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  1. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  2. I love the idea of BPA every round every year - except when we can't fill the holes with Vets. We have done well this year so far - edge rush, tight end and running back. Good start for the holes we have. I'm hoping we do get some defense in this draft, but as long as we get quality players we can start in the early rounds - I'm definitely ok with BPA! Question for you - who do you see at LG?
  3. Listen - Falcons fans all want this. Even those that want Ryan gone. They'd be thrilled like every other Falcon fan.
  4. I thought about that too. Should be interesting.
  5. My husband and I went the last time. We had a blast. Loved it all up until the last moment of the game. Still, the experience was great being the home team. There are extra events for the home team, like a river cruise with guest players and cheerleaders.
  6. They don't charge us for that game. Last year my 2 seats for all 10 games were $2500. This year, even with a very slight increase in price - the same 2 seats were $2290. Of course, it would cost me more than the $254 saved to fly over to see the game.
  7. Listening to the media and fans I guess How many times have you also heard we were leading 28-3 at half time and couldn’t score in the second half Scoring 25 points in the 4th quarter sounds better for Brady than scoring 19 points. Narrative.
  8. Not necessarily true - he clearly states yard per drive. The numbers I show is overall yards and overall points on each side. So, your chart is most likely accurate.
  9. Yes we did. Ranked 9th and in 2011, they ranked 12th. From PFR - our offense - defense rank (yards) by year then our offense-defense (points): (1st one reads - Offense ranked 6th in yards - defense ranked 24th, offense ranked 10th in points, defense ranked 11th) 6 - 24 (2008) 10-11 16-21 (2009) 13-14 16-16 (2010) 5-5 10-12 (2011) 7-18 8-24 (2012) 7-5 14-27 (2013) 20-27 8-32 (2014) 12-27 7-16 (2015) 21-14 2-25 (2016) 1-27 8-9 (2017) 15-10 6-28 (2018) 10-25
  10. I don't think this came from the fans at all. They are just looking at what they assume to be the case. I will bet if you asked a few years ago - Roddy would be at the top of the Saints list. He used to get into it with their fans all the time. If you asked them now - they'd probably pick Diggs or anyone in Vikings uniform!
  11. That is probably the truist post in this thread!
  12. Ridiculous - it's really so ridiculous.
  13. They are announcing the class this morning on GMF - but I've been working. Anyone heard anything about Nobis?