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  1. Odds go down with each round, although Foles and Wilson are 3rd rounders with rings. Drafting high in the first round is not the only way to get a good QB. Draft a physical talented but raw player in the 4th, let him learn behind Ryan for a couple of years, he could end being a really good QB. Used to be SOP for teams, no reason it can't work again. It allows you to put more resources into winning immediately, and , ideally, make for a better team when the new QB comes in. Teams give up boatloads of picks to pick a QB early first because they're stupid or desperate. You really want to gi
  2. Not automatic, but way too close to 50/50 odds for even a top 5 QB. For every P. Manning, there's a Ryan Leaf. Will say that top 5 or top 10 are your best odds for a franchise QB, still, it's about 60% success. People remember Mahomes, and forget about Winston and Marriota, Will also say that using one pick to get a top 5 QB is much better than using multiple first rounders. Much rather, though, have them take a developmental guy in the mid rounds, trade out of the 4th pick for multiple picks, including, ideally, a future first rounder they can use to trade for a franchise guy if n
  3. It would also be great way to show that this team is no longer run by TD.
  4. I doubt it. He couldn't throw a deep ball in the playoffs. Think the shoulder surgery took a year or two off his career. Plus ,the man has made 274 million on the field, and another 75-100 in endorsements on top of that [13 mil in 2018 alone] He'll make money with whatever he does in NOLA-he's beloved down there. The endorsement money will go way down, but will still be more money than most people see in a lifetime. He'll make millions talking about football if he wants to.
  5. Maybe that improves the odds a bit, but top 10 QBs are a 50-50 proposition.
  6. Thing is everybody wanting Wilson, or Fields, or Lawrence for that matter, how do you know you're getting Peyton Manning and not Ryan Leaf? Hindsight makes the choice really obvious, but it wasn't when they were drafted. List of top 10 drafted QBs in the 2000's isn't really pretty. Odds are better for getting a great QB in the top 5 -top 10, but the odds are still 50-50 at best., the odds go down after that.
  7. Would love to have extra picks in 2022 to draft a QB with.
  8. Game in hand? They never had the lead in the second half, how is that game in hand? A QB that was 7 of 20 with a pick, no passing TDs and a QB rating of 25. Man barely generated 100 yards of offense in 3 quarters, see no evidence that Hurts would have lead them to a victory had he stayed in. If they confront Pederson with an accusation of tanking, all he has to say is Hurts was sucking up the joint [and he was] and he wanted to see if the other QB could do any better. As much as many assume that it's tanking, may just be a bad decision.
  9. I expect that Ryan will be here next year, although, I don't think it's impossible to trade him this offesason. If a team was willing to take on some of his dead money, trade becomes possible. NE has 61 mil of cap space and no QB to speak of.
  10. Ya know, the only thing I want is for the Falcons to get it right. I have no idea what HG and GM would be best for the Falcons, just get the hires right. Don't care if they trade Ryan & Julio, burn the team to the ground, start from scratch with a new QB at 3/4. Don't care if they take a QB at 4 or trade back for multiple picks. Don't care if they try one more time with Ryan- hopefully using the top 5 pick on a defensive game changer, then pick a stud RB with pick 2 or 3. Don't care, want them to get it right.
  11. My main objection is to the trade up to get him. Odds of getting a franchise QB in the first round are about 50-50, a little better in the top 10, that's still much better than every other round. If you've got the first pick, sure go for it, but trading up is just a horrible idea.
  12. If you wanted to blow the team up, NE needs a QB and has 61 mil in cap space, according to OTC. That means that they could take some of the dead money for Ryan, along with his salary. I'm sure you can pass on dead money to a new team, it's just that no one ever wants to do that. If NE absorbs 25-30 mil of the dead money along with Ryan's salary, then the trade becomes possible. I know people were scoffing at the idea of a player paying his bonus back and his new team giving that money back to him in new contract, but, why not? Ryan has about 75 of unguaranteed money left on his deal, an
  13. Can't miss prospects miss all the time. The odds of getting a franchise QB in the top 10 are better than the rest of the draft, but not by a whole lot. David Carr got sacked 70 times as a rookie, Mayfield got sacked 48 times as a rookie. Bad teams can kill a QBs career in many different ways.
  14. Pretty sure that was worst case scenario, if no games were played at all. Good bet that the owners and the players union will work out a deal where they take money from future caps and add them to the 2021 cap, keep it close to what it was for this year.
  15. Here's a list of QBs taken number 1 overall in the 2000s: Vick, Carr, Palmer, Eli Manning, J Russell, Stafford, Bradford, Newton, Luck, Winston, Goff, [Mayfield, Murray, Burrow]. Only one to win a Super Bowl was Eli, and he was a thoroughly mediocre QB who had a couple of good postseason runs. Leaving out the 3 who got drafted last 3 years, leaves 11 4 of them you wouldn't want- J Russell, Bradford, Goff, Winston. 5 got beat up so bad their careers were cut short- Vick, Carr, Palmer, Newton, Luck Stafford has never won a postseason game. Teams made some seri
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