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  1. Ryan is top ten all time in INT%, what do you mean keep his INTs down?
  2. Seems to be some evidence that the earlier you start playing full contact football. the worse it is for you. If you have everybody below the high school level playing flag football, could help considerably with the long term health of players.
  3. Completely agree with this line of thinking, rather have him on the PUP than have him be ineffective all year and, if he's healthy and the Drs OK it, let him play whenever he's ready. My guess is, even if he hadn't had surgery, he wouldn't get more than 15-20 snaps a game for the first few games anyway. With the surgery, maybe 10-15 snaps a game, ease him into the flow of the NFL. Love to see him on fire down the stretch and into the playoffs.
  4. No, I understand the IR, PUP & injured reserve designated for return, just had no clue as to what you were referring to because you didn't say what you were referring to. You apparently thought it was obvious from context, it wasn't at all.
  5. Their stats used to be cumulative, the more you played, the higher the grade, don't know if that's so anymore.
  6. ?? So, you say you don't expect to see him until after the bye. I say, if he's healthy, no reason to wait. You say, when you don't have enough roster spots, you have no choice. I say, if Takk is healthy, he's making the roster. You say, even if he is not healthy, he is making the roster. They are not going to use there 2 free non injury spots to where they can bring a player back at anytime on Takk. Sorry, have no clue what your point is, I thought you were talking about putting him on the PUP list? Are you saying that he's not goinig to be ready to play for 6 weeks but be on the roster? Cause if you were saying that, wasn't clear at all.
  7. ?? If Takk is healthy, he's making the 53 man roster.
  8. If he's healthy, no reason for him to wait.
  9. Recovery time for his surgery is 4-6 months, looks like he's taking his rehab seriously by all reports. Should be good to go by the time the season starts. Agree with bringing him along slowly, but want to see a DLine of Takk,Poe, Jarrett and Beasley as soon as it's reasonable.
  10. Apparently, Gettleman was an AHole and just ticked off too many people.
  11. This is NFL.com reporting a bleacher report story: The Atlanta Falcons open training camp next Wednesday, but their first-round pick could be on the shelf for the beginning sessions. Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report noted that Takkarist McKinley is scheduled to sit out the early days of training camp as the pass rusher continues to progress from March shoulder surgery. The news comes from Pompei's fascinating in-depth look at McKinley, which is worth your time. McKinley's surgery came after an impressive combine workout. The UCLA product played through the torn labrum last year. His recovery period was expected to be 4-6 months. We're currently at the beginning of that time frame, so it's understandable the Falcons would ease him into training camp. On draft night, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that teams had different medical evaluations of McKinley before the first round opened. Per Rapoport, some teams believed he had a chance to be ready for the season, while others thought he'd start the season on non-football injury (NFI) list and would miss the first six games of the season. Clearly, the Falcons fell in the former group. Atlanta needs pass rushing help opposite Vic Beasley. McKinley owned a relentless motor during his college career and could provide a jolt to a young, improving Falcons defense. First, he must get to 100 percent. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000820915/article/report-takk-mckinley-will-miss-start-of-training-camp Not worried about this myself, seems like he's on track to be healthy for the season.
  12. Unsustainable offense, didn't fix the holes on the team after 2015-mainly Oline, injuries and some bad luck
  13. Been really enjoying the Panthers website the last few days. What I've learned is that both Gettleman and Hurney were incompetent.
  14. Really, why?
  15. I'm hardly the only one that thinks that Cam is going to struggle out of the gate.. Didn't say it wouldn't benefit him long term, just think he's not going to be very good at the type of throws required to start the season. That's based on Cam not being very good at those throws ever, Cam not having any time to learn them this offseason because of the surgery and because all QBs struggle to learn different systems.