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  1. Might wanna read my post..I said seriously just a question..then my next post was that I will watch again today..but seriously 3 sacks doesn’t add up to a lot of pressure..constant pressure is what I will look for today when I watch today but 3 sacks can be misleading if that’s the only pressure we got..I seriously don’t know what the answer is so that’s why I’m rewatching in a little bit today
  2. Ok thanks..I seriously didn’t know but it did feel like we weren’t but I’m busy and couldn’t really look..going to rewatch the game tomorrow night
  3. Seriously just a question but did we even get to the qb yesterday? doesn’t matter how good your corners are if the qb can sit back there and sling it
  4. but yeah, keep listening to fake news...does he go a little too far on social media? Probably so but he loves this country and there’s no doubt about that
  5. Yeah like how he keeps denouncing any and all hate but the left keeps saying he won’t denounce the kkk..when he’s said it multiple times...keep listening to that fake news so that it brainwashes you even more
  6. He’s doing it to bypass the media bc they are fake news..has proved it over and over..just bc we don’t stay on there and like or retweet everything doesn’t mean we don’t get his message..can he go overboard with it some? Yes but I love the fact that there is no middle man construing what he says
  7. It’s called the silent majority for a reason...saying Eminem is more popular than Trump bc of likes or retweets or whatever is just plain stupid...I have a Twitter but rarely use it at all...I’m hoping your post is a joke bc it’s plain out dumb
  8. I'm thinking it's at 10..but even if not, we've been on the wrong side of so many bad calls, I don't feel bad for one going our way for once...they missed calls on us too like Julio being interfered with near the was just like, but maybe not as bad as, when Seattle held his arm down and got the no call
  9. If there's one part of our defense that I'm not worried about, it's the line...and I've waited YEARS as a Falcons fan to be able to say that
  10. That's what I'm saying..they don't watch the games and what actually happens but will look at the stat line and say "Ryan sucks"
  11. He is doing his job...our qb hits speak for themselves...we didn't get much pressure today but we were also missing on of the leagues best edge rushers
  12. Work tomorrow is going to be fun..I work with a bunch of guys who are cowboy fans and they just look at the stat line of the Falcons game and make judgements off of that..they will say how Ryan was off and how he's back to his old 2015 self throwing interceptions...I've never seen fans from one team have no clue above what they are talking about!
  13. I just don't see it with Tampa...they are always the preseason champs esp the past few years..they added Jackson but I'm really not scared of him at all..their starting rb is Rodgers as of now and could steal it completely from Martin..Carolina's defense is still one of the best when healthy and Carolina is usually good every other year with this being time for their "good year"
  14. I don't get it..our 1st teams looked great..yeah, the 3rd game wasn't a good start but I think the offense scored on the first possession of the first two games..and the 1st team defense has played lights excited I am for our offense, I am equally, if not more, excited about the defense..and that's the first time I have said that since really ever!