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  1. And would have a Super Bowl appearance that year if Roddy didn’t get interfered with by Bowman. Play happened right in front of me!
  2. I was really hoping for Aldon Smith as a low risk, high reward type guy but the Seahawks swooped him up. Maybe Justin Houston now?
  3. While the players in the secondary seemed to have improved. Our line has stayed stagnant. Right now it looks like our starters are Fowler, Davison, Jarrett, JTM. This not good and I don’t think the LOB could succeed with that line.
  4. Saw math and Alabama in the same post...didn’t know they knew how to do that!
  5. I’m honestly excited about Mingo. I don’t know why but just think he will be a good addition for us.
  6. I know the league year starts on March 17th at 4:00pm but is there a time that the legal tampering period starts on March 15th?
  7. I guess it’s better than “embrace the suck.” I know it’s not a Falcons motto but just thought it was funny.
  8. I’m thinking we re-sign Neal. He’s been injured in the past so I don’t think he will be that expensive to keep. I don’t like the idea of going into the year with two new starting safeties. I know I’m in the minority, but I think he signs for a team friendly deal.
  9. We fell for the same thing with Ray Edwards. Shined from playing with a great line. My only thing is why would Morris call out an injured player? Did we not know that he was hurt?
  10. I’d be disappointed if the team laid down but with incentives and all, that’s not going to happen. I want us to lose out to give us the best opportunity to pick the best available player. I love seeing this team win but we have so many holes on this team and every pick gain is help in my eyes.
  11. I bought a Gurley jersey in April the day they came out for $150. They said it would be no later than October. Never saw it so I called. They gave me basically 75% of my money back and I’m still getting it but it won’t be until February 2021. Gurley might not be a Falcon then but he was my favorite Dawg, on my favorite NFL team, wearing my favorite number so I had to get it!
  12. I think it was Quinn’s scheme. I remember the defense talking about how simple it was for them and they could just fly around and make plays. If it was simple for them, then it was probably simple for offenses to figure out how to beat it.
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