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  1. I resemble that remark!
  2. The call to Julio was an audible - give that credit to Ryan but Julio and Matthews deserve a great big portion of unsung hero for that play too!
  3. The talent level between the top teams and the bottom teams in the NFL isn't as big as it seems. That's why a kicker, disregarded by too many, is a key piece of a successful team. We've definitely lost games in the past based on a kick - and won games the same way. Having confidence in your kicker allows the plays to be called the way the OC feels will win the game. Having no confidence changes the plays to try to alleviate depending on the kicker. Taking more risks which pay or make you pay in the W or L column. Reliable Kickers are needed - and confidence in them by the rest of the team is also needed to win games in the NFL.
  4. Once a kicker loses his confidence - it's extremely difficult to get them back on track. They can lose a season for you in a heartbeat. I think they better do a lot of evaluating.
  5. Yeah, uhm - she's not answering the phone. Word is - she's in the back room with candles, pins, and a little doll wearing a number 4 Falcons jersey. That's what I heard
  6. Yeah, I'm taking it one day at a time - staying busy for as much of the time as I can and then trying to sleep the rest of the time.
  7. I will be posting tickets for sale from my season tickets throughout the year depending on when I am emotionally and mentally able to start attending again. I'll update the file by game. I gave the Washington preseason game to my granddaughter - but she may or may not be ready as well -so we'll see as it gets closer. Here is the link
  8. No problem. Unfortunately, it always happens that way with my family. i find out the day of - and I hate just seeing them waste.
  9. I just found out my granddaughter is not going Trying to reach her to see if she could transfer them to someone else if I find someone to go. If you are still interested and I can get in touch with her in time - would you still like the tickets? If so - pm me your email address so I can give her the information for sending.
  10. Oh No you Didn’to
  11. PICTURES IN NEXT POST I'm not sure if I will be able to attend any games this year. I'm dealing with a terrible loss and this was something my husband and I did together for so many years. I thought about selling my season tickets, but then I decided to give myself time and not make a rash decision. For now - I will list the tickets as they come up with the price. I'll keep this thread open and update it with the tickets I know I'm not going to attend and then work my way through the season until I'm prepared to try a game without him. If you are interested in any tickets I list - please pm me. I didn't buy parking this year, so that's not included. I'll accept Paypal, Cash App or Zelle for payment and will transfer the tickets upon receipt. I'll start with the first home preseason game. I gave the second one to my granddaughter and I will wait a bit before starting with the regular season games. Feel free to pm me with realistic offers. The seats by the way - are amazing. Section 104 - easy access in and out of the stadium - the doors are right up the steps. The seats state they are on row 10 - but there are only 4 rows in front of them. 2 seats over from the aisle. Falcons Vs Jets - Thursday, August 15, 2019 7:30 pm - SOLD! Falcons Vs Titans - Sunday, September 29, 2019 1:00 pm - SOLD! more to come.... Most likely the Rams will be the next ones listed. Unless I am ready to try to attend.
  12. What kind of exchange were you looking for on tickets?
  13. I just sent you another pm - let me know if you got it
  14. A little over a year ago, right before Nito was diagnosed, we got 2 german shepherds and brought them home. Julio and Deion - the Jones Boys, we called them. The Kings of O and D! Here's Nito back in May of last year with the puppies - followed by pictures of them on their 1st birthday. Deion Julio
  15. 2 seats, located where the circles are in section 104 - see the photos above.
  16. My favorite Alford heart moment was the flop when Rodgers bumped him - lol! Classic moment!
  17. He's fine. He had the procedure done at Shands years ago - and he's not had a problem since. He still sees a heart doctor - but no problems.
  18. My son has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and had Cardiac Ablation to close off the extra path.
  19. Sorry, but I have to go with Shanahan. I loved his play calling and style. He brought out the very best in every player on the offense. The offense was fun to watch and I never felt like we were going to lose the game. Loved him. You can blame the Super Bowl loss on him, but truth is, that's how he played - he never quit trying to score - and I love that about him. I honestly believe that if the defense wasn't so gassed, Alex Mack's leg wasn't giving out on him, we hadn't lost Schraeder and Coleman - that series with the amazing throw/catch to Julio would have ended very differently. If there is one thing I like about Koetter, it's how he gives Ryan more say at the line. Shanahan, genius and all, was very obstinate about only doing things his way.
  20. I think Foxworth still has a little chip on his shoulder regarding Atlanta.