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  1. If it's truly unacceptable to you, then stop watching the Falcons, problem solved.
  2. Jones got stopped 4 times inside the 2 last year. Another step or two and a certain drop would have gotten him to 9 TDs and nobody is complaining about lack of TDs click on image to enbiggen it. http://pfref.com/tiny/IxjCy
  3. Think this has a chance to backfire on the NFL when dozens of players remain in the locker room and it's obvious why.
  4. If being a falcons fan was easy, anybody could do it.
  5. I'm thinking from the play they went up 28-3 with. Run the clock down to 1-2 seconds left every play and they run out of time.
  6. Not by much, currently, the 9th and 10th place contracts for next year total a little over 12 mil. If the Falcons work the new deals for Matthews and Jarrett they way they've worked most of their new deals/extensions, they'll come in at around that figure for the cap hits the first year.
  7. Haven't done the math to make sure, but , it's a good bet, if they had run a few more seconds of clock off with each play after going up 28-3, NE runs out of time.
  8. Because that wouldn't make this nonsense go away any more than the report that the Falcons are OK with tweaking the deal did.
  9. aah, do I have to? other people's cognitive dissonance makes my head hurt.
  10. Every Super bowl winner has luck involved too. Flacco wins a game in his super bowl run because a DB lets a WR get behind him on a last second hail mary-every team that wins has that.
  11. Like to think there's an alternative universe where Blank kept Reeves on as a coach, hired a GM, then Reeves found out about the dog fighting, convinced Vick to focus on football instead and Vick became an all time great.
  12. Never said Free was better than Gurley. I said I prefer Free as a 4th rounder over Gurley as top 10 pick. The only thing you can say right now is that Gurley had a great year last year, and he did. Long way to go to become AP from that one year. For every AP, there are 50 players like Terrell Davis who do well for a year or two, then disappear. Odds are much better that Gurley is T. Davis than AP. That's all I'm saying.
  13. I'm following your post completely, I was using Ryan's cap hit from 2018 to illustrate my point. You're saying that in 2019, top ten cap hits will be 65%, because the cap will be 180 mil and Matthews and Jarrett will be another 9 mil each., bringing the top 10 cap hits to 118 out of 180, or 65% I'm saying that's wrong because the cap is going to go up more than than that and because Matthews and Jarrett first year of new deal cap hits will be less than their annual average salary. Almost every contract is set up that way. And, the cap is based on TV revenues with the current contract running until 2022 and a new 3 billion dollar deal just signed. It's much more likely that the top 10 hits for 2019 will be 112 out of 188 for 59%
  14. In 2012, Abe got hurt before the playoffs, Turner got hurt second half of the NFFCG-they stay healthy, I think the Falcons win the super bowl that year. In 2016, by the end of the Super Bowl, both starting tackles are out and the center is playing on a broken leg-with a healthy Oline, Falcons win. Then there's ish like HD tripped up by the turf monster, Edelman's catch and Neal batting the INT down instead of catching it. Every Super Bowl winner has to have a certain amount of talent & a little luck. Falcons certainly have the talent this year, can they catch the breaks this year?
  15. Cap this year is 178, going to be closer to 188 than 180, and, you're confusing average per year with cap hit. Ryan's new deal is "30 mil a year", this years cap hit for Ryan is 17.7.