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  1. Sad to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends! Rise Up Bill - no more pain!
  2. I root for both. The players success = the teams success. I would never root for the failure of any player wearing the Falcon uniform - because his failure is our failure. I am a Falcon fan - I will always be a Falcon fan - and as long as a player is wearing the uniform of the Falcons - I am a fan of that player. I have had favorites through the years and will in the future but I root for every player on the team.
  3. 4th quarter yards Ryan = 11739 or 68.6 yards per game Brees = 18586 or 70.9 yards per game Rodgers = 10003 or 61.7 yards per game
  4. Interesting article regarding Joe Philbin firing Winston Moss - I've highlighted a couple of the interesting spots. By Around The NFL staff NFL.com Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 04:00 p.m. Updated: Dec. 5, 2018 at 04:41 p.m. Green Bay Packers interim coach Joe Philbin says a critical tweet by Winston Moss on Tuesday wasn't the only reason why the team decided to part ways with longtime assistant coach. Philbin, with the support of Packers president Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst, fired the associate head coach/linebackers coach for reasons that went beyond Moss' tweet, he said. "It's never about one thing," Philbin said Wednesday, per ESPN's Rob Demovsky. "Again, I think it's important, as I said to the team, we've got to be professional, accountable, respectful and punctual. Those are the four things that we've got to do the next four weeks. And if we do all those things, we'll be in good shape. "It wasn't about -- again, you're talking to a guy who's never tweeted in his life, doesn't even know what Twitter is -- so again, it's not about a tweet or anything like that. I just think the fit right now isn't where it needs to be." Moss joined the Packers along with former head coach Mike McCarthy in 2006 from the New Orleans Saints' staff. Moss was a linebackers coach in Green Bay for 13 seasons and McCarthy's assistant head coach for the last 12. A former NFL linebacker of 11 seasons, Moss has spent 31 years in professional football. Earlier Tuesday, a Twitter account associated with Moss expressed criticism of McCarthy's firing and suggested that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' play must be held accountable. A short time later, Moss tweeted he had been fired: Rodgers responded to Moss' tweet while speaking with reporters Wednesday. "There's nobody that holds me more accountable than myself," Rodgers said, per ESPN.com. "But there's always been a great deal of accountability under Mike's program for the last 13 years." Philbin wouldn't theorize on what point Moss was trying to make with the tweet. "I think it's important obviously that everybody's on the same page, that we're all moving forward in the same direction," Philbin said. "As you know, Winston's an excellent football coach. I've known him a long time. Respect him; outstanding family man. So it wasn't an easy decision, but I just didn't feel like the fit right now was where it needs to be." With Murphy and Gutekunst saying Philbin is a legitimate candidate to succeed McCarthy as coach in Green Bay, Philbin has a strong interest in doing everything he can to show what the Packers are fully capable of over the final month of the season.
  5. Absolutely! These guys are professionals and part of what makes them unique is the competitive drive they possess. Take that away from them and you take their confidence with it. Plus some of these guys are not going to be here next year. Asking them to underperform could ruin their future career options. Not fair to them or their families. Those men should take that field each and every week with the mindset to not only win but dominate Further, every second they are on the field should be played to win even if they are down 20 points with 3 minutes left. When a team has that mindset and takes that attitude on the field, they win a lot more than they lose You can't ask that of them as a team and then tell them to tank
  6. Yup! Plus, although it is no longer in our hands - we are not "out" of the playoff hunt. Very slim chance - but the only thing we control is us. If we win out - there is an 18% chance of making the playoffs. Very slim - and a lot of things have to go right - but it could happen. And I don't care what anyone says about 1 and done either. Once you are in the playoffs - even the 6th seed has a shot. See 2010 Green Bay or 2005 Pittsburgh. Anything can happen as long as they don't quit. Never give up hope - they might snatch it away from you and stomp it on the ground - but fight 'em all the way!
  7. I went to every home game the year Leftwich played quarterback. I expected the ball to land in the stands or get stuck in the rafters every time he threw. His strong arm lost the only 2 games he started with us. He had a 55% completion rate - threw 1 touchdown and 2 picks. He had a 4.8 average yards per attempt and a QBR of 7.7 - and no - that's not a typo single digit 7 QBR with a 59.5 rating. This is what you are trying to push as a premium in the NFL? Why not go back and get some Jeff George footage. This is such a fail. Personally - I'd rather see a lob like this - with defenders all over him. We did lose - but he was not the reason why we lost.
  8. We need line help on both sides of the ball and running back/fullback help, We don't need any shiny new toys - or in this case, used tarnished tossed aside toys.
  9. While I would love to have a top 3 pick - it's the wrong message to send to the players. We want our players to have a winning attitude - to never quit - never give up. If a team tanks - they are telling them to give up trying to win - and it makes it difficult for those players remaining - for the team as a whole - to continue that competitive drive they should all have as professional players. The games may seem meaningless - but they are not. By going out of this year with a winning edge - the players start to regain the confidence they had at the beginning of the year before the injuries. If you don't think losing the Super Bowl affected them in the off season - or losing in the playoffs last year for that matter - then you might be mistaken. Taking them out on a losing streak of 5 -6 games - will demoralize them and reduce the confidence they have in themselves. Yes, they are professional players, but they are also men - with real human tendencies. Plus - there are men whose future careers may not be with the Falcons - but where they go and how they are courted by other teams may depend greatly on how they play these next few games. It would be unfair to them and to their families to ask them to tank future options to get a higher draft pick.
  10. LOL - Hey - like I said - I loved Bart - had a cannon for an arm and could put the ball on the dime. He was one of my all time favorites. If you said - he had a stronger arm - greater deep ball passer - then yeah - you have my vote. But - Ryan is the best quarterback we've had by accomplishments and in every stat available - other than running - and it's not even close.
  11. I say that every year. Sort of like .... just wait til next year!
  12. The same reason we line up shotgun and toss the ball back 10 yards on 4th and inches with goal to go. Because it makes sense to have 15 yards to go instead of 2 inches
  13. I have 4 words for you Cleveland Blew Us Out
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we lost in our bye week. Although we led til the last 3 seconds