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  1. I’d be disappointed if the team laid down but with incentives and all, that’s not going to happen. I want us to lose out to give us the best opportunity to pick the best available player. I love seeing this team win but we have so many holes on this team and every pick gain is help in my eyes.
  2. I bought a Gurley jersey in April the day they came out for $150. They said it would be no later than October. Never saw it so I called. They gave me basically 75% of my money back and I’m still getting it but it won’t be until February 2021. Gurley might not be a Falcon then but he was my favorite Dawg, on my favorite NFL team, wearing my favorite number so I had to get it!
  3. I think it was Quinn’s scheme. I remember the defense talking about how simple it was for them and they could just fly around and make plays. If it was simple for them, then it was probably simple for offenses to figure out how to beat it.
  4. Let him fumble a few and I’ll take that “f” right out!!
  5. I’m not big on having a rookie for that role but if that’s the main thing he is focusing on then that shouldn’t be an issue. Looks to be a shifty guy so I could see him being good. We shall see!
  6. So honest question, what’s the difference between LG and RG? Would the LG need to be better at pass protection and the RG need to better at run blocking? Or is there something else that I am missing?
  7. I ordered a black Gurley and it’s not going to be here until October as well. I wonder what’s up with the long delay. COVID-19?
  8. I can agree that he earned the MVP of his last Super Bowl, but you will never convince me that he deserved his first one. 56% comp, 2tds and and int. Meanwhile, the defense held the Pats to only 14 points. When they were dominating all year and never scored below 20 all season. Just look at some of the scores they were consistently putting up. There was someone more deserving on defense like Justin Tuck.
  9. If Ryan EVER had a top 10 defense to help him out, I’d start to agree with this. Ryan’s stats are HoF numbers but y’all just call them fluff because we don’t have any rings. I’ll put it this way, the only reason that Eli Manning is anywhere near the HoF conversation is because he had a defense to support him with those Super Bowl wins.
  10. I’ll bite since I had one about a month or so ago. I had a dream that I was a LB for the Falcons but I had no real skills or knowledge of the position. Like I was just running around getting lucky getting INTs and being at the right place at the right time. I remember thinking in my dream that my luck was going to run out but I kept forcing fumbles and getting INTs and I was a fan favorite. Pretty cool dream but I thought it was funny how even in my dream I knew that I wasn’t really any good!
  11. I was going to marry Stephanie from Full House when I was a kid.
  12. I met McKay once walking around before a game. I was surprised no one knew who he was so me being the “obnoxious fan” I went up and asked for a picture. He was nice as could be but wouldn’t stop trying to get me to buy season tickets. I told him if they had anymore high paying jobs like his in the organization that I could have then I would think about it.
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