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  1. I voted for our Dline vs their Oline..I think the Vikings kept us from scoring too much last time and I don’t think they will be able to do that again...if we can get to their QB and put pressure on him, then we should run away with this game.if not, could be a back and forth battle
  2. Didn’t someone in Arthur Blank’s family design the uniforms? If so, probably won’t be getting a uniform change anytime soon
  3. Not really sure Arizona would be willing to trade him. They have a mobile qb now, that also helps open up the run gave bc they have to watch another guy back there to run...not really seeing this as an option
  4. I guess I should state why I said Hageman. I’m big on comeback stories and he seems to have taken a turn for the better. Now he knows what it’s like to fail and he hopefully will be fighting for his career out there all year long. I know everyone is fighting for their careers but Hageman has a taste of what it’s like to be let go and I’m sure he doesn’t want that taste again for a while
  5. They usually can snap a ball between their legs fairly well
  6. Trade up to 3 - Williams Trade up to 8 - Oliver Stay put at 14 - Deandre Baker
  7. Oh I know..I’m just talking about teams that are saying he’s totally off their draft board is idiotic
  8. I know if he’s there in the 7th round and it’s a roll of the dice for any player at that point, I’m taking Sweat and taking the chance on him because there are successful people in the NFL with the same take him completely off of your draft board for something he’s probably had for a while is not smart and worth the risk for a 7th round pick
  9. Georgia State alum
  10. I make toilet paper for a living...looks like job security is still there!
  11. She said he said that..I hope he didn't kill the dog but I will wait until facts come out..wouldn't be the first time someone lied on a police report..but if he's guilty, see ya!
  12. They are getting a great deal of he's healthy