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  1. Someone remind me of the results the last time we faced the Broncos... 🤔
  2. I had hoped we would win 11 in a row, but had realistic expectations that we would probably lose a few more along the way. I just expected that those losses would be against teams with winning records.
  3. I was definitely going to comment on the fact that their top receiver is a running back. 😆
  4. This was from 2013. Some things never seem to change. 😔
  5. Absolutely. I considered buying the Destiny edition of the PS4, but shied away because it was white. I surely hope we get an option on the 5.
  6. Except for the part where you quoted Chef and proceeded to call him out. Again, not everyone is in the financial position to attend games. I agree that they shouldn't be calling out others for behavior they themselves are not engaging in. But, that's not what Chef was doing.
  7. If you'll go back and read it, Chef never called anyone out for not attending. He simply stated the obvious fact that anyone watching the games could tell you - the seats are not usually full (even for sold out games). Quiet frankly, I personally get tired of the STH's that talk down to the rest of the fans as if their financial station in life somehow makes them a superior fan of the team.
  8. This is such a short-sighted argument and one that doesn't apply in this case, at least not in the case of Chef.
  9. In Chef's defense, it's hard to attend home games when you live over 1,000 miles away. I can assure you he would attend at least one home game a year, if not more, if he lived closer.
  10. I agree that The Flash has been the best show out of the group. Even then, I found that each season felt longer than necessary and the base plot arc was so repetitive that it became predictable.
  11. I tried to keep up with that whole group of shows, but the writing and acting continued to make me cringe as much after a few years as it did in the beginning. I just couldn't keep watching. 😔
  12. Sadly, only players drafted in the top ten are allowed to be good. Such a waste. All the more reason why we should have traded up this year. [/sarcasm]
  13. I really liked that group of players, but I'd personally have to go with 2016. I attended the Denver game that year, so being a part of that run would have been awesome. Not to mention, the SB was played on my birthday.
  14. I started watching the game against UGA since he was lined up against Andrew Thomas (just the #4 overall pick in the draft), but didn't get to finish it. I'd be interested to see a breakdown of that game.
  15. My son pitched an interesting theory to me tonight, but I'm going to give it a little more time before I share due to possible spoilers from Season 7 of The Clone Wars.
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