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  1. Yep - we had a terrible running game between Ovie and DiMarco. You'd think they'd learn. Instead, we have to limit our receiving options to help on the line all the time. That puts less pressure on the opposing secondary and gives Ryan less options in the passing game. You look at the teams that are really successful and you'll find a good to great line - usually on both sides of the ball. Those with a good running game (which we actually have) and a strong passing game especially from play action either have an outstanding line or a really good FB type player.
  2. Maybe, just maybe it will make them realize that they need to invest a little in that line! Plus - I think we need a better FB.
  3. They picked up the flag after they tried to break his leg and lit a fire. Ryan took over the offense. He was pissed off. Then they brought Poe to the line and life to the Falcons goal line offense.
  4. Someone posted this on Facebook -cracked me up - thought I'd share it.
  5. Personally, I think 50 million is way too high - but that's not my call. Bottom line - all 32 owners voted to give him the extension and to allow these 6 owners to make the decision. Everyone was fine with it until Zeke got suspended - and now Jones is up in arms. The revenues for NFL far surpasses all the other sports Leagues. 13 Billion a year (up from 6 billion a year when Goodell took over as Commissioner). MLB is second I believe with around 9 Billion (up from 6 Billion a year at that time) and Basketball close to 6 Billion (up from 3.4 Billion at that time).
  6. They are stock companies - publicly traded. There's a difference.
  7. I would think that the only reason he's considering and hasn't done it already is that he can't think clearly at the moment.
  8. Congratulations Ryan. Now win the ****ed game!
  9. I love Sanu but he's struggling this year like the rest of the team. He's already tipped 2 balls for interceptions and has at least 3 drops. That's a lot for him - he's been so consistent and clutch. Doesn't matter - I still believe he is one of the keys to the success of our team. This entire team has to get their head straight and put the SB loss behind them. They need confidence. Maybe, if they can pull this game off - and go to Seattle and pull that off - maybe, just maybe it will be the confidence they need to finish the year strong. On the other hand - if they don't - I just am not sure they'll pull it out this year - and I'll start looking forward to next year all the while rooting for them to win every game.
  10. The Saints have paid attention to their line the last few off-seasons. It shows.
  11. Yes. You actually pay by the seat even if the contract covers it all. if you don't renew season tickets for some seats - you lose the psl rights for those seats but retain them for the ones you purchased for instance.
  12. texted you - send me the email address and I'll email you the parking pass.
  13. LMAO - Yeah I have those Falcon Packer games recorded for the past few years - great to help climb out of the pit they like to keep us in.
  14. I remember my rep told me something about possibly being able to transfer to different seats - but at the time, he said that the actual process hadn't been finalized so he wasn't sure how it would be handled.