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  1. How about informing the roster that the pre season is going to be a little more important than past seasons. And that that preparation will carry over into the start of the season...and not just the last half of it!!!!!
  2. I got you guys defeating Minnesota in the NFC champ game at Lambo. You will face KC. Sorry, but I have KC winning it all. As for rooting for any teams....I don't unless its the ATL. But there are plenty of teams I root against...and the Saints and Cowboys are at the top of that list. But good luck dude....I don't really hold any grudges against the Packers.
  3. John Zook...DE from the 70s. He and C Humprheys were a meet at the qb wrecking crew.
  4. was not was very harmful....bye bye Chase Young...and one step closer to keeping Quinn. All of this....whether he bakes...makes....or tosses my cookies!
  5. I hear mgmt is a problem. But how about season mgmt? That's' a problem too. In the pre season...they lose most of there games under Quinn. Problem is...that carries over into the beginning of the season. The Falcons were still in that lousy pre season mode when they played the Vikings in week 1. I wish Quinn well...I think he's a great person and many of the players like him....but its time for him and the Falcons to move in separate directions. Enough already!
  6. So whats with this team? Under Quinn, every year they look like @#$% in the pre season and the unpreparedness transcends into the beginning half of the season. But because they play better in the second half of the season...we should forgive? I don't think so. I flushed more coaching talent down the bowl this morning that what I have been witnessing from this team. The talent to output result is an epic fail...this is irrefutable. I think back to the Minnesota opening game. That first half the Falcons looked totally the players all thought it was pre season still. This team is in a bad bad rut right now...and I'm not so sure that AB wants to fix it.
  7. Would depend on the degree of domination that we see in those 4 games. Falcons under DQ won the final 3 games last year...and that mometum carried over to the 2019 season like a lead balloon. Unless we see total domination...DQ is gone...and he's probably gone anyway. All the coaches under him are gone as well.
  8. I like the position pick...but not sure about this player. If Atlanta picks 8th...look for 2 or 3 meaningless wins coming up.
  9. I think that at the end of the season....the 85 Bears were the most dominant team ever assembled. Having said that....I still think the best defense ever assembled over the course of an entire reg season was the 77 Falcons.
  10. Anyone out there remember Haskell Standback or Dave Hampton? Thats when I first started following them.
  11. I am quite sure that AB is having some bigtime heavy hitting closed door meetings with his HC right now. Quinn needs to be able to explain why there has been such a dramatic a way that AB will understand it AND believe in it going forward. Otw...he is still going to get the axe. I will admit...I wanted Quinn gone...what I saw was unacceptable, But now....lets just let this season play on out first. This is definitely one of those..."How you like me now?" type of situations. Even though the season is a flop...its nice to see the Falcons go out there and kick some tail! I really want this domination to continue! I got tired of seeing them get lambasted week in and week out. Lets get some payback! are next!
  12. They say if you take care of the teams in your division...everything will just work out. Why is it that I don't actually believe that anymore?
  13. tell me what happened. I work midnight shifts...came home fell asleep. Woke up at 345 pm est and immediately checked Falcons score. 26-9 Falcons!...WHAT? Can someone please explain...the 26 I halfway understand....but the 9?
  14. You have to keep Quinn through this season until right after the final game. Then we are more likely to have fewer wins and a higher draft pick. This season is over. You fire him now the Falcons will improve via subtraction. We need the highest draft pick possible. But good luck competing with the likes of Miami.
  15. Quinn needs to for the D there are soooo many overrated players. I do think Grady...Jones...Allen and Tak are good and we should rebuild around them. As for the are simply wasting your time. You just gave up 34 pts to a below avg offense. That's a good 10 pts more than they were averaging. 52 pts last week to Hou? Are you kidding me? What more do you people need to see? Whats it going to take? Mr Brees hanging 50 on us later this season?