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  1. In that case... I commented because you present yourself as all high and mighty and I thought it was interesting that you allow your beliefs to be swayed so easily by the actions of others.
  2. Ran across this link and figured I'd share it:
  3. So... your beliefs are based upon how others act? Good to know.
  4. Isn't that common for people your age, though?
  5. Ultimately, nothing is immoral about making a profit. HOW that profit is made can be immoral. Forcing people to pay into a system (insurance) that turns a profit IS immoral. Trying to do away with any type of free market system when the industry still turns a profit (single payer) is immoral on steroids.
  6. To set the record straight, I was the one that made the mechanic analogy, not Dago. And thanks for finally bringing it back up. I was worried you were more interested in arguing than discussing. I'll rebut the points you made. Your reference to decisions made during surgery don't match the narrative. That's akin to asking an emergency services worker for a body shop estimate prior to using the jaws of life to free you after an accident. I'm asking for better explanation of costs and procedures in non-emergency situations. If certain treatments are legitimately optional, let the patient decide those based on cost. Far too often (especially in the ER), those things are done without explanation. The patient is then left to foot the bill, as you put it, to help make up for other patients.
  7. Price transparency and options would be a good place to start. I'll use auto repair as an analogy... When I take my car to the shop, I get a list of repairs needed along with their prices. I also can get a breakdown of what's vital and what's simply optional. If we could implement some rules that require something similar in the medical field, it would be a good start.
  8. ^^ Too bad Matt had a noodle arm, amirite?
  9. Just because the vocal ones are trolls doesn't mean there aren't more. I just don't bother debating with most of the vocal liberals here because they take an elitist position and aren't actually open to discussion.
  10. She spelled publicly wrong.
  11. I use a combo of Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and PlayStation Vue.
  12. You can't blame cell companies for distracted drivers any more than you can blame a gun manufacturer for a shooting. It's personal responsibility in both cases.
  13. Perhaps the gaggle of you that find the need to attack dirtyhairy on a constant basis could do a better job of starting on topic? You're beginning to make this portion of the boards intolerable with your constant attacks.
  14. You keep forgetting the part where women can only get medical treatment from Planned Parenthood. [/sarcasm]