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  1. Same here, as much as that loss hurt, Falcons can still get a playoff spot. Have to win Sunday. And Thursday, Then Sunday again, and so forth. If Deon can provide the spark the defense needs, got a chance.
  2. Man, that sucks. When this team wins everyone from DQ on down is involved, sadly, same thing when they lose.
  3. Kuechley has had similar concussion issues to Free and seems to be doing just fine in Carolina. Other players have had multiple concussions and been just fine. Others have a couple of concussions and never recover. Way too many variables for anyone on this board to make an evaluation of the risk for Free. Free could play the rest of his career without another concussion. If the Falcons and freeman think it's worth the risk, I'm good with that. A healthy rested Freeman in the playoffs could be the difference between winning and going home. If he's healthy, let him play.
  4. Think the lack of blitz pick up is greatly exaggerated . scouting reports on Freeman before the draft: NFL.com Reliable in pass protection. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/devonta-freeman?id=2543583 SBNation He doesn't have to be taken off the field on pass plays because his blocking is sound https://www.sbnation.com/nfl-mock-draft/2014/4/27/5658746/devonta-freeman-scouting-report The ringer in 2017 Whether it’s running between the tackles, picking up a blitz, or taking a pass out of the backfield, both Freeman and Coleman are equally adept at doing it all. https://www.theringer.com/2017/1/27/16039664/atlantas-running-backs-are-playing-positionless-football-be87a232682f FO in 2017 Freeman is an excellent route runner who can also be trusted in pass protection. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2017/film-room-devonta-freeman https://twitter.com/Cianaf/status/812433831919816704
  5. And every single OLine starter was on the injury report this week.
  6. Falcons made it to the super bowl with his pass blocking, that's a little overblown. People are acting as if he never made an effective pass pro block. That's just not true. People just remember the ones he's missed. Yeah, he's missed some blocks, so has Coleman. Coleman got better at pass pro, no reason that Freeman can't. Concussion is a concern, but there's nothing that says another concussion is inevitable. The threat of a concussion doesn't impair his play if he is otherwise healthy So, yeah, if his body is healed by the surgery, he can come back and be an incredibly effective piece on this team.
  7. You know @Tandy, when I saw the thread title, thought it was going to be an actual graph. That you were just making a bad pun. This is soooo much better, thanks.
  8. Yes he would have. He's always been better, when healthy, of finding a crease and hitting it. Also has better vision that Coleman, some of that #### Oline comes from Coleman and Smith missing the hole. I LIKE Coleman, not saying anything negative about him here, just that Free has different skills that would have worked better with the Oline.
  9. It's a simple question, if Free is back to his 2015-2016 self, do you want him or Ito in the lineup? If you say Ito, you misunderstood the question. Think there's lot lot to like in Ito's game and he's done a good job of being the second RB, but don't see 1500 yards from scrimmage and double digit TDs in his game right now.
  10. Yeah, it's not very realistic at the moment, but things can change quickly in the NFL. If the Falcons keeping winning and the Saints drop 1 of their next 2 games, they would be 8-3 while the falcons would be 7-4. One game back with 5 to play would make the last few games much more interesting.
  11. Ya know, people keep expecting the Saints to just roll to the division title, but what if they have their run of injuries & bad luck next few weeks? Falcons get on a roll and the Saints slump. division is still possible.
  12. They could manage both in 2019, one of them would have to go by 2020. As far as the OP's question, in 2015, Free had 1600 yards from scrimmage with 14 TDs, in 2016 1500 yards and 13 TDs. Pretty sure the offense could use that type of production. If Free is healthy, offense won't miss a beat, will actually get better. Problem is that Free hasn't been healthy since 2016. Pass blocking problems are exaggerated, not that he hasn't missed some blocks, but some of you are acting as if he never makes a block.
  13. I know PFF penalizes mistakes severely, but how many mistakes do you have to make to negate a 6 TD advantage?
  14. Players the falcons have drafted in the 4th round or later since DQ & TD started working together. Hardy, Jarrett, Campbell Schweitzer, Kazee, Saubert, Smith, Gage, Olokun That's 4 that are starting, 4 that are solid contributers and a joker TE that may still develop. Hill is also on the roster, means the Falcons haven't given up on him yet either. Don't know how that compares to other teams, seems like pretty good work to me.
  15. And now, if you go on the Panthers messageboard, they're calling Poe overrated and talking about how much Kuechley misses Starr.