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  1. I struggled to watch the entire season. They took way too long to set up the ending and used too many plot lines to do so. I found it hard to care about any of the characters.
  2. Don't worry. We'll post spoilers for ya! 😉
  3. https://twitter.com/SpiderManMovie/status/1395135899483054080
  4. I am going to say it... Episode 7 is the real turning point. But, I'd recommend watching at least the first 4 before writing it off. I loved the series, but even I can admit the first two episodes were rough. They are not even close to indicative of the series as a whole.
  5. How far in did you make it before you stopped?
  6. I think I like the idea of a mid-week release better.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdpxoFcdORI
  8. It was actually Banner, but whatever. 🤓
  9. I honestly think the shows have intentionally been set up that way. I think the powers that be behind WandaVision WANTED us to talk about the show that much. No need to run the hype train yourself when the internet will do it for you.
  10. They also mentioned him during the scene when they were loading the plane... "it's the Power Broker's men"
  11. The Power Broker references have been in the graphics shown during the credits. Lots of interesting tidbits in those, TBH.
  12. I'd much rather have the TV series' for some of these stories. There's more screen time than you get with a movie which tends to give more time for character development.
  13. Dr Strange is currently being filmed. Elizabeth Olsen went straight from filming WandaVision to filming Dr Strange.
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