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  1. D Campbell.....6-4 232lbs exactly.
  2. This was the best! Sorry could not find video though.
  3. The troubling part of all looked like the offense just plain quit. I'm not saying there was 0% effort....but 100%? not even close. The D was decimated with injuries...I get that. But...for the offense to give up....heads need to roll....that is unacceptable and if Blank does not want to lose some degree of respect...heads need to roll.
  4. Will never get over that. Still have dreams of being in that huddle on the Patriot 22 yd line after Julios great catch. Less than 4 min to go...up by 8. For the love of G-d call time out and lets figure this out. We cannot go backwards. Let our ST and D win this for us.
  5. Fox is going to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of announcers for our game.....yawn.
  6. Ya think?????????????????????????????????
  7. Best DE on board....then move Beasley to OLB.....then stock up on OL Sarkesian.
  8. I'll agree with 1 thing....a 9-7 record will get you the NFC WC this year I do believe. But unless you dial up that Falcons team that beat up the Redskins a few weeks ago....the Falcons chances of winning 5 straight games are about as good as Saban telling his Bama team that they are simply unbeatable and the best he's ever seen.
  9. is like being in the middle of an ocean but you come across an island that can save 2016. Call the island...Lombardi Island...and it certainly was in reach. So now....ff to 2018 and its plain to see that we have been swept up by the evil current and that island is now fading from view....never to be seen again....never to be reached. Oh well....bring on 2019...just gotta rebuild the boat...because its plain to the that this POS boat we are in now, aint cutting it!
  10. Well lets see..... The defense is decimated..... The OC #$%^! The OL #$%^! And the entire offense has now given focus whatsoever. Other than that...we are fine.
  11. DE and then move Beasley to OLB. on OL....Guard in particular. Fire Sarkesian....hire Tom Brady as OC when he eventually retires. SB champs within 3 years of hiring Brady.
  12. Just matter how bad it gets....we still beat them 62-7 in 1973...which stands as the worst beating ever in the history of the Falcons vs Saints. I certainly don't expect us to lose by more than 54 pts?
  13. Sometimes you just get stuck with things in life that you just cannot shed. I am a Falcons fan since 74 and yes....lots of pain over the years. But....its part of my life so I grin and bear it and focus on the better things in life to help balance the negative. I still believe this team can win it all one year....If I'm using a walker by then....that'll be ok with me. But I will never quit them. The Falcon teams will come and go....but my loyalty will not. I'll be at the Dallas game btw...its my first trip to the benz. Go Falcons!
  14. We need a solid OLB and Oline help. Replace Sark too. After this....explore the option of dumping Trufant. After this...improve the depth.
  15. I doubt we make the playoffs. And if we lose to Dallas on Sunday...there will be a better chance of Atlanta getting hit by a 3 foot blizzard than this team getting a WC spot this year.