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  1. Oh wow! This is terrible. Rest in Peace, Coach. Prayers for his family during this very difficult time.
  2. If you click on the lot you are interested in - it will tell you if it's available to tailgate. Here's a list of all the parking lots and a little description about each - including tailgating. Not all will be available when you go to select - but you can do your homework ahead of time. Lot info
  3. Kenny is everywhere - that's the truth. If you see anything going on with the Falcons anywhere on the field - he's there. I think he's cloned himself.
  4. For the record, Mack was playing on a broken (fractured) leg. We lost Schraeder and Tevin Coleman - and they were out of rhythm to boot because of the extended sideline time. However, if the holding call had been properly offset with the missed facemask on Sanu that play - which was terribly obvious, we at least can try to pick up those few yards. At that point, if the play was nullified we are at a 53 yard field goal - definitely in Matt Bryant's range - but with another opportunity to move the ball a few yards forward. There were so many reasons that we lost that game - and it's difficult to pin it on one play call.
  5. I loved SNL back in the day. Never missed it. It's not the same anymore.
  6. Yeah, it just kills me how they do this over and over. Like - Oh I'm sorry if this has been asked, I had technical difficulties getting on - or I was late joining. BS! They just want to ask the same lame, tired questions that take up the bulk of the interview, leaving us with so many unanswered good questions about those things that actually are going on with the Falcons. It's always this way. Sad, lazy and unprofessional in my mind. All they want is some juicy tidbit they can twist into a storyline to cause more dissention in the team and the fans - and give them more gossip and crap to write about in the process.
  7. He has unbelievable talent. With Arthur Smith and his experience using TE in the game - this guy has no limit
  8. That would be fantastic! That leaves some room for a quality defensive player.
  9. I think the draft class could be signed for around 13 - 13.5 this year. That may leave enough for 1 or 2 signings depending on structure.
  10. Wouldn't mind this. As for Julio - good luck young man - I have a lot of memories to thank you for - and I wish you luck except when you play us. But now - it's time to bring some defense in!
  11. Justin Houston is a beast. He's getting up there in age, but still playing at a high level. I wonder what type of cap hit it would take to bring him in?
  12. I'll cheer for the Falcons all the time - and I'll cheer for Julio if his new team is playing the Saints, Bucs or Panthers.
  13. Keep in mind that a lot of stars and records are kept on a per game average. That’s because not only have the number of games per season changed more than once, but there are missed games due to injury, shortened seasons, etc.
  14. I wanted to laugh at this - but it made me too sad
  15. lol, is that like - He who shall not be named? Man, this whole situation sucks though!
  16. 2 of my favorite plays ever. I was a fan from the beginning - but I loved Andrews - he was so great! Ronnie Lott stopped looking for his finger and started looking for his head after that hit!
  17. Most of us do. Funny, a guy here at work came in and I said - Hey - looks like we are playing you in the opener (he's a "diehard?" Eagles fan) - and he said .... I'm not an Eagles fan anymore - they got rid of everybody who was any good over there - and they all went to the Indianapolis Colts -including coaches, and everyone. So now - I'm a Colts fan. Perfect timing, huh? I just laughed.
  18. Very true. Emotional issues bring about uncivilized conversation - and sometimes it seems more like Jerry Springer than a football forum. As for Julio- I'll be sad, terribly sad if they trade him, just as I was when any players I really loved to watch retired or moved on - but I'll accept the decision and hope that it makes the team better in some way - and can help us get a championship. I'll always remember my favorite Julio moments, and I'll cringe anytime we are going to play the team that got him. But, I'll still be a Falcon fan - and that's really the bottom line for me.
  19. Remember back in '07 and quite a while forward - the main page became so cluttered with Michael Vick arguments - that they created a whole new board dedicated to Vick talk. What did it cause? Countless and continuous attempts to "sneak" the conversation back to the main board - and/or complaints and crying about why Vick couldn't be discussed on the "Falcons" board since he was a Falcon. It was actually amusing to see the creativity of our users though. They came up with amazing ways to bring it back to TATF.
  20. In no particular order - my top 10 Jessie Tuggle, Claude Humphrey, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, William Andrews, Van Note, Deion Sanders, John Abraham, Mike Kenn, Nobis Honorable Mention - hard to not include - Michael Turner, Bart, Vick, Jam, Riggs, Scott Case, Rod Coleman, Kearney, Mud-Duck, Todd Weiner, Andre Rison - and hey guys - we've really had some great players - unfortunately, many were on poor teams.
  21. I'm with you - but I think if anyone can do it - Pees can. One thing that gives me hope is that we've seen them shine. They've played games against great offenses and looked like a top 3 defense. There is plenty of talent there if someone can utilize them correctly and out coach the other team.
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