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  1. I've seen a lot of memes for this moment - and maybe this one has already been posted - but I just saw it on Facebook and laughed til I had tears. Had to share. Sorry if it's already been shared.
  2. This is it for me. I don't do too many mock drafts - usually just one. However, the players that I get are the players that have caught my eye during the season. I do watch the Senior Bowl and the North-South Shrine game - which usually gets me looking at a couple more. I'm generally only looking at positions of need unless somebody has just swept me off my feet. The problem is - I get really pissed when someone takes them before us. I really wanted Vince Wilfork, Hakim Nicks, Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, BJ Raji and a ton of others. Some worked out in the NFL - some didn't. I remember holding my breath for every pick hoping Maurkice Pouncey was going to fall to us - and then the Steelers jumped in front of us and grabbed him. I was mad for months, lol! Once I've got my eye locked on the ones I like - I read, watch and listen for everything I can find on them. I also come here though - and look at the mock draft you guys do - and see if there is anyone I want to covet in my own mock
  3. Actually, the credit doesn't really go to Brady as much as it does Kraft and Bill. They low ball or cut their players. No matter how good or how important - unless it's a lineman. What they did was get creative with him - as they always do. Instead of paying him, they "use" his company and funnel money to him that way. As of the beginning of the year, Brady has earned $835,000 per start and 1.07 million for each win. He has earned 39.2 million from the Patriots in salary for each Lombardi. Further, he has earned 197,166,804 total from his NFL career so far. That's pretty good over 17 years. That's 11,598,047 per year average. Throw in endorsements currently estimated at 8 million per year, Current estimates put his overall net worth, courtesy of his playing wages and lucrative sponsorship deals with Under Armour and Ugg among others, at about $180million. Of course, his wife still has him beat with an estimated net worth of $380 million. Bottom line - it's on the Team, not the player. The Patriots know how to side step the rules and still get away with it. Now, the Boston Globe is reporting that one of the TB12 Sports Therapy Center's clients is the New England Patriots. That last point there is potentially sticky. The Globe report states that the Patriots pay the center's market rate of $200 per hour to treat players while other physical therapy companies pay large sums of money to sponsor teams like the Eagles and Bears. The Patriots' payment for services could potentially be viewed as providing Brady with "additional value" outside his contract, which is not allowed under the collective bargaining agreement. Quoting directly from the report: However, the NFL has not raised any concerns about the arrangement. The league provided the Globe with the following statement: “We are aware of the arrangement and have not determined that there is any violation of the CBA.’’ The NFLPA also told the Globe that the arrangement between the Patriots and TB12 has no salary cap implications.
  4. I drive up too. I think if the Falcons start rolling this year with the SB being held in MBS, you will see it again. Can you imagine if we win our first Lombardi and get to watch them hoist it in our house? Win and they will come, PSL's be ****ed! Oh just in case:
  5. Not bad. I am still trying to sell my extra family/friend seats so I can buy upper level. If they sell before you sell yours, I will pm you and we can discuss
  6. i hate this new system too, but if you work out a transfer with someone you can do a straight transfer for much less using the transfer option instead of sale option and handle the money transaction between you two
  7. where are the aisle seats you have up?
  8. I don't think it would have mattered. McDaniels has been a head coach before - and Shanahan hasn't. It wasn't just about the guaranteed millions he's getting.
  9. That's the "Kick their *** royally" part.
  10. Oh and don't forget to include all the memes about the missed tackle!
  11. Meh, big deal. Next year, when they come to our house - play that last 10 seconds in Minnesota over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over on the big screen. Give a few choke signs back to the coach, Kick their *** royally and send 'em home. Mission accomplished.
  12. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl for the Falcons? I must have missed that. Oh - and you might be a little upset - but Buddy has proven himself and I've never heard him make excuses. Oh and he will get paid even if you don't like it.
  13. If you don't stop at the restroom (if you do add 20 minutes) - about 20 -30 minutes. Let me add though - that I had seats in approximately the same location in the Dome - and it took me 15 minutes or less to get out the door. Here - it takes 25 - 35 minutes.
  14. Julio had 7 and Sanu had 6 - those were the top 2 on the Falcons. I don't know how many practices they missed though.