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  1. I want the best player available for one of the lines at 14. If that's a DT or an OG, I'm good. AN OG that could move to center would be ideal for me. I want a game changer, An OG that keeps the interior of the pocket clean and opens holes for the run game would be fine. A DT that consistently collapses the pocket and makes plays behind the LOS is fine too. Want to see a couple of mid level FAs- one for each line-so that they have the flexibility to take whoever is at 14. I know that OL isn't the "sexy" pick, but winning games all year long by a 30 to 15 score because you can sustain drives, keep your defense fresh, make the other team one dimensional, run the ball on 3rd & 4th and 1 and run out the clock to end the game IS sexy.
  2. You don't even have to go to another game to find a missed call that is just as "bull elephant in the room" Look at the missed face mask penalty against the Saints at the goalline in the 4th quarter. How is that any less egregious? And, if they wanted the Rams to win, why not call that? Gives the Rams 1st and goal at the 2. Why not call the delay of game on the Saints when the playclock is at zero on a play they scored a TD on? And, what would they have done if Payton had just run the ball 3 times, bled clock, and kicked a FG? How did the refs know that Brees would throw a pick in OT?
  3. Are you seriously trying to argue those shots are rigged and not just a strange bounce from a strangely shaped ball?
  4. LA Rams were 31st in % of home game seats filled last year, Chargers have had trouble filling a 30K seat stadium since they got there. Not like there's a whole lot of support for the NFL in LA. Also ignores that the NFL is a global phenomena, esp. the superb owl. And, if they wanted the rams to win, why didn't they call the face mask on the saints at the goalline? Why didn't they throw the flag when play clock ran down on the Saints on the play they scored a TD? And on and on
  5. All they have to do is enforce rules already in place. There are rules about fan interference. They could have made an announcement to have them stop, then, penalized the saints if it continued.
  6. South Alabama lucky kick! South Alabama kick hits goal post and crossbar twice! Football Blooper: Field Goal Hits 4 Posts and Goes In!
  7. Seriously? I can find non calls just that egregious in every single game. Officiating sucks in the NFL. There were numerous blown calls for both sides in the game. No, there's not. It's an oblate spheriod, of course it's going to take strange bounces, that happens every game as well. The superb owl is going to one of the most watched broadcast shows of the year, no matter who is in it. Problem with your conspiracy theory is that the NFL doesn't care at all who plays and/or wins the superb owl, they are making billions off of it. Each owner is going to make upwards of 150 million this year for owning a franchise, whoever wins. They just don't care enough to cheat. Another problem is one all conspiracy theories have. Hundreds of people would have to be in on fixing games, it's just impossible that they could all be kept quiet, it just is.
  8. Rams HC should have raised #### about it and the replay officials in NY should have called down to the superdome and made the refs on the field stop it. If Payton had any class, he would have made an announcement to knock that ish off. I know I know-asking a lot of a coach who approved bounties on other teams players, still somebody should have stopped that crap.
  9. Looks like mainly one poster to me.
  10. Officials at the game should have issued a warning to the crowd and then penalized the Saints if it didn't stop. Couple of unsportsmanlike 15 yard penalties would have stopped that.
  11. And, if Ryan had a ring, people would be more inclined to forgive him for a performance like that.
  12. He had a child with another woman while in a relationship, that's pretty solid evidence he's cheated. Doesn't make him a bad guy, but does mean he has cheated.
  13. Don't know enough about college players to comment much, do like the positions taken. Would take another trench player in the second instead of the RB. Falcons have done well taking a RB in the 3rd and 4th rounds, just keep doing that. Want a deep strong, playing-on-their-first-contract DLine. Be really interested in what happens with Beaseley. Would like a 2-3 year deal with outs after every year, loaded with incentives so that, if he plays well, he gets paid, if he doesn't, Falcons will move on. Maybe something like, turn the 13 mil into two years salary instead of one , with lots of incentives, so that he can actually make more than 13 mil next year with a really good year. Just hate the idea of him going to another team and it finally clicking for him
  14. Tried it in 2012, missed with both picks, seems to have scared them off of that. Think 2 of the first 3 picks should be OL, other pick should be DL, 2 biggest FAs need to be DL and OL as well. Get those right, Falcons can roll next year.