley just stands at the line of scrimmage and then gives a weak little hop as Watson throws a 35 yard strike to yet another wide open receiver. His effort sums up the whole season.
  9. Especially on defense, but really on both sides of the ball. Season over a week into October.
  10. I usually go to a couple of games a year because I’m 6 hours away. I won’t be making another one this year after what I just witnessed. Been a fan for 40 years and I can’t remember a team this unprepared and poorly coached. Looks like I’m going to have to live through another house cleaning and rebuild.
  11. Which team looks like they suffered the most from reading all their press clippings and came into this season way over confident. Too close to call.
  12. He’s all about the ball and the brotherhood. Needs to spend less time thinking up catch phrases. And more time figuring out how to stop a back up QB missing his #1 WR.
  13. No way Blank gives this staff another chance after paying out all those high contracts
  14. Team not prepare at all against Minnesota and now against Indy.
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