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  1. You're the one who keeps making the claim, up to you to provide support for it.
  2. Yeah, as has already been said here, think Julio's holdout this year was meant to influence next year.
  3. Why? Give me one reason I should worry about that that isn't rank speculation.
  4. You know, no new contract doesn't mean they can't do some things to make Julio happy. Think they could add a voidable year to the current contract, convert this years salary to signing bonus, spread the hit out over 4 years and it's still the same contract.
  5. You talkin' 'bout YKW?
  6. And what if there isn't a drop off? What if, during TC and preseason, Falcons discover that Ito is just as good, or almost as good, as the other two? Really good situation to have. Unlikely? yeah, but see no reason to rule that out completely.
  7. Oh, I knew he was showing up too, I was just thinking about how obnoxious the board would have been for the next couple of weeks if he hadn't.
  8. All kidding aside, I am glad Julio showed up, would have ramped up the speculation about Julio and TC and made it worse than it already was.
  9. 6th WR will probably have to return kicks as well. Love to see Davis claim that spot.
  10. It would, that ticks me off just as much as the pass plays at the end. If they'd done both, they win by double digits.
  11. Never wanted to go back through the box score of that game, pretty sure that, if he had simply snapped the ball with a second left on every play after 28-3, Pats just run out of time.
  12. I'd add a "/" to Hall, make it Hall/Davis. Love to see Davis be the 6th WR/PR this year, and move up a notch every year. [till he gets to #3 WR, don't expect him to be a number 1]
  13. Think it's when Quinn develops Senat. Senat seems like a classic Quinn type player. That's going to be an amazing front 4-all homegrown, 2-3 of them on rookie contracts.
  14. PFR uses a service that gives you those links, otherwise, link looks like this: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/play_finder.cgi?request=1&match=summary_all&player_id_hint=Matt+Ryan&player_id_select=Matt+Ryan&player_id=RyanMa00&idx=players_pbp&year_min=2008&year_max=2017&game_type=P&game_result=T&game_num_min=0&game_num_max=99&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&quarter[]=1&quarter[]=2&quarter[]=3&quarter[]=4&quarter[]=5&tr_gtlt=lt&minutes=15&seconds=0&down[]=0&down[]=1&down[]=2&down[]=3&down[]=4&field_pos_min_field=opp&field_pos_min=1&field_pos_max_field=opp&field_pos_max=19&end_field_pos_min_field=team&end_field_pos_max_field=team&type[]=PASS&no_play=N&turnover_type[]=interception&turnover_type[]=fumble&score_type[]=touchdown&score_type[]=field_goal&score_type[]=safety&rush_direction[]=LE&rush_direction[]=LT&rush_direction[]=LG&rush_direction[]=M&rush_direction[]=RG&rush_direction[]=RT&rush_direction[]=RE&pass_location[]=SL&pass_location[]=SM&pass_location[]=SR&pass_location[]=DL&pass_location[]=DM&pass_location[]=DR&order_by=game_date