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  1. I saw this - LMAO!
  2. To all my Falcon Family - Mothers, Grandmothers, Great-Grandmothers, Aunts & Dads who have to be both! And yeah - to our Rival fans who fit the same bill!
  3. Man, that had to be tough - but I'm so glad you beat it! Takes a great will not to lie down and take what you've been dealt but to fight back and win! I think being Falcon fans all these years prepares us for that (lol). Anyway - I'm glad you are back on your feet - and glad you're back in the fold here - we missed you! 3am club RULES!
  4. We are doing as well as we can be. My hubby has just been diagnosed with lung cancer - so we are dealing with the shock - but it's early stage and we're determined to kick that Big C a__ like the Falcons did GB in the NFCC! That aside - we are excited about the SB being in Atlanta. We went all the way to Houston - and then had to drive all the way back - but you know how that went. How about you? Missed you around here!
  5. Welcome Back Jedi!
  6. 11 draft years - and one year where no players were left after 3 years. The average career length of an NFL player is 3.3 years. One draft where everyone was gone after 3 years. One draft where we also did not have a pick in the first round - and not until the 24th pick of the second round. 10 draft years where at least one of the players is active on an NFL team now. 30 of his draft picks were active last year on an NFL team. 30 out of 74 total picks were active last year - 41%. 38 total picks in the first 4 rounds. 22 of those players were on an NFL team in 2017. 22 out of 38 picks = 58% That is not bad at all. Compare it to the other teams and let me know how he stands.
  7. Well, not head to toe because it was business - but even so, I had Falcon earrings, necklace and laptop case - so not hard to spot.
  8. always!
  9. So I am in Vegas at a conference this week and as I was going through the Expo Center checking out the Vendor booths, one of the ladies at the booth walked up to me and asked if I was a Falcon fan. Expecting the usual dig or 28-3 crack I raised my head stared her in the eyes and said Why Yes I am! She surprised me by responding that was awesome and told me her cousin used to play for the Falcons a long time ago. So I asked who her cousin was and she said O.J. Santiago! I was like Wow, the originator of the Dirty Bird! So we spent the next 30 minutes talking about her cousin, the Falcons and all those great games in 98. Awesomely cool meeting. Made my whole trip better.
  10. There is no doubt that the Eagles have the edge. Playing at home - a home opener - first home game after winning the Super Bowl. We will have our work cut out for us. But - that's why you play the game.
  11. There are groups that go during RS - not too many during PS. None that I know of anyway.
  12. Yup - and if you had just tackled that 10 seconds earlier - who knows?
  13. If true - I like the fact that we are playing in Green Bay early!
  14. THIS - made my day!