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  1. Thanks for posting. Good to see that they are finding ways to stay focused on getting better even in these horrible times.
  2. Happy Birthday Zeke! Never Forget - The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men! The Path = Through Atlanta all the way to Tampa in Feb. 2021 Falcons = Righteous, Man! Selfish - Patriots Evil Men - Saints (Satan) Time to lay some Vengeance down! Rise Up!
  3. ya_boi_j - You ARE the father!
  4. Norman was my hero in high school. I perspired to be just like him. His brother Albert was a nobody who took credit for Norm's ideas!
  5. No flaming. You are correct in saying it is a complete turn around. The problem is you end up in the same place you started. If you are trying to change your path - you don't want to end up going the same way. For someone to go from one extreme to the other, then they'd make a 180 degree turn - which takes them in a completely different direction.
  6. OMG - That baby girl of yours looks just like you did when you were little!
  7. Lucky girl - and lucky you!
  8. She’s gorgeous! Looks like a ham!
  9. So adorable! Mine: This picture was taken after my husband was sick, but before he was unable to get around on his feet. And this is Daddy as a pup
  10. Your puppy looks a bit like my puppies Daddy Baby boy - at 11 months
  11. First - your work is beautiful - very professional and you obviously have a great eye! As for the original - it was bad, admittedly. I have thousands of pictures over the years in a big container that I always planned to scan in digitally. This was the time I needed to do it - but these pics were in a soft cover album at the bottom of the pile and were really bent and messed up. I had to send him other pictures to help him define the mouth. What I don't like is it makes him look like it has some kind of lip liner on. I asked him if he could smooth it out and make it look more uniform and natural - but he said that's the best he could do. Other than that - he did a good job. Do you think anything could be done to make his lips look more natural? I have other pictures with his lips showing - but honestly - I just want it not to look like he has on lipstick.
  12. Since we are talking about pictures - I wanted to see if someone can help me find a company that does restorations. So, I've been working on a celebration of life video for my husband. We had to put off the celebration because of Covid-19, but I've spent a lot of time scanning in pictures from our old boxes. I ran across some from our honeymoon - and there is one of Nito I sent to have restored because there was a terrible crease across his lips. The guy sends back the picture with these horrible lips - does anyone know of a good reputable company who might be able to fix this? It's one of my favorites. This guy did a horrible job. There are lines and creases that he didn't fix. I'd love to get it fixed if I can.
  13. LOL, she's a cutie patootie! My granddaughter and my hubby used to go back and forth about noses. He called her Karl Malden and she called him Jimmy Durante. But they both looked good to me!
  14. Well to be fair - the room is pretty much mine and always was. I gave him a very small part of it for his 49ers when he was a fan, but he definitely ended up a true Falcon fan - it just took me more than 30 years to get him there (lol). But, he always loved the room even after I slowly un-49er'ed any part of it and for the last 10 - 15 years - he was truly Falcon-ized.
  15. You are right. Unless you've been through it - you can't grasp the depth or the isolation you feel. Even when the world around you is going on as normal, you find yourself stuck in this warped reality which can switch from smiling at something your grandchildren do to gut wrenching sobs in the blink of an eye. I've been through painful loss and grief before, but this is something I don't even know how to describe. I do go to a spouse only grief counseling group - and it helps to know I'm not really going insane, I'm just grieving. Just, lol. So for my pic - I think I'll share one of my husband - in his new spot in the Falcon room. Right next to the window he loved to look out. My great granddaughters pick him flowers every day (the little yellow field clover in the left corner) and I have one of his favorite caps on it. I was a little hesitant to share it, I know not everyone can quite understand - but I feel happy having him there - and I think he'd like it.
  16. I'm still here. I lost the love of my life last year on July 1. I'm learning to live my new reality, taking it one day at a time. Some days are better than others and some, I just get through and work on the next one. I have a strong support system, my kids, grandkids and extended family and my friends have all been here during this time. I am still a Falcon fan and if the fans are able to go to the games this year and it's safe enough, I'll try to go to the games this year alone or with my kids/grandkids.
  17. This makes me so sad. My first live game, I was in such awe - and Zook, who was already one of my favorite players, was one of the few who gave me an autograph - and I've never forgotten it - he was one of the really good guys and a great player! Rest in peace Zook!
  18. If I had judged my husband without getting to know him and decided we wouldn’t stand a chance because we came from different worlds just because he was darker than me, I would never have met the best person I ever knew in my life or had the most amazing children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, not to mention The most wonderful extended family any one person could ever have. I thank God every day for making me without that odd pre-judging nature. I don’t know why he did and I don’t care, because it has given me a life filled with love and wonder and support. I never regretted a day of my life since then and I truly wonder how many people can say that. I have always wondered how many wonderful people have failed to find connections that bring meaning and happiness into their life because they were afraid of, judgmental without reason, or filled with an unjust bias against others who look different than they? The thought makes me sadder than angry. But, when they strike out at someone or slight them or treat them unfairly or cause harm, it makes me angrier than sad. No one has the right to bully. I always taught my kids and grandkids to speak up when they see or hear injustice and to remember - the shame and loss is on them, not you.
  19. Thank you, @FalconFanSince1970 Stay safe and strong my friend, I love you.
  20. Then you are wrong. So wrong. Yes, the looting and thieving and destruction is wrong, but that's not coming from the protesters. It, just like arguing about the flag, is just another distraction to take the focus off what the real problem is. I'm a white woman. I don't pretend to understand what a person of color feels. I do know that I have experienced it on a very small scale because of my immediate family, a family that I would die for and that I stand up for every day and that I have seen the slights, the wrongs and the incredible judgements given to for no other reason than the color of their skin. I've been led to the back of restaurants where I went for dinner with my husband, not because we were dressed poorly, but because we weren't "matched". I have always stood up for them, and feared for them and been so angry I've shaken for days for them, but I don't pretend to be able to put myself in their shoes because I can't truly understand the horrors they've endured. But I listen and I love them for who they are and I know to judge people after I get to know them - not when I meet them. And I know - that this matters. It matters a lot. It matters more than you or I could really deeply understand. Your statement about pity party and BLM shows you can't understand yet. You need to let your walls down some - try to get beyond the I know black people who are my friends so I have to understand attitude - it's not the truth. The truth is that statement is part of the problem - not the solution. You can't know the pain or anger you cause other people with that one comment because you can't understand what they not only experienced once in a while, but almost every day of their life in some form - and even when they've climbed out of it, rose above it - they know that there is always that chance that it can go wrong quickly. Just imagine how that must feel to be that ingrained in your life everyday. Think before you speak. Think hard - think honestly. Back off the immediate response because you don't know , you can't.
  21. I responded to his request and shared it on Facebook with my own feelings. This is a terrible time for all.
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