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  1. Well, now I'm hungry. Takk is hungry. Beasley's hungry. Rico and the secondary boys are all hungry. Deion's too fast to be hungry - he just eats anyway. That D-Line is really hungry and they don't mind slapping the food around before eating! Ridley's most definitely hungry and Sanu is smacking his lips. All the Matt's are hungry too - just have to give the Ice Man a lesson in patience so he doesn't get burned from eating too soon. The Falcons are hungry - The Fans are hungry Everybody's hungry but the big man! Julio ain't hungry - he just takes what he wants and never gets full! I'd even go so far as saying they are hungry enough to eat a horse ....... even if it is a young horse! Seriously though, have a great time - and Represent!
  2. Here is a list of all receivers with touchdown passes from Ryan - ranked by volume
  3. I resemble that remark!
  4. The call to Julio was an audible - give that credit to Ryan but Julio and Matthews deserve a great big portion of unsung hero for that play too!
  5. The talent level between the top teams and the bottom teams in the NFL isn't as big as it seems. That's why a kicker, disregarded by too many, is a key piece of a successful team. We've definitely lost games in the past based on a kick - and won games the same way. Having confidence in your kicker allows the plays to be called the way the OC feels will win the game. Having no confidence changes the plays to try to alleviate depending on the kicker. Taking more risks which pay or make you pay in the W or L column. Reliable Kickers are needed - and confidence in them by the rest of the team is also needed to win games in the NFL.
  6. Once a kicker loses his confidence - it's extremely difficult to get them back on track. They can lose a season for you in a heartbeat. I think they better do a lot of evaluating.
  7. Yeah, uhm - she's not answering the phone. Word is - she's in the back room with candles, pins, and a little doll wearing a number 4 Falcons jersey. That's what I heard
  8. Yeah, I'm taking it one day at a time - staying busy for as much of the time as I can and then trying to sleep the rest of the time.
  9. No problem. Unfortunately, it always happens that way with my family. i find out the day of - and I hate just seeing them waste.
  10. I just found out my granddaughter is not going Trying to reach her to see if she could transfer them to someone else if I find someone to go. If you are still interested and I can get in touch with her in time - would you still like the tickets? If so - pm me your email address so I can give her the information for sending.
  11. Oh No you Didn’to
  12. What kind of exchange were you looking for on tickets?
  13. I just sent you another pm - let me know if you got it
  14. A little over a year ago, right before Nito was diagnosed, we got 2 german shepherds and brought them home. Julio and Deion - the Jones Boys, we called them. The Kings of O and D! Here's Nito back in May of last year with the puppies - followed by pictures of them on their 1st birthday. Deion Julio