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  1. This makes me want to cry. Why couldn't he have done that 2 years before when GB was in the SB? Why, Why, Why?
  2. It would be wonderful. Truthfully though, I’d just like to see them win a Super Bowl before I die or get too old to scream my freakin’ head off and turn cartwheels!
  3. He may not - but I wouldn't be upset if he finds one.
  4. Now, that is scary. Regardless of what is said, we still have some talent on the team. We build a run game and a defense - and we're set - but even with the terrible defense and pathetic run game - we still would have likely made the playoffs last year if not for the terrible coaching. Let's just let the onside kick roll til Dallas jumps on it, let's just score here and let Stafford take it back for the win, let's just use timeouts poorly and call plays that are long and drawn out so our QB can see the roof. Let's go for field goals when we need a TD or a 4th down when we're on our o
  5. I miss him so much. He could close a game out single handedly!
  6. Matt Ryan has been with the Falcons since 2008. He already is a long term asset for the Falcons.
  7. Cutler was a bit like Jeff George, talented and too full of himself. Leinart was a true bust.
  8. Luck was just injured too much after his first 3 years. Sad really.
  9. Go back to 2007 JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, 2006 Vince Young, 2005 Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, 2004 Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, J P Losman You have to go back to 2005 before hitting a QB other than Ryan - and you get Rodgers, then in 2004 - you have Roethlisberger. It's crazy.
  10. The sad part is that some of those guys only had good games when they played the Falcons.
  11. What's even crazier is that half of them (11 of 22) are no longer in the league. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/18/no-qbs-drafted-from-2009-16-are-set-to-be-with-team-that-drafted-them/ There were 22 quarterbacks drafted in the first round between the 2009 and 2016 seasons and all of them came with hopes that they’d lead their teams for years to come. Some of those players had extended runs with their original teams, but, as Field Yates of ESPN notes, none of them are expected to be with the team that drafted them when the 2021 season gets underway. Carson
  12. No problem. I just remembered the name because I loved that whiff more than anything. Now, I have to go find out more about him. He is a Falcon hero however!
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