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  1. Satin finish, chrome face mask (used to be black), 30% bigger logo.
  2. These actually are looking better and better for me. Watch the videos on the home page. The all black and all white are the primary uniforms. Gradient is the color rush.
  3. Probably just start blitzing like crazy. F it, at this point. Time to play this "aggressive" football he keeps preaching.
  4. He probably thinks our safeties can't cover on their own if the CB gets beat. The immediate 3rd and 7 following that he did play press coverage. It didn't work because the CB got beat on that out sideline play. Still hate Quinn and want a new coach.
  5. Let's just keep bumping this thread up until we get new unis. It's time. Those uniforms are 14 years old.
  6. The O-line was pretty decent last year too. They deserve more credit this year. The rushing and passing success starts with them. Matt Ryan's sacks have mainly been coverage sacks because he held it too long.
  7. Has a new nickname surfaced for Julio?
  8. The WR teens numbers have definitely caught on big with our receivers. Julio would look good in #80. What about a nice #81?
  9. The CW broadcasts are so bootleg. Even the opening animated graphic of the two helmets smashing into each other is something straight out of the Bud Bowl. And the Falcons black helmet has a white facemask on it. They used the same graphic last year. How does this make it on the air?
  10. Sought after by such elite powerhouses like... the CLEVELAND BROWNS! The WASHINGTON REDSKINS! Promoted within from the offensive juggernaut HOUSTON TEXANS!! He's only sought after at all because his name is Shanahan. This guy is a bum and our worst coordinator in recent memory. The game he forced 4 straight passes to Roddy to start the game just to thumb his nose at fans just shows his character. He benches our career best WR to put his guy Hankerson in there. You can tell Ryan doesn't like this offense from many interviews he did last season. We should have kept Mike Smith. This team's future is bleak with Quinn and Shanahan in there.
  11. It seems Blank doesn't like to fire executives. He'll try to give them another role like Rich McKay who went from GM to President.
  12. Todd McClure just tweeted: https://twitter.com/ToddMcclure62/status/674080832944922626
  13. Maybe Shanahan just isn't a creative passing playcaller or designer. With the exception of 2009 Schaub and 2012 RGIII's fluky years it hasn't been very good. 13, 22, 23, 24, 32, 22. Maybe it's an indicator of our struggles in the red zone. Plus, what QB has actually thrived for more than one season with him? RGIII lit the league on fire and never reached his rookie year level. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/ShanKy0.htm
  14. Did anyone hear that audible call Ryan made where he yelled "WEAK!... WEAK!...."? Then they proceeded to run a sweep to the weak side? It was stopped for no gain. I hope that wasn't what the actual call meant. Because that sh-- is weak. Fire Shanahan. This offense is garbage. Also, notice how Ryan stares down his receivers so long right from the snap. It's easy for the defenders to react to him and deflect the ball. I think this may be the case of the play design. Ryan probably only has 1 or 2 reads. Shanahan is used to coaching sh-tty QBs in WAS and CLE. Be more creative with the plays!! Ryan can handle it! I also hope you guys like DQ blowing all the time outs in one possession. Smitty would of had at least one to get Bryant into FG position.
  15. "Whoever is the starting back, they don't have to work. I'm coming in and working right away." That is kind of a d-ck thing to say to teammates you haven't met yet. Get on the field and prove it before running your mouth. Imagine someone came to your job saying that.
  16. Dimitroff chose to let Grimes go. All he did was stay a pro bowl caliber player. He's had 4 INTs in the last 3 games. No Falcon could even dream of making one like this: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24792634/dolphins-cb-brent-grimes-makes-unreal-one-handed-interception-vs-lions TD also let Abraham go who had 10 sacks last year. We could have used that last season. His talent evaluation is poor and the reason we are playing with backup quality players at defense. Mike smith is not the problem. It's these players.
  17. Yeah, that Rise Up show was awful. I wanted to like it. They spent 15 minutes playing guess the celebrity age with Babs and Tyson then had the anchors play it. Yawn.
  18. I could see him used on screen and drag routes. He could take more of those kind of plays to let Julio take more deeper big play routes.
  19. Finneran was pretty good as a Falcon. Forget about his radio, who cares. Listen to 92.9 the Game.
  20. Now onto more important matters. Is he too embarrassed to wear it for the Hard Knock cameras?
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