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  1. Of course. Prayers sent his way.
  2. Biggest chunk of revenue by far is TV money, which is why they'd do fanless games in the first place.
  3. I was expecting that, just wondering why the numbers haven't posted.
  4. Haven't seen them anywhere, neither spotrac or OTC have them. Any idea why the numbers aren't out yet?
  5. 69 mil dead cap hit.
  6. 69 mil cap hit.
  7. There have been 4 QBs that have played at 43 or over. Here's their stats: 2 years Moon 0/1 16/37 228/1/1 2 years Testaverde 2/4 96/175/981 6/6 DeBerg 0/1 30/59/ 369/ 3/1 Flutie 0/0 5/10/ 50/0/0 totaled together: 2/6 won loss 147/281 att/comps 1628 yards 10/8 TD/INT 69 QB rating Only Testaverde started more than 1 game, he only started 6 games. Yeah, Brady is the GOAT, he'll put up better numbers than those 4, but, officially not worrying about him until he actually shows he can be the first 43 year old QB to start 16 games, win more than he loses, and put up good numbers.
  8. Perhaps you missed this from the article: "...Don't get it twisted ... Davis still thinks Todd has more than enough gas left in the tank to be an effective NFL RB -- he's just wary about the prospects of TG returning to superstar status..."
  9. Makes Ryan's cap hit the next 2 years over 40 mil. If they keep deferring money, going to be ugly in 2022 He's got a 7.5 mil roster bonus in both 22 & 23, both due early March. IF his play declines, they might actually cut him in 2022. Looks like a 25 mil cap hit over 2 years if they do.
  10. Over the cap shows the new contract as a 4.3 mil hit this year, 6.125 cap hit next year. There's a 750K bonus due March 2, 2021, looks like, if he's not in the plans for 2021, they have to cut him early enough to allow him to catch on with another team. https://overthecap.com/player/allen-bailey/489/
  11. Well, yeah, but we're talking about corners and you've already called someone out for getting off topic;)
  12. Think the falcons have done good job of signings/trades to ensure they don't HAVE to take any position at 16, wouldn't be surprised if they signed a vet corner for the same reason. Love to have them situated so that they can truly draft BPA, or even, gasp, trade back and gain picks.
  13. Ryan has one of the best QB ratings ever in postseason play, has won multiple playoff games, went to a super bowl, and won an MVP award. He also has 50,000+ passing yards & 320+ passing TDs. That's not Dalton, more or less.
  14. Fowler is the only big signing, most of the rest are one year deals. Yeah, TDQ is on the hot seat, not sure the signings prove it.
  15. Falcons have 69 mil of dead money if they trade Ryan.