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  1. not sure but it has to be close.
  2. I wish I knew who to send it to - because I think that it would be the absolute perfect performance to open that stadium!
  3. The edited or unedited version?
  4. Best - Chargers and worst Colts
  5. I got one for you - this little girl sang this on America's Got Talent - 9 years old - from ATL! I think Arthur Blank should have her sing this at the opening game of the new stadium! This little girl almost died at the age of 4 until her mother gave her a kidney! She is the perfect girl with the perfect song for our Falcons!
  6. He's really good - and if he stays healthy - they are going to definitely get their money's worth from that young man. I really like him too, talented, good leader - tough as nails and oh yeah - did I mention talented.
  7. Not really - he had the endorsement deals - and there was a period during I think his second year - when he said that he wanted to do less endorsements and spend his time on the team. I believe if that's where he wanted to spend time - he could get the endorsement deals. Certainly there would be a lot more in pursuit of him if they win a Super Bowl - but he could certainly bring in a lot more than the average of 1 million he makes a year now. He's actually marketable if he chooses to pursue that avenue. There are many athletes, including quarterbacks who haven't won a Super Bowl - or who hadn't at the time, who are making a great deal of money from endorsements - but they also have to put in the time. He does quite a few charity deals in his off time though. Even so - I don't think it's really any of our business. These guys are entitled to receive the market value and it's the NFL teams who are setting these salaries - the more they pay - the more the market rises. If the Falcons feel it is in their best interest to pay the man and he and his family and agents feel it is the best thing for them - then so be it. It's up to the team to do exactly as you stated - understand the cap and the free agency period and draft well in preparation for those that won't fit. They will hold on to the key players and work with the rest of the positions as needed.
  8. Well Shoot - I didn't give you the link either, lol You should still check out #82 http://opendorse.com/blog/2016-highest-paid-athlete-endorsers/
  9. Well - here is a list of the top 100 highest paid athletes for endorsements Ryan is not on it. Durant, James, Wade, Bosh and Brady are. Even Julio is. Ryan could have been but he decided after year one it could wait. There are some which are required - like the team sponsors - but honestly - maybe he should reconsider. By the way - check out #82 on the list - had to laugh. Edit - here is the link
  10. I think they'll keep the key pieces. They're pretty good at that actually.
  11. I look at it this way - there is not a man on that team that wants that ring more than Ryan - he's paid to take the whole team down for pre-training in the off season. He's given up his own time to take extra training out in California. He wants that ring maybe as much as we do - and as a player achievement - he wants it probably as much or more than any player out there. For that reason alone - I have no problem with how he handles the finances with the Falcons. Blank wants that ring as much or more than any owner - they will make it happen.
  12. That's a little unfair. I'm by FAR not a Giants fan - and Odell is a brat - but the man has put up the numbers to back his hype. He's had over 1300 yards and double digit TDs all 3 years in the league and averaged 14.3 yds per reception. He's really, really really really good - and he's only been in the league 3 years - if he stays healthy - he will most likely get better. I hate all the hype - but he's not overrated.
  13. Question for you - of all the guys you named - how many have very lucrative ad deals which equals or exceeds their salary and as for Brady - come 'on - they just did a thing about their net worth (the Brady's) - 540 million NET - so it's not the same. Matt said some time ago he would forego the unexpected advertising to concentrate on the game. Maybe he should rethink that and spend more time advertising so he can give up some cash for the team.
  14. OK - because I'm proud of it - it's my first hype video ever - and even if we didn't finish - they weren't afraid - and I'm not afraid going forward - my Birds for life!