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  1. If you're getting it on PS4, I read something recently that said Sony would be throttling game downloads during the virus outbreak.
  2. Kurt Benkert is currently live in the Streamer Bowl.
  3. That's crazy talk. That would be like if the Hawks had traded Dominique Wilkins (and a first round pick) because he was in the final year of his contract in exchange for Danny Manning (who was also in the final year of his contract) when they were knocking on the door of a championship season. Oh. Wait...
  4. Gold pants is just way too close to Saints and Niners colors. Hard pass.
  5. Why is the left?
  6. His first name is actually Sheev.
  7. I know that KOG had personal stuff going on. Not sure if that's what's kept him away or not.
  8. Before I vote in this fake scenario, did we maintain a 25 point lead or did we barely win?
  9. Drinking, from what I understand. Colorado has an extremely high amount of breweries, per capital. And, CSU has a brewery and bar on campus.
  10. CSU is potentially one of the worst places for Sark, given his personal history.
  11. There will never be a world where Leto's Joker is appreciated. Nicholson and Romero had much better portrayals and one of those was intentionally campy.
  12. I thought about that after I made the post. I wasn't fishing to increase my rep. I literally just can't stand the banter between the old dudes in this thread. I wish they'd keep it out of here.
  13. If you're staying on PS4, we should try to play together some time. I've been playing since The Dark Below.