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  1. Hype it up y'all! In Brotherhood Superbowl Edition
  2. Agreed. Our lack of pass rush is definitely going to the thing that's going to hurt us the most defensively versus decent QB's. For me it's the fact that we don't get pressure up the middle which is crucial.
  3. I think we saw today that you need to always ride your workhorse to get into an offensive rhythm. Throughout the game we saw that Freeman was working, he just needed the touches. Honestly, he probably could have rushed for close to 200 yards had Shanahan not gotten all cute reading the press clippings of how awesome the passing game is and Matt Ryan eyeballing his primary and turning the ball over. I'm totally ecstatic the team is 5-0, but today was a prime example of getting too cute and a STILL weak pass rush almost costing us a game. Anyways, enjoy today and get ready for another dog fight against the Saints. #NFCSouth best division in football record wise AGAIN!
  4. It's not a stretch that the Falcons could lose on Sunday.
  5. If the offense keeps stalling there going to wear our defense out with their RB rotation.
  6. This is what i was talking about, adjustments. It seems like Philly has made a few.
  7. Trying to strip the ball instead of making the tackle.
  8. I hope they keep the intensity on both sides of the ball. Sometimes halftime changes things.
  9. Thank goodness. A field goal would have really dampened my spirits.
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