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  1. I feel the same way. Look....we are going to lose our share of games this year. I just don't like seeing the Falcons as the league doormat.
  2. Clicking? How about Ticking....as in a ticking time bomb ready to blow up in Smith's face! 😡
  3. After the 1st qtr...I have to agree. The offense is disgustingly bad. The D lacks the proper chess pieces and Pees is doing all he can...I get it. But the Offense....this is inexcusable for them to be this bad! 12 plays....49 yards...REALLY! Arthur Smith? REALLY?
  4. Bang your head really hard against the wall....you'll feel better as you lose consciousness and forget what you saw today.
  5. What will happen first? Falcons win 2 regular season games or UGA football team loses a game.
  6. I like Pees....I get the feeling he knows where he wants the chess pieces to go. But....when you are left with nothing but pawns to work with....well....to put it bluntly...his legs are chopped out from under him for this season.
  7. Your key to the game is same as mine....the OL. And since Mayfield is starting again...it's not going to be pretty. 34-16 Tampa....busy day for Koo....he's a good kicker.
  8. I feel like my favorite pair of sunglasses just broke.....I see all the bright spots now!
  9. When you look at that 13-4. You do know that the # of wins is the first number and the number of losses is the second? Just checking.
  10. Lose by 26 when you are expected to win by 3????? Lets face it....The Falcons were not ready to play this game today. They were still in pre season mode in my opinion. It looked like the 3rd pre season game out of 4(in previous years) whereby The Falcons would play there starters for most of the game. I don't even think that AS knew what he has in this team until the game was over today! This team looks like 3-14 to me. The only thing I can hope for is that the chemistry between Ridley...Pitts and Ryan will develop and the Falcons will still become a little more competitive as the season goes on. The running game looked ok for a while in the first half. Pees was a disappointment...our DEs are out of place and they did not contain worth a #$%^! I dont care that your chess pieces are subpar....get them where they are supposed to be! You just have to hope they can get better.....although I think next years #1 draft pick is staring us in the face. Oh and that guard for us...Mayfield? Really?
  11. This is true.....but the smell that it gives off can be quite putrid!
  12. I'll admit...I'm one of the more pessimistic posters leading into this season. You know....the gloom and doom guy...the schleprock of the bunch. But I'd like to put a positive spin on this season. No more...."the pain gremlin will get you at some point unless you win the SB." My keys?....... Ryan...Ridley....and Pitts must stay healthy. The Oline must show improvement as the season goes on...and must jell at some point. On Defense.....its the Dan Pees show. The man has subpar chess pieces to work with....this is irrefutable. If he can just get this group to play like an average NFL D...thats a huge win. But this is on him to make happen. If he can get Jones...Jarret and Terrell(They must stay healthy!!) to serve as leaders and buy into his scheme...then its doable. Do all of that and I can see the Falcons winning 10 games and knocking on the door of a WC birth! That would be a very impressive 1st year for AS. So go get'em Falcons! We believe!
  13. Actually, Ryan might not be a bad pickup this year. My reasoning has to do with the fact that the Falcons will be playing from behind most games. I'm not sold on the running game and as long as Ridley, Pitts and Hurst stay healthy....lots and lots of garbage points will help his point totals. Sorry but I just don't believe in this defense. DP is a good DC but personnel wise, we are big time sub par on defense. Anyone who picks the Falcons D for FF....should make reservations at the nut house....immediately.
  14. He did look pretty good...and I was glad to see it. But when its 1st and goal from the 3 and you want to pass the football....PLEASE throw the ball out of the back of the end zone if its not there!
  15. I'll give it a 5 because I already know what to expect and there is no way out of it this year. So I'm ready to embrace the pain....because make no mistake about it...the pain is coming.
  16. If I may interject once again....been a fan for 47 seasons...this one will be 48. So...I should have enjoyed 1 superbowl victory, with a second occurring in the next 15 years or so(although avg # of teams is much less than 32 through the years!). I will throw in the cartoon image from Poker Steve great image...btw PS. 47 doses of pain....but I could not quit the Falcons...no way no how! Not going to happen.
  17. ?????? depth /depTH/ noun 1. the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something: I think this thread should be changed to Falcons Release Chart Preseason #3 Because there is no depth with this team! Zero!
  18. One thing that is for sure....there will be pain. Unless you are a fan of the winning team that plays on super bowl Sunday...there will be pain. For some teams, the pain will come early...Sep and Oct as you realize that your team is not good and really never had any hopes of being good. And each Sunday that you witness this...you will feel the pain but it will lessen and by November, it will just be a slight pain which has become much more numb and tolerable. You can actually watch the games, know your team is not good, and you are immune to the pain at that point. For other teams, those that make the playoffs for instance, the pain for the fans will occur later but it will be much more severe. Especially when you lose that playoff game and your season ends. All that happiness and buildup during a good season will be replaced by the gut wrenching and painful season ending loss. Another year and no championship. Because again, unless you win on super bowl Sunday, the pain goblin will have already claimed you. There is no escape. Die hard....we all do it....each and every season. "I hate losing....I hate losing more than I like winning....there is a difference." - Moneyball
  19. ok so here is why......... you referenced 2008, Mike Smith's 1st year, great season the Falcons went 11-5. Now I am a believer that the pre season does not mean anything UNLESS...you dont win a game and your are decisively defeated in each game. That is a clear indication of a not so good upcoming regular season. And I don't want to hear that its because our 1st string is good and there is a severe drop off in terms of depth. Even though that may be true, it does not change the fact that on defense 8 of our starting 11 players are rated below avg compared to other starters. So the 1st string offense may be good talent wise, but the chemistry may not be there and the defense looks sup par for sure. DP will be key to proving me wrong. I also think that this is the NFL and its very competitive. And again, our first string chemistry is virtually non existent going into the regular season in terms of pre season action. This is not good at all. In 2008, the Atlanta Falcons went 2-2 with a plus 5 pt differential. So I would say at that point, the pre season meant nothing....there was hope for that team to be good. Fast forward to this years team.....0-2 with a minus 40 pt differential. They still have 1 game left against Cleveland...maybe they will finally compete and leave the pre season, believing that the overall results were meaningless. However, get thumped for a 3rd consecutive game, and the writing is on the wall....this Falcons team is going to struggle this year and even 7 wins may be tough to obtain. My expectation with this team are quite tempered...and for very good reason in my opinion.
  20. Right there with you. I am still haunted to this day by 2 Falcon plays/events.... 1) That 1981 Dallas playoff game when Ed Too Tall Jones was clearly offsides on that 3rd and 2 play for the Falcons and it not being called! 2) The screw up in the SB where we did not run the ball after Julio's amazing catch on the Patriot 21 yd line. Why not let the STs when the game for you!
  21. Became a die hard Falcons fan half way through the 1973 season. Back in the Marion Campbell days. He was said to be a defensive coaching phenom and the answer to the Falcons problems. In fairness...the 77 Falcons D was one of the best ever...and though he left the prior year...he had a lot to do with the personnel that was still there. But when you go 7-7....well....lets just say the offense was a little sub par to put it nicely. So why am I to believe in Arthur Smith. I see no evidence. Folks....I am really worried about this 2021 team....this is not looking good at all. I know its pre season....I get that.......but geesh!
  22. 6-11. But as the season progresses....they will be getting better and becoming more competitive. The future will start looking brighter. We are just going to have to take our lumps this first year(especially early), unfortunately.
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