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  1. Well, we don't need crappy fans like that..see ya!
  2. I was just going to put him down...I'm mainly just a lurker that will post every now and then but he always had posts that you could see where he knew what he was talking about
  3. Falcons- we have the closest thing to a complete team. The positions we are weak at, we have young talent there waiting to develop like TE and G. It's hard seeing us having a slump with the talent that is on our roster Panthers- it seems like every other year Cam has a good year and sad to say, this is his year for a good one after a bad season last year. Their defense is always at the top when healthy so I think hey will be our biggest challenge on repeating the division. Bucs- all I've heard about is how much they have improved but Winston just doesn't scare me. He's got some weapons now but that head of his finds a way to screw it up. I just see them continuing being around a .500 ball club. Saints- literally just Brees and a terrible defense. Curious to see what AD does bc if there's one back who can succeed after 30, it's him (not worried about them being over .500 though)
  4. First and only game there was Game 2 of the 95 World Series when I was in 7th grade...still remember sitting in right field about 10 rows up
  5. Dammit just run the stupid ball after the Julio catch and make them use their timeouts or run some clock and kick the 30ish yard fg (that is of Freeman couldn't find a hole and get a first down) and be up by 2 scores with time erased or no timeouts for was too freaking easy no I'm still not over
  6. Just thinking about this question makes you realize how young we are on's crazy to me that in Quinn's 3rd year, we are excited about our defense...I figured it'd take 5 years to get where we needed to be since we consistently ranked last on defense...Quinn has put his guys in place and it is going to be exciting to watch!
  7. I can't say I'm more excited bc we have some of the best weapons in the NFL when it comes to our offense...I can say that our defense has potential now and for the next few years to be a dominant force in the's crazy the amount of talent we have now considering how it was before Quinn arrived
  8. A lot of people are focusing on how he handled himself after being drafted. I'll admit, it was pretty painful to watch, but what he showed is that he has passion. He told his grandma he was going to do something and he did it, all while honoring his grandma. I think we have a special guy that just may be a little rough around the edges and that's just what we need on this defense.
  9. I don't think Allen gets replaced just yet...he is in his 3rd year at playing safety and we all know about what they say about year's when we find out if they are for real or not...I'm thinking we might grab someone in the 4th or so to be a backup in case he doesn't work out but we could do a lot worse than him
  10. I was thinking it was Dwight or whatever the guy with the burnt face name is that Rosita saw
  11. This^^^^...couldn't, for the life of me, understand what we were doing..Julio's catch put us in the right position to go up 2 scores with 3 min made 0 sense!!!
  12. 34-24 Falcons!
  13. Seems like he just protected himself with picking us...said we would be the laughing stock of every locker room if we lost this game to the injury-plagued Packers...basically he's right if we win, but if by chance we lose, he's just going to rub it in...Heath is the worst analyst there is
  14. Has he played at the dome before?..I remember going to a game a few years ago and they had a saxophone..he had the same jazzy sound but I have no clue if it's the same guy or not.
  15. I want Dallas...I work with too many cowboy fans and they need to be quieted a little...I don't think they make it past GB this time around though