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  1. This is exactly what I heard from the interview. Exactly.
  2. While I agree with the correlation theory, we actually went 3-1 in preseason in 2016. However, the one game we lost was the 3rd game, the only one where the starters are on the field most of the game.
  3. His voice may be the most irritating in all of football, even worse than Beth Mowins. Can't stand to hear him announcing.
  4. I just saw this and it breaks my heart. Rise up Slappy! I know you'll be there when we win it all and I'll think of you. Praying for your family to find peace where they can. You will be missed! I am in Atlanta right now because we have to go to Emory for my husband over the next week. I'll say a prayer for you every day we are there.
  5. Samkon Gado
  6. Just to be safe
  7. I have my "extra" tickets - section 350 - row 8 seats 9-10. You can have one of those.
  8. How many tickets are you going to need? Are you looking lower level or upper level
  9. 9/16/2018 Panthers 9/23/2018 Saints 9/30/2018 Bengals 10/14/2018 Buccaneers 10/22/18 NY Giants 11/4/2018 Redskins 11/11/2018 Browns 11/18/2018 Cowboys 12/2/2018 Ravens 12/16/18 Cardinals 12/30/18 Buccaneers
  10. I saw this - LMAO!
  11. To all my Falcon Family - Mothers, Grandmothers, Great-Grandmothers, Aunts & Dads who have to be both! And yeah - to our Rival fans who fit the same bill!
  12. Man, that had to be tough - but I'm so glad you beat it! Takes a great will not to lie down and take what you've been dealt but to fight back and win! I think being Falcon fans all these years prepares us for that (lol). Anyway - I'm glad you are back on your feet - and glad you're back in the fold here - we missed you! 3am club RULES!
  13. We are doing as well as we can be. My hubby has just been diagnosed with lung cancer - so we are dealing with the shock - but it's early stage and we're determined to kick that Big C a__ like the Falcons did GB in the NFCC! That aside - we are excited about the SB being in Atlanta. We went all the way to Houston - and then had to drive all the way back - but you know how that went. How about you? Missed you around here!
  14. Welcome Back Jedi!