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  1. The one thing that might keep them from scoring that high is they won’t need to. I don’t see our offense scoring much against their defense.
  2. I love the Falcons, but after watching today I think we better prepare for an all time beat down Sunday. Hope I’m wrong.
  3. Great year but I think that’s the first real pressure kick he’s had and he missed it.
  4. I know the blocking is below average but it seems like every game, after the defense gets to Ryan a couple of times, our offense is done.
  5. Dan Quinn in ESPN pregame just said they need to be all about the ball. You gotta hand it to him, he sticks to the same crap, even the slogans, even if it hasn’t worked for years.
  6. I try to travel to Atlanta a couple times a year for games. Went early last year but thanks to a 1-7 start, I didn’t go back. Now this year I won’t have to go at all. Thanks Arthur, maybe you can make up the difference on PSL’s
  7. Cowboys played without both offensive tackles and 2 linebackers and still found a way to win. Out coached as usual.
  8. Said it last week, he makes me miss Mike Smith. Get ready for the coming rebuild.
  9. A couple more games like the one I watched Sunday, and they won’t have to limit the amount of fans in Atlanta. The stadium will be as empty as last season.
  10. Towards the end of Mike Smiths time here, I didn’t think he could get us over the hump and I wanted the Falcons to make a change. Now we’ve got a coaching staff and front office that I don’t believe can get us to a winning record.
  11. Just like with Ryan and his stats, almost anyone can throw for 400 plus when your playing from far behind. Defense plays soft and allows the easy underneath completions. Just look at how many completions and yards Hooper has after we are way down. It would be nice to see what some of our players could do if the game was on the line.
  12. How do we attract the best candidate considering our salary cap situation? I say if we can afford to pay players like Beasley $13 million a year to do nothing, Blank should throw a ridiculous amount of money at their top choice. Coaches don’t count against the cap and finding the right one is more important than anything right now.
  13. It’s that time of the game when we have to throw every down against a soft defense and Matt Ryan can put up some great numbers in another lose !!!!!
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