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  1. So, looked at the article and looked at the link in the article about effective play action teams and, it seems to me that the correlation they're talking about is small enough that something like Big Ben being truly horrible at play action the last 7 years is enough to skew the results.
  2. aaah, quoted that before you edited it. In the words of the immortal Emily Littela, "Nevermind" Understand that Peyton was truly year to year, just saying there is precedence for that type of deal. Maybe guarantee first 3 years fully and last 2 for injury only. Agent still gets to brag about biggest guarantee ever.
  3. I know it used to be against the rules to backload a contract like that, not sure about today's contracts. Also think that you can only spread a cap hit from a bonus over 5 years, which would increase the cap hit by 2 mil a year first 5 year.
  4. that's more in line with what will actually happen, I've just been trying to think outside the box for a contract- my contract is actually like the one Peyton signed a few years ago with Denver. Do think it could work. Now that I think about your figures, I think that you can not have that big a jump in salaries, can't go from 8.5 to 34, although you could just make the difference a roster bonus and It works out the same way.
  5. See a lot of posts/threads on here about solutions to Ryan's contract "dilemma". Most of them are simply re-hashing of really old arguments that I'm just not going to dignify with an answer. Simple solution: $125 million, 5 year, fully guaranteed. Personally, I'd do 25 mil a year, that becomes fully guaranteed first day of the league year. Ryan's agent can brag about the largest guaranteed money pay out, Ryan gets 125 mil, team gets a steady cap hit and saves a little money over 30 mil a year. The fully guaranteed first day of the year is to protect the team against catastrophic injury, Ryan doesn't care, because, if he's healthy, he makes 25 a year, if the falcons cut him when he's healthy, he get a huge payday from another team.
  6. Not quite right. Brees has been paid that money already- there's is 18 mil of prorated bonuses on their cap whatever they do with Brees. If they don't re-sign him [they will], that 18 mil will accelerate into their 2019 cap.
  7. You do realize I was talking about the playoff game, right?
  8. Would have liked one more INT from him this year.
  9. Maybe he meant savant and autocorrect got him?
  10. Draft: OG 1st round, DT second , BPA after that. could be persuaded to switch first and second rounds FA: OG, Re-sign Poe. Don't see any game changer for the falcons that they can afford, so solid depth signings after the OG and Poe. Get a solid OG in FA, draft one high, between those two, Ty. Wes, Garland and Harlow, should fix the guard spots. Assuming Levtrie is gone and that one of those players will the center in a couple of years. Could have the Oline solid for 3-5 years.
  11. That's not me. That's another falconidae.
  12. Never said anything about QB controversy, don't recall anyone saying it in this thread. Main argument for me is that we need to devote high draft picks to winning the big game, not for a QB for 4-5 years from now. Favre was 36 when Rodgers was drafted, Brady was 37 when Garapollo was drafted, Ryan is 32, huge difference.
  13. Depends on too many factors to judge right now, but if Payne is available at 20, I'd use a 3rd to move up, get an OG in the second, be happy with the draft.
  14. I expect the first or second pick in the draft to be an Olineman .myself. Be really surprised if they didn't address the Oline. 22 points a game wasn't efficiently produced, that was in spite of all the problems, Better efficiency, better Oline means more points per game. For all the problems the O had, still top 8 in yards, improvement should equal more points.
  15. Think you're both underestimating all the other factors besides Sark. KS had the same Oline the entire year, give Sark just more consistent Oline play an his O looks much better. Ryan missed a lot of easy throws this year, didn't do that two years ago. Lots of drops. missed blocks, penalties. Think another guard or two makes all the difference in the world. Falcons lost their last game because they couldn't handle F Cox- hard to tell what plays would have worked because so many got blown up. Again, Sark is not KS, but this offense could be much better next year with some more talent on the Oline and better execution all around.