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  1. To the point of the thread, he lost me when he said those people are no better than someone who killed a man. I will never understand the purpose of general looting. Nor will the looters probably understand how discrediting the looting is to their purpose.
  2. https://amp.reddit.com/r/falcons/comments/gsw3ay/thoughts_on_this_kaleb_mcgary_tweet/
  3. 1 Morten Andersen 2,544 2 ADAM VINATIERI 2,487 3 Gary Anderson 2,434 4 Jason Hanson 2,150 5 John Carney 2,062 6 Matt Stover 2,004 7 George Blanda 2,002 8 Jason Elam 1,983 9 John Kasay 1,970 10 PHIL DAWSON 1,817 11 SEBASTIAN JANIKOWSKI
  4. LOL I love the WR at 2:24 flying across from the left and throwing himself without making contact with anyone.
  5. Just proves you can take the player out of the swamp stank but you can never take the swamp stank out of the player.
  6. Just as always, Ill be pulling for the niners to lose every game. Nothing against Kyle at all, having started following the Falcons in 90-91, I have a hatred for the 49ers that will never die. That team destroyed my childhood lol.
  7. I didnt put it all on Alford. What I did put on him was walking to the play while it was going on.
  8. I am sure I share the same feelings as many that the Charles Sims TD catch and run was the ugliest part of the game. Rewatching through some highlights it strikes me how bad the tacking was on that but the lack of effort as well. Alford was freaking walking there when Sims was juking the 4-5 tacklers out of their shoes. Hard to pick a worse part of that play but it really looked like Alford could have possibly gotten there if he was running.
  9. I dont play console games. Wonder if anyone plays Madden Mobile here?
  10. I got excited for a second. I was hoping they wetr going to be featured on All or Nothing.
  11. I am sure the stadium cleaning crew would be very appreciative of the media dept not showing a closeup of the lights again.
  12. Does anyone know if we still use the force plate thing that was talked about a couple years ago?
  13. Popcorn is actually a very good analogy. Here is exactly how Mike Smith would cook popcorn 1.) Put popcorn in microwave 2.) Popcorn popping just fine, decides to stay the course 3.) Popcorn starting to burn halfway through the timer 4.) Halfway through the cycle and burning, Smith decides to not adjust his approach. The safe thing to do would be to let it keep going 5.) Popcorn burns. Smith tips his cap to the microwave
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