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  1. I booked a room for the away trip and am not going to be able to make it now.


    Fri the 13th to Mon the 16th


    Embassy Suites Santa Clara Silicon Valley...very close to stadium


    Embassy suites offers free full made to order breakfast in the morning and also does complimentary drinks and snacks from 5-730 nightly


    It is paid in full and I can add your name on to the reservation for you to use. Must be over 21 and have a valid credit card for incidentals at check in

    I paid 472 all in but willing to give a deal to a falcons fan

    send me a message if you would like more info or  to make arrangements on getting the room


  2. We need to be LOUD!!! at the Dome tomorrow.

    This is a huge game for us.

    We NEED the 12th man tomorrow.

    We don't want the center to be able to hear Brees call for the snap.

    Anyone that can talk on Monday didn't do their job on Sunday.

    Row 133 front row will be LOUD!!!


    Section 132 front row will be right there with you.

    I do not want the Saints line to hear anything on 3RD down!


    12th man needs to show up today!

  3. PETE!!! hey! I havent seen you yet this year!! whats up?? you coming to char??

    For everyone, my friends and I are getting rooms in the omni. So if anyone is around there saturday, you should hook up with us and I'll get everyone to whereever the decided party spot is (i.e. what dipper comes up with lol )

    We are thinking of taking a day trip.

    Gas to bring the 12th Man Fan Van would run about 300 bucks.

    We will decide later this week.

    I am very excited about seeing how we do in our second road game. I think we can grab a W this time.

    Charlotte is always a great road trip. Missed it last year.

    If we do go we will definatley be representing on Graham street!!!!


    There is a new MIKE in Town!

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