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  1. Apparently, the offensive player caught Kuechley's temple with his elbow.
  2. What am I wrong about? Saying that it really doesn't matter who starts? Why are the coaches always right, by the way? I can think of a recent big game where bad coaching decisions really cost us. And PMF said he shouldn't be starting because of really bad run fits in the Chicago game. Once Reed got better at that, he came off that position, not that you noticed, of course, because by gaaawd, if you make a statement on a messageboard, you aren't allowed to change your mind. And, as far as I can tell, you're pretty much the only poster here that thinks PMF won't admit a mistake. I've seen him do it on more than one occasion. You think you're doing this big "gotcha" thing when all you're doing is making yourself look petty and pedantic. But, you do you.
  3. What medical things?
  4. That doesn't change my point- Cam had a really good year in 2015-he was a top 10 QB in 2015, combine his rushing yards and TDs, he was a top ten QB first 3 years, plus 2015, if you have top 10 numbers in 4 out of 6 years, think it's OK to call him a top 10 QB. As I said, not sustainable, but he has been one.
  5. 2015 was a pretty good year for Cam- 4500 total yards, 45 TDs, 15 wins, super bowl berth. It's not sustainable, but that was a really good year.
  6. I was comparing defensive snaps- Takk has 130, Reed has 129, Reed has 26 additional snaps on ST. Right now, Takk is playing as many snaps as Reed. If Reed was so much better than Takk, he'd be playing more snaps. I've seen PMF admit he was wrong before. And he's not the one who won't admit he's wrong here.
  7. You do realize that Takk and Reed have played the same amount of defensive snaps, right? Takk actually has 1 more snap on him 130-129 http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/snapcounts That Reed plays STs and Takk doesn't, right? Which means they think Takk is too valuable to play STs and Reed isn't. That "starting" on a team with this much rotation on the front 7 really doesn't matter much, right? And the PMF isn't actually disagreeing with you that Reed is a valuable player, just that he needs to tighten up his run fits. right? That PMF's position changed as Reed's play improved, right? You are literally arguing about something no one has said. Reed is a good player, Takk is a force of nature. In a year or two, your posts will look even sillier than they do right now.
  8. Whatever his odds are, they improve if he stops playing. Yeah, I hate it too, he's one of the good guys. Sucks for him, for the Panthers, and for football fans everywhere.
  9. Sucks when you're looking at a player going, "I hope it's his collarbone" If I'm the Panthers, I'm giving him the rest of the year off, If I'm Kuechley, I'm walking away. Doubt that happens, think we'll see him in a few weeks. As much as I respect and admire his game, and the genuinely good person he seems to be, football isn't worth the long term risk for him.
  10. Think it's more the constant pressure from the Eagles throwing off his timing. Plus not having a run game to slow the rush down.
  11. I'm well aware that Free has been doing that for years, not my point, One is a team celebration, one isn't.
  12. Division loss is more important than that. His head snapped back off the ground, saw it on the replay. So much better than ignoring your teammates,waving the camera over and doing a superman pose.
  13. If he only does it near the goalline, he can probably get away with it. Haven't watched enough of him to know if he does that all the time.
  14. Find it fascinating that the Falcons are 4th in yards per game and 8th in points per game and people are complaining how poorly Ryan has played.
  15. Want HFA throughout the playoffs, gotta win this game. Think it'll take 13 wins to get home field, be really hard to do losing this game.