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  1. That's exactly what I was going to say. didn't say anything concrete in the whole thing, which is fine, didn't hear anything that made me think that Neal was history.
  2. That'd be my take, but, if the Falcons cut Mack and put Henny in place, I'll assume it's because they know Mack is too beat up to be effective.
  3. They can cut Bailey, Allen, Brown and Carpenter and have 20 mil in cap space.
  4. Hard to say, it may be a new coaching regime comes in and wants their own guy, and Ryan has 2-3 good years left. It'd be possible to trade him in 2 years. Even at 37-38, Ryan would command a good price, might luck out and go to a team that just needed a QB and win a ring. Ideally, another ring. If Quinn and Ryan win a ring next year or so, they both get to stay as long as they want.
  5. Love to see him as a dynamic return guy this year, that's something they have had here in a while. Get a few snaps in as a WR. Maybe be the offensive equivalent of Brent Grimes.
  6. Cut one of Carpenter and Brown, let the other back up the interior Oline Problem wasn't letting Mudduck a year early- he never played another snap after the Falcons let him go-even if he only had a year left, good centers are always in demand-problem was Konz was a disaster. I'm OK with whatever they decide to do- if Cognac wins the job in TC, cut Mack, let the rookie play. Think it's much more likely that they let Mack play this year, with, ideally, the rookie playing LG, and letting Mack go next year. Also really be OK with a 1 year extension for Mack, give him a little more money, gives the Falcons protection if Henny is a slow learner. Means there'd be some dead money if they cut Mack, but is shouldn't be too much and seems like a reasonable risk.
  7. Love the story I heard on Braves radio that he would deliberately get lit up by players in spring training to set those same batters up for the regular season.
  8. If Means and Cominsky develop, the DLine takes a huge step forward. Be nice to have a young, good, deep DLine.
  9. Be nice if the Falcons finally got the DLine right. If Cominsky, Davison, Grady and Fowler work out, granted that's still IF, but IF they do, that's a DLine core in place for years.
  10. Assuming they can get adequate testing, should be able to play games- keep the teams quarantined the whole season, no fans. No fans means you could use small stadiums, or even practice fields. Think college football is much more problematic, so you could play Saturday and Sunday games. Be weird, but, think it could be done.
  11. It's a brand new number this year.
  12. I think it's a tremendous offseason in the sense that everything they've done looks really good. Huge fan of the draft, the FA signings look good as well. I like how much effort they've put into making the lines better last two years. If that effort pays off this year, going to be a fun team to watch. Won't know until they play a few games, but like what they've done. Yes, those with long memories will remember I said that last year, sigh. Still, very hopeful for this season. One thing I've very glad of is that TDQ didn't decide to make a Julio type trade to get Chase Young, I thought that they might have done that because their jobs were on the line and "screw next year, if this doesn't work, won't be my problem."
  13. Those numbers are cumulative. Good bet that, in two years, that number for Ryan is 103+
  14. Yeah, that's an almost universal comment by the armchair GMs here- looked bad in his last game. Never mind he was the starting corner who took the best WR for 2 years on a a team that went 29-1, with a national championship. They were in back to back championship games, if the games had been reversed, people here would be thrilled with the pick- he had a pick 6 in that game.
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