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  1. I think what "triggered" most people was the use of the word "we". I've lived in Colorado for 15 out of the last 20 years. I've adopted the Broncos as my AFC team. I still wouldn't refer to them as "we", though.
  2. Technically, it's probably speed tape - designed to withstand air travel. But, it's also not a reassuring sight to the layperson.
  3. Go back and watch his tape from the 2017 season. Was he perfect? No. Did he play well? Yes. He was comfortable last season knowing that he could rely on Neal and Allen.
  4. Alford had a rough 2018, no doubt. But he actually looked pretty good in 2017. I think the losses of Neal and Allen impacted him mentally and he overcompensated.
  5. If only they had actually been silenced. At the same time, in this one case, I'm glad they're not. LOL
  6. This has been the gift that just keeps on giving.
  7. Perhaps, based on your user name, you remember the NFCCG from 2012 and the missed PI call at the end of the game. Same feeling the Saints fans have. They told us we should have done more and to stop crying. We're just over here enjoying every second of returning the favor.
  8. If Daron Payne can go at 13, it's not unimaginable that Williams could last until 11.
  9. I think that's a very reasonable price for that game. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. I think the GoW that was free was the third one, not the new one. So, don't kick yourself too hard for missing out.
  11. God of War is a good game. The controls were a little too complex for me to play it on a casual basis.
  12. And, it was a pretty convincing win over Washington, at that.
  13. It seems pretty clear that Soros is pulling strings on the liberal side. Not sure who is holding the reins of the conservatives, though.
  14. My biggest reason for mentioning subsidies is that people say we should remove them from fossil fuels to even the playing field. I say we either remove none or all. Without subsidies, I imagine that fossil fuels would suffer a decline. Without subsidies, wind turbine sales stopped altogether.
  15. I used to work for one of the larger manufacturers of wind turbines. I also go laid off by said manufacturer. Why? Because they had to scale back their workforce several years ago when the federal government stopped providing purchase subsidies for wind turbines. It seems no one really wanted to buy them unless they got a break from the government. No orders = no work. The thing is, the price of a wind turbine is not cost effective. I've seen reports that say, even at max capacity/runtime, they do not produce enough energy in their lifespan to recover the cost of purchase.