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  1. Are you trying to say that Wilson doesn't have a great defense? Really? I mean - they have injuries right now - but 98% of his playing career - he's had one of the top defenses in the league.
  2. I agree. He really brought a 'SPARK' to the team. I loved his enthusiasm and effort on the field. He made mistakes - but he played with fire.
  3. That's awesome news! Congratulations to the Ryan family! Doubly Blessed! Now Ryan - go get that Lombardi to celebrate!
  4. Let it GROW! Love this guy - and so does Quinn - he's going nowhere!
  5. Yep - he's got those hammer genes!
  6. Pretty cool stat considering they are not in our Division. We've played 7 games against them with Ryan as the starter. His win percentage is 71.4% for those 7 games. I wonder who's got a better percentage or who is next. Think I'll go look it up - Trivia like that fascinates me for some unknown reason, lol!
  7. I loved DeCamillis. I think he was one of, if not the, best ST coach we ever had.
  8. Oddly - Ryan is 3-1 against Seattle in Seattle. He would likely be 4-0 if not for a blatant hold on Julio last year on 4th down. In fact - including playoffs - Ryan, as a starter is 5-2 against Seattle. Not bad.
  9. He did the right thing. If he throws the ball away - it stops the clock. If he runs out of bounds he stops the clock. Why would you want him to do either of those things? Seattle called a time out right after the play - taking away the last time out they had. He is a smart guy and if he takes a sack - there is usually some thought process behind it or he's just protecting the ball because of a straight line 200+ fast athlete who will do what he can to get it away from him. Ball protection and time management - definitely the right move.
  10. I really hate to say this - and I'm going to wash my mouth out when done - but we have the best QB play in our division and it isn't even close compared to other divisions True Dat!
  11. The Super Bowl they won - which side of the ball was primarily responsible for the win? That 2013 offense may have been the highest scoring offense ever. They were higher on the list of scoring offenses than the 2016 Falcons. That Dan Quinn defense held them to 8 points. They brutalized them all evening. They had 10 drives in the Super Bowl. Safety, Punt, Interception, Interception, Turn over on Downs, Punt, Fumble, Touchdown, Turn over on downs, Fumble. Dan Quinn is still learning to be a head coach. He's better than he was his first year. He took us to the Super Bowl in his second year - turned us completely around from a team that had been losing to a team with confidence, speed and above all - youth. With such a young team - discipline is one of the last things to happen. He makes some major mistakes. Sometimes I get frustrated that he doesn't throw a flag when I think he should or override his OC decisions more, but overall - he's turning this team around. He did not fire Shanahan - Shanahan left for a coaching position. He made sure the coach he brought in to replace him was willing to learn the offense that we had in place. That's a **** of a task. If you didn't expect some bumps along the way - especially in the beginning, then you were just naive about it. I think ST is our biggest issue right now - but injury has some part in that - and he did go out and make moves to try to improve the area. He's not perfect by any means - but he's the best coach we've had in a very long time - maybe the best coach we've ever had. This man WILL get us the Lombardi I believe. Be a little more patient. You are a Falcon fan - you must have some of that around or you wouldn't still be a Falcons fan. I said before the beginning of the year that I didn't think they'd get it together fast enough this year to get back to the Super Bowl. I think they will get back there though - probably next year. I hope he proves me wrong and hoists the Lombardi in Minnesota. Either way - he's forming a team that will get us there
  12. Possibly - but not sure he's the best. I remember he quit because he had cancer some years ago, right?
  13. O'Brien went to the Saints?
  14. Stupid call I agree. But, you can't say that it cost them the game - more that it cost them a chance to win the game. If they had made that field goal (IF) then they would have tied the game - still had to win it. Possible they could - but I think if we had gotten the ball first in OT - we would have scored based on the way they were playing..