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  1. I did not really care for him much tonight. Remember his comment about how offensive holding penalty's should only be 5 yds and not 10? That was when Philly got called for holding. He obviously wanted Philly to win tonight.
  2. Defensive pass rush is notably better so far. Coverage is a bit soft...that 4th and 14 got me pretty upset! The offense improved although Ryan had a bad game overall. To beat the colts...Ryan needs to regain his confidence with himself and his surrounding team. When he throws off his back foot its not always necessary for him to do so. Not sure he trusts this revamped OL. Against Colts....its all about Ryan. Look our D overall looks very average. They are more physical than the avg D but I still wonder about those off tackle runs that Minny destroyed us with. Eagles did not run many of those types of plays. Will the Colts?? We got to shut that $%^& down! I'm optimistic....this offense needs to jell and I think they will.
  3. That int Ryan through into the end zone into like triple coverage to the tight end if I remember correctly? Horrible....and it of course got picked. Anyhow....he made up for it with the little Julio toss.
  4. I've seen worse...back in 2004 the Falcons lost 56-10 to the chiefs. The run D could not stop them the entire game...terrible!
  5. I'm optimistic about the offense. You cannot just start rooks on the OL and expect them to not struggle game 1. Also...its a revamped OL that must gel. I think the offense will improve as the season goes on. Defense? This is what I think is bad. Our D got blown off the ball on both edges. Its not that the Falcons were out of position. They just could not shed blocks. This is very concerning. Defense needs work....I think there is a lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball. Needs to get fixed.
  6. He absolutely needs to be! What I saw on Sunday was a big pile of $%^&!!!!!!
  7. I picked Ryan vs the pass rush. We don't know how fluid the Atl passing attack is going to be...but we know how good it can be. They were overly conservative with the 1st teams in the pre season as usual...understandably though. The key for the Falcons is going to be Ryan and the passing game. I do not see a powerful running game with this group. Yes...the OL is upgraded but we have rookies and the unit has to gel. If the OL underperforms...opposing Ds will compress and we will be in trouble. If Ryan has time to throw...this offense will open up. The running game will start to click...which will be a must in the red zone when we face the tougher defenses. All that and maintaining a healthy D.
  8. 46 years for me too!..Same vinatge. They ripped our hearts out in 80....then in 2017...the hearts went into a running blender. Oh well...get ready for 2019!.
  9. How comfortable are you right now with Atlanta's ability to generate a pass rush in 2019? Not very....hoping for an average # of sacks this year. Hoping Tac can rival the man in the pic someday?? To those of you who are uncomfortable, what moves would make you feel better about the situation? Well....I wanted a 1st rnd DE edge rusher opposite of Tac. Then...transition Vic to OLB where he wont get pushed around as much. I'm sorry but a 250 LB DE is too light and Vic is under performing as we all know. Lets add some badly needed LB depth. To those of you who have confidence, which players do you believe are key to our pressure? Not much confidence...just praying. I hated that we lost Alford, btw.
  10. Also consider that it was the injuries that prevented this team from having a top 10 D a year ago. It was the offense that was stuck. So now the OL just got a lot better. Losing Alford and having an overrated Beasley is what concerns me on defense. I think we can overcome losing Coleman at RB. We are going to be fine.
  11. I'm really beginning to wonder if our draft grade is going to be a D or F!
  12. remember 1 year ago. The D was looking like a top 10 D for sure. Then...all the injuries. We lost Alford and Beasley is overrated. But...I'm still not so sure the defense is that bad if they are healthy.
  13. Not early in the season they wont but you will definitely see improvement as the season goes along. Big nfl learning curve at OL.
  14. I don't know wth anyone is surprised! You are sitting there at 4-9...season is over and you win your final 3 games? I am not surprised at all with this.
  15. D Campbell.....6-4 232lbs exactly.