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  1. Not by me!! He was a Monster for Atlanta
  2. Maaaaaaaaaan !! Ain't Nobody Trading Julio !! Stop it Already !!
  3. This is not a Great defensive draft, So I expect if a top 3 rusher is there that's the pick
  4. I wouldn't draft a TE that high when you can get a Pat Freiermuth for a lot less
  5. He's just going to sit this one out .....On his BIKE
  6. I think Davidson could learn from Poe as well as Grady and it would keep him healthier for next season imo
  7. Why would you want McDaniels when you can have Bill Belichick
  8. It is going to take multiple drafts to fix this defense and one draft isn't going to cut it
  9. The team has invested ALOT in him just to let him go for peanuts
  10. The Game is Changing the Pocket passer is about to be a thing of the past. Way too much money for a solid pass blocking group of o-linemen
  11. Trash !! they are always out of position and they simply can't run anymore
  12. He called Julio a lifer and he still is that.....Matt will be replace by a cheaper rookie which should've happen after the Superbowl loss imo.
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