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  1. Click on your user name in right hand corner, choose "ignored users" from the drop down menu, takes you to a page where you can add an ignored user to the list. Then, you'll only see them when someone quotes them.
  2. You also thought they meant something more than coachspeak:
  3. Think they have some calculation based on player salary and type of play that drew the fine.
  4. Quinn keeps saying nice things about Riley too, same presser even. Of course, when he says something positive about Riley, it's just coach speak, when he says something negative, means Riley is getting benched.
  5. Aaah, missed that. Thanks.
  6. Less than 300 snaps as a player, 1 start at MLB.. That's really not enough to say anything except that he hasn't been good yet.
  7. Torey Smith, the Panthers player who retaliated. Will fix in OP.
  8. https://247sports.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/Article/NFL-fines-Damontae-Kazee-for-Cam-Newton-hit-122242672/ 10,026 to be exact. Also what Torey Smith got for retaliating. And Takk for throwing a punch. Apparently no suspension, since I'm pretty sure they announce these together. Hope Kazee has learned. Need him on the field this year.
  9. Saints are missing some players too, and they have hardly played lights out to start the season.
  10. Be a really good game for Senat to go off and crush the interior Oline for the Saints.
  11. Why is what Quinn says about Foye any more valid than what he says about Riley? Quinn says Riley did a good job, you claim Quinn is just being kind, when Quinn says Foye did a good job, you say it's because Quinn is about replace Riley with Foye.
  12. Or, you know, Quinn is telling the truth, that was his first game as a MLB and he was gassed at the end. He's never played that many snaps in a game, easy for a young player to lose technique when he's tired. "So on the first game for him taking all the calls, we were encouraged" I know what you think of Riley, DQ seems to disagree. I know DQ ain't perfect, but he's got a really good track record on developing players, both here and in Seattle. If DQ keeps starting him. Here's what I'm hoping for, that Riley looks much better in practice and that he just needs more time.
  13. Key to the game is Jarrett [and Senat?] getting pressure up the middle. If they do that, Falcons win easily.
  14. And he's confused as to why people don't take him seriously. Did I see a graphic, not this game, but earlier in the season, where Taylor is on his 7th offense in his 7th season?