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  1. Half our defense, a few important pieces on offense, our most vital special teams player and maybe a decent fullback?
  2. While I agree with this, at the point the call was made, that 3rd down call point was moot.
  3. Yeah, he needs to come back and protect his Scoring record from Vinatieri!
  4. They almost absolutely would have. Now, normally, with 2 yards to go, you should be able to depend on your offense to convert. The odds for that conversion should be greater than the odds of your kicker hitting the field goal from 57 yards. Normally. But, considering that Matt "Money" Bryant was the kicker, the odds change. Throw in that we have attempted 5 4th down conversions this year and only converted 1 (20%), while our opponents have converted 4 of 4 (100%) the odds change further. Throw the new odds in to the mix of having 3 of our 4 losses this year come from our opponents last drive and he really made the only decision that made sense. You can't just go by the norm. You have to know your personnel on both sides and factor your experience in games to that point when determining your best play. I think he did - and I think he made the right decision. I honestly believe any other decision yields a loss and we are 1-5 instead of 2-4.
  5. And to you - and every other Falcon fan - I SALUTE YOU with this dream until it becomes reality! Look closely - and keep the faith!
  6. Playing around with that. If you then narrow the field to the first 10 years of the players career: Passes Completed - #1 Passing Yards - #1 Passing TD - #1 At least 48 games started (3 years to keep out all of those like Sanu - who throw once or twice and get a perfect rating) Pass Completion Percent - #4 Interception % - #4 Passer Rating - #5
  7. Seems fair - yes. But likely? ..... hmmmm
  8. Fans too - especially in the last 2 minutes of games Seriously though- hate that for him. He's a good guy - and did a lot for our franchise. Wish him the best in his future endeavors.
  9. They mentioned before the game yesterday that Ryan would pass Montana on career TD's if he threw 2 TD passes. He threw 3. So I decided to look up some other NFL all time leader rankings: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ryan: #15 all time passing yards 43,751 Next milestone moves him to #14 ahead of Drew Bledsoe (in league 14 years) - needs 860 yards (should get this year) #14 all time in total offense 42,898. He needs (Total offense = Rush Yards + Passing Yards - Yards Lost to Sacks) Needs 1459 total offense yards to move to #13 #5 all time in passing yards per game played. Needs to get 3.7 more average yards per game to move to #4 all time ahead of Peyton Manning #10 in all time career Passer Rating #7 in all time Career Pass Completion % Needs 0.2% better to get to #5 past Tony Romo and Peyton Manning who are currently tied at #5 - and 0.4% better to pass Kurt Warner and move to #4 Tied for #9 all time in Career Pass Interception%. If he can improve that by 0.1% - he'll move into the #5 all time spot. #15 all time Career Passes Completed - Needs 2 completions to move to #14, 53 completions to move to #13, 155 completions to move to #11 and 202 completions to move to #10 past Warren Moon. All of these are attainable this year if he stays healthy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Julio: #1 all time in career receiving yards per game with 96.6 yards per game ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Matt Bryant #21 all time in career extra points made - needs 3 more to move into the top 20 #13 all time in career Field goals made - needs 6 more to move to #12 past Nick Lowery #9 all time in career Field Goal % Needs to improve 0.1% to move to #8 all time.
  10. Actually - it's the run game. Look at the passing stats. Then look at the rushing stats. Missing Freeman is taking a toll on us.
  11. I'd like to see more PPG from the offense - but with the run game struggling - that's probably not going to happen. Let's hope the run game picks up some - if it does - then we will see an even bigger margin and more victories.
  12. But honestly - it was that way at the Dome too. People stayed at the tailgating then. A whole lot of people didn't get in til the end of the 1st quarter
  13. Overall: ----------- Scoring Offense - Ranked #9 with 27.8 points per game Defense - Ranked #31 giving up 32 points per game Yards Offense - Ranked #8 with 397.2 yards per game Defense - Ranked #30 giving up 417.5 yards per game TO: Ranked #7 with +4 in turnovers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passing ----------- Yards Offense - Ranked #4 with 311.2 yards per game Defense - Ranked #29 giving up 295.8 yards per game TD - Offense: Ranked #5 with 14 total touchdowns Defense - Ranked #32 with 16 total touchdowns Sacks: Offense: Ranked 12th with 17 received sacks Defense: Ranked 25th with 10 given sacks Interceptions: Offense: Ranked #2 with 2 interceptions Defense: Ranked #9 with 6 interceptions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rushing Yards Offense - Ranked #29 with 86 yards per game Defense - Ranked #24 giving up 121.7 yards per game TD - Offense: Ranked #7 with 6 total rushing touchdowns Defense - Ranked #29 with 8 total rushing touchdowns given
  14. Ryan's time to throw is under 3 seconds, fyi. He is in the top 10 on release time for QB's with at least 200 attempts, His average time to throw is 0.16 seconds slower than Brees and 0.1 second slower than Brady, 0.23 seconds faster than Rodgers to compare his release time to the top QB's in our game. To further that, his yards in the air (not yac - and doesn't include drop-back yards) is ranked 3rd in the league for QB's with at least 200 attempts. His air yards per completion is 1.5 yards further than Brees, 1.9 yards further than Brady and 1.3 yards further than Rodgers. He is ranked 5th in longest completed air yards - ahead of Brees and Brady but behind Rodgers. In that same group, he also ranks 5th in most sacks, with 1 more than Rodgers, 9 more than Brees and 9 more than Brady. He ranks 2nd in most QB hits with 30 more than Drew Brees, 20 more than Tom Brady and 14 more than Aaron Rodgers. Still looking for the stats on hurries. These are not opinions, these are just stats and on their own don't necessarily tell the tale. But, when you review them - you realize - that maybe Ryan has been ok but not as bad as you guys try to dog him and maybe his line is not the worst - but it's not the best it could be for sure. It also makes you wonder - if it was better than ok - how good would this offense really be? PS - I have never expressed an opinion on Sark because I believe the OC and team need time to adjust - and especially since he was forced to learn a new OC's game plan instead of bringing his own. I think time will tell and I haven't been terribly upset about too much he's done anyway except some of the goal line calls in tight games. However, those are my thoughts - haven't even expressed them here. But, just on that vein - those 3 quarterbacks since 2008 - Drew Brees - 1 HC and 2 OC's (1 OC longest period - 10 years), Tom Brady - 1 HC and 2 OC's (1 OC longest period - 8 years) , Aaron Rodgers 1 HC and 3 OC's (2 OC's were promoted within same team - same OC longest period 5 years) and Matt Ryan - 2 HC's and 4 OC's (1 OC longest period - 4 years (1st 4 years) )
  15. i hope everyone is safe this morning. we are safe. no power and blocked in by fallen trees from all doors, but we are safe will get out after light to see the damage. sounded like a war zone here for several hours