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  1. Oh, he deserved it. He made fun of a mod's suicide attempt, he claimed Ryan couldn't be elite because of his wife, he [swift] considered her ugly, he cursed out anyone and everyone, he was a complete blankhole. There were times when the entire front page was taken up with Swift posts in every thread, ranting about Ryan, whatever the thread was about. I still wouldn't have banned him for life, but certainly understand why they did.
  2. Never root for injuries, but they are part of the game. Was driving home from out of state today and checking the score on my phone [hands free], saw that Bridgewater was playing and went well ####. That would change the balance of power in the NFCS, and the NFC.
  3. He's also lost 4 straight games to the Falcons.
  4. Cam has rushed 5 times this year for minus 2 yards and a fumble. The game day thread on the panthers baord is filled with posters thinking Cam is finished.
  5. Still a possiblity of both being 0-0-1.
  6. If 2020 is an uncapped year, then the Falcons can't be over the cap, right? Might be why TD has set it up like that next year. I know the last time there was an uncapped year, some teams got in trouble for dumping a bunch of bonus and salary into the uncapped year, but maybe TD knows what he can get away with. Be nice to have Sanu and Mack for another year.
  7. Well, that didn't work. LOL Did see a play in the fourth quarter where Takk was engaged with a blocker on the edge and still tackled the RB with one arm. Need more of that. Do think that, if that had been game 8 of the season, with the Falcons 5-2 going into the game and then had the same game; we'd be much more inclined to write it off as one of those games.
  8. I don't think it was physical limitations that kept the Falcons from stopping the outside runs, there's plenty of talent at DE/OLB/S- I assume they get the mental aspects down and then nobody can run on the Falcons. Looking forward to that.
  9. I didn't account for the defense needing some time to gel as well as the offense. Lots of new pieces and pieces in new roles on that side of the ball. Willing to write that game off as just one of those games if they show it WAS just one of those games over the next few weeks. Still want to know why they went for 2.
  10. Then why are you here? If it distresses you so much to watch/follow the team, don't do it.
  11. Any question about the two point attempts?
  12. Well, yeah, but why did they go for two? I know you didn't care, but that worries me.
  13. Positives from today? Both Panthers and Bucs lost, if the Saints can manage to wet the bed tomorrow, Falcons can be tied for first place in the division.
  14. Sorry, have to admit I'm in a bad mood. But there's no legit reason to go for two there. I'm afraid that it has to do with Bryant. Although, even then, I'd have Bosher [or #### Sanu] try the EP.