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  1. LOL - Our side! Just sharing a little history. Plenty to dis Saints fans for - even without this. .
  2. I think Matt Ryan is a great quarterback. I think Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. I think Tom Brady, Drew Brees and some others are great quarterbacks. Doesn't matter if one is considered greater than the other - it only matters that the quarterback is right for the system they are in - and gets the job done to keep them competitive every year and in contention for a playoff spot. No quarterback (except maybe Brady) is going to be great every year and be able to do enough to overcome other team weaknesses, but if he's good enough to keep you in contention - and if you have the opportunity to get into the playoffs - where the team can try to win the Lombardi - then that's a ****ed good quarterback.
  3. You don't have to. Still - better safe than sorry.
  4. And that was only because of the dreaded announcer jinx
  5. You should consider doing some research on the current software - there is a link at the bottom of the forum. I'm sure you can review the features and options. Then once you are equipped with the information - use the contact us at the bottom of the page and forward it to them with the suggestion. You might consider a poll on this site to see how many of the current posters would like to see that change. Keep it a private poll - not public and people are more apt to be honest and not go with the popular vote. Here is the link if you don't want to go to the one at the bottom of the page: https://invisioncommunity.com/ Here is the contact information for the same reason: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/contact/
  6. Every state has history. Before we cast stones, remember that Georgia was created as penal colony for debtors. 5d. Debtors in Georgia The city of Savannah, once a part of Oglethorpe's utopian design, makes its beginnings in 1734. The development of Georgia was unlike all the other British colonies. First of all, it was the last to be created. Georgia was founded in 1733, 126 years after Jamestown was successfully planted. England and Europe as a whole were in the midst of an intellectual revolution known as the ENLIGHTENMENT. Enlightened thinkers championed the causes of liberty and progress. Many believed in the innate goodness of human beings. They asserted that even the worst elements of society might prosper if given the right set of circumstances. JAMES OGLETHORPE was such a thinker. He and a group of charitable investors asked KING GEORGE for permission to create a utopian experiment for English citizens imprisoned for debt. England's prison population could be decreased, and thousands of individuals could be given a new chance at life. With these lofty goals, Georgia was created. King George was not terribly concerned with the plight of the English debtor. His advisers pointed out that such a colony in Georgia might provide defense for the South Carolina rice plantations from Spanish Florida. He gave his assent to a charter and Oglethorpe acted.
  7. You should add this kind of request to the suggestion box forum - users here can't really help with that - but if it's a good suggestion, perhaps the administrators can.
  8. Nice setup for sure! Yeah I try to go to that away game every year since way back to Tulane stadium - including the nightmare game when it reopened after Katrina. I've missed a few, including this year, but I've been to a lot of games there over the years.
  9. Yeah, I'm actually pretty familiar with your stadium and never had a problem. For that matter, I never had a problem at the Dome either. I don't think they thought the exit design through for a full quarter of the Benz. Fortunately where we are now we walk straight out, take the elevator down, cross the street and we are at our parking lot. Not bad at all.
  10. On my original psl tickets, for me, yes. At a price of $14k for the 4 tickets, at 8.5% per annum over 10 years, it made sense for me to pay it off. I expected to keep those seats until we went through the first season and realized there are no exits on that side of the stadium. Leaving the games was too much stress so I ended up selling those and buying on the other side. I hated that process, but eventually found great seats that fit my needs and in the end, even with the fees, my total expense for the 4 seats I have now was less than $6k, well under the face value for the 4 fully paid psl seats I have and I can concentrate on ST costs only.
  11. That is exactly how I got the tickets in 104 so low. The deadline was coming for season tickets and the owner moved out of town. I had those tickets in my watch list, but they were higher than I wanted to go. I got an email that the price dropped on those seats and made a low ball offer just to test the waters and he took it. I was thrilled. The ones in 350 were so low, I just couldn't pass it up. Worked out for me but I looked for a long time and made other offers which didn't work out before this became available. That and the fact that my 4 aisle seats together in 117 went for a good bit over my Original cost in just a couple of days made it work out in the end. Sometimes patience works. I spent some time waiting for the right deal.
  12. They will. I originally had 4 seats in 117 and wanted to move to the other side so we'd be closer to the exits. I ended up in 104 - row 10 (actual 4th row) - 2 seats from the aisle. Totally amazing seats. I only got 2 seats there - and the other 2 (which are for anyone who tags along) - we got in section 350. At the time of the purchase - I had already paid for my season tickets in 117 - and once I sold them - they gave me credit for that - towards the season tickets in 104. It worked out in the end - but yeah - that 10% is a *****. I also ended up paying for 3 transactions, but as for the PSL - I actually gained quite a bit in all the transactions - so now we are sitting in great seats - easy access to the exits - and my PSL cost was a lot less when you take the profit from my sale and the price I picked up the new seats for. Overall - I am happy with it now. Might end up dropping the 2 extras though.
  13. Julio is still the man! If you were the DC on the other side - there is no way you ignore JJ for CR! They are going to be quite the pair out there. Boldin and Fitz!