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  1. I finally went and rewatched Endgame. The two deaths still get me choked up.
  2. Paper on earth is made from wood pulp. We don't know how it's made anywhere else. The end.
  3. I may have asked this before, but have you tried Horizon Zero Dawn?
  4. What type of games do you like, and which consoles do you have?
  5. Yeah. I don't foresee that one panning out very well (and, for the record, I thought casting Heath Ledger as Joker and Ben Affleck as Batman were both good ideas).
  6. As long as he won't be a Bruce Wayne version of Batman, it might work.
  7. Yeah. People getting upset because we didn't pick a UGA player just for the sake of picking a UGA player are being ridiculous. A player at a position of need that fits or scheme is the only reason I'd want one picked. The only two I would have put that label on this year were Baker and Gaillard. I'm also on board with the idea of grabbing Swift. I think he'd be an even better fit than Gurley would have been (especially given team needs at the time).
  8. Cool story, bro.
  9. Not gonna lie, I also got choked up at that scene. The Natasha death is the one that pushed me over the edge, though. Shed a couple of tears on that one.
  10. We get it, Steve. You don't like the new Star Wars movies. No need to repeat yourself in every thread.
  11. Great summary. So many fans dogged the team last year when the reality is that it was remarkable to even sniff the idea of making the playoffs.
  12. Don't forget this line by Happy in Spider-man Homecoming: "Yeah, don't you watch the news? Tony sold Avengers Tower. We're relocating to a new facility..." I'm hoping that line was left intentionally vague and that the new owner ends up being Reed Richards.
  13. People really snapped up those tickets, huh? I'll show myself to the door.
  14. Welcome to TATF in the off season.
  15. I really enjoyed Captain Marvel. Of course, now I'm itching for End Game even more than I was before.