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  1. no improvement to our pass rush at all...and in the NFL that means Not For Long when it comes to feeling good about our revamped secondary. I guess it's a start to this train wreck of a defense....but that's all it is. Thank goodness for Grady and Jones.
  2. I also hear that there might be an 8th playoff spot instead of 7? If so then 50% of the league makes the playoffs. Therefore....8-8 could possibly garner a playoff spot. If Falcons can win on Sunday....I think 8-8 is staring us in the face.
  3. Well....CBS sports with there "if Falcons can find a way to win" does not appear to like our chances. Well...I like our chances in this one. It's that 4th qtr that I fear and I fear it less with Winston as opposed to Brees.
  4. 9-7?....you are dreaming. No way...no how. I originally said 8-8 and that's still a huge stretch. NO twice....TB twice....KC....Raiders...Chargers. 8-8 and he deserves the HC job. 7-9 or worse....a hard no.
  5. This makes me feel like Jim Mora Sr....'Playoffs? This 3-6 team with that remaining schedule and you said "Playoffs?"
  6. Not really. I think its addition by subtraction by losing Quinn and there is some good talent on this team. Dan Quinn carries the SB choke job stigma and this could not be undone as long as he was coach. Simply put, the Falcons start there seasons badly when there is a lot of pressure. As the losses mount...the pressure lessens and you see the team start to play better....to play as they should. This...in my mind...is irrefutable. I see no other explanation. What Blank needs to do is let this season play out and then decide on Raheem. But...imo...8-8 minimum for Raheem to have a chan
  7. It would have been about a 63 yard punt if caught at the 23 yard line where it first bounced.
  8. Seattle.....because they are the best team of that group. If this Falcons team can make the playoffs...what better way to add to there momentum than to put the best possible team in front of them. Win that game too...and the Falcons are a force that no team will want to face. Now...back from dream land....lets be real. We know the Falcons can go 6-2 just like last season...meaning 5-2 over the next 7 games. At that point they are 6-7. With 7 teams making the playoffs this year that means that if you go 9-7 you have roughly a 50% chance of making the playoffs. So could the Falcons w
  9. The only way a championship has been won is if the competition got real soft. Atlanta or Ga needs to have a good team and then the opponents need to be relatively soft. That is exactly what happened in 1980 (Ga) and 1995 (Braves). I mean...take away Tom Brady...or this years Bama team and Lawrence from Clem...and you got a chance!
  10. I fell for it...hook line and sinker I fell or it. My 11-5 prediction....well I apologize...that was terrible. I thought the coaches would find a way to capitalize on and continue the late season trend from a year ago. I mean...honestly....The Falcons hung in there and were able to defeat the best the NFC could offer. Wins over SF and New Orleans. They were top NFC teams! This is clearly a coaching issue....an epic fail...and it is occurring on Quinn's watch! 2019 the Falcons went 2-10(including the preseason) before turning it around. Does that mean since there was no preseason this ye
  11. I saw that Blank is lurking near the sideline again. Maybe this upcoming good old fashioned %^&* whoopin might be what the doctor ordered. You know...to get AB to do the right thing.
  12. Terrible....the defense does not even look like they want to be out there.
  13. "I will get fired if we don't win tonight!" 😀😀😀
  14. I agree with cleaning out starting with MCKay...Quinn and TD. Some want to trade Julio. I would not do that unless you can get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick from a top 10 drafting team. Then, hopefully we end up with a top 5 pick overall. 2 - early 1st round picks WR and CB (let Terrell and the new CB grow up together) 2 - early 2nd round picks S and LB (go to a 4-3 d...the 4-2-5 is uselss) 2 -early 3rd round picks RB and DE AB needs to hire a GM who knows NFL caliber talent when he sees it. No more wasted early pics...I'm sick of seeing that! Now....we c
  15. I actually see that the money is coming in on the Falcons as the line has dropped to 6. Wow....what am I missing here? I think I'd lay the points. This is going to be a tough night for the Falcons I regret to say. Might as well play a prevent D the whole game. Giving up 35 pts is better than getting 60+ hung on you. At some point you just want to limit the pain.
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