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  1. Satin finish, chrome face mask (used to be black), 30% bigger logo.
  2. These actually are looking better and better for me. Watch the videos on the home page. The all black and all white are the primary uniforms. Gradient is the color rush.
  3. Probably just start blitzing like crazy. F it, at this point. Time to play this "aggressive" football he keeps preaching.
  4. He probably thinks our safeties can't cover on their own if the CB gets beat. The immediate 3rd and 7 following that he did play press coverage. It didn't work because the CB got beat on that out sideline play. Still hate Quinn and want a new coach.
  5. The Eagles just gave Vick $100M deal. I hope it blows up in their face like it did ours.

  6. Noel Devine is headed to the UFL.

    1. FlyHighFalcons


      Saw that, he definitely blew it.

  7. This will make you feel better about that Devine rumor...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEruSY8nkPc

    1. MattM12


      he will be hard to stop on the goal line. mark it!

  8. Yes, I'm now hooked. I gotta go back and watch a few missed episodes. I saw the last 3.
  9. You should get rid of Internet Explorer forever and get Firefox or Chrome. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/ http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/landing_chrome_mac.html?hl=en
  10. Glad you all like it! Im still using it. One update to this. If you're using Chrome try the extension Stylebot. Just use the same block of code.
  11. No, they all start backpedaling like they're gonna pass block. On a sneak they would have all dove forward to push the line back so Ryan can fall forward for the first down. Ryan leans in and they back up collide.
  12. WTH was that!? It looked like only Matt Ryan thought the play was a QB sneak and the WHOLE offensive line stepped back to pass block. Who? wha? Who screwed up there? Did Ryan give them the wrong play?
  13. That play was the killer. Why throw it then? You had no timeouts with 10 seconds left. Everyone in the building knew where you were gonne throw that ball. The corner was able to make a huge break on the ball because what's the risk? You give up 5 yards for a little closer FG? You were already in Bryant's range. He's got a good leg. Is that hadn't happened we possibly could have had a FG and been down 4 at the half. Instead we're down 14 and things get ugly.
  14. I can see Babineaux coming up with a big sack. You people who say HD are crazy. He hasn't done anything all year.
  15. I always liked a few years ago when they would play T.I. Bring em out. They even played the part when they came out.."Bring em out, Bring em out..it's hard to yell when the barrel's in your mouth!"
  16. Maybe we can all "C'mon ride the train..it's the choo choo traaaain"!
  17. Play of the year BY FAR! Seattle got their trade value's worth RIGHT THERE.
  18. I jumped up and cheered in front fo people who didn't even care about the game. They thought I was crazy. I was watching it on a 15" screen in a kitchen. That was the best run I've seen all year.
  19. What's wrong with Peele? He always makes the catch when its thrown to him. I think he'd be fine starting one day.
  20. We're being "left behind" in the Rapture. Turns out the animals were right all along.
  21. It's probably the Jimi Hendrix or Beatles images that would get you in trouble. You're profiting off their image. They own all rights to name/image/music/copyrighted material.
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