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  1. 1st Mistake ... 3rd String DT and 3rd String MLB is listed as 43 E Miles and it should be 91 T Myles 2nd Mistake ... 48 R Shiver was left off as our 2nd String Long Snapper
  2. I have lived in Dallas for the last 16 years and been a very vocal Falcons fan. I pastor a Church and take a lot of jabbing for not converting to a Cowboy fan. Last Sunday one of my friends wife told me that she wanted to buy me and her husband tickets to the Cowboy/Falcons game. I ordered them today, we're high up on the 50 yard line in section 443. I am sooooooooo excited. You can bet that I will represent our Falcons on Oct. 25.
  3. I'm not sure if I should use stubhub or is there something better ? I need to order them now so I can get good seats together. Dallas games always sell out.
  4. Where is the best place for me to buy tickets to the Dallas game ?
  5. Very good video. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Tony Tiller was signed on Feb 3, 2008 according to the Atlanta Falcons Home Page. I'll copy and paste it below... TRANSACTIONS Competed for three seasons in the Canadian Football League (2005-07) with the Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions. Signed to the Georgia Force of the Arena Football League on May 24, 2008. Signed by the Falcons as a free agent on February 3, 2008.
  7. I think there are only 10 players on our current defensive roster that were here before TD and Smitty took over. 98 J Anderson 95 J Babineax 55 J Abraham 92 C Davis 54 S Nichols 20 B Grimes 23 C Houston 97 T Lewis 30 D Irons 41 A Harris 2008 TD and Smitty added these to our current roster : 71 K Bierman 99 J Jefferson 50 C Lofton 51 T Gilbert 52 C Wire 22 C Jackson 37 G Sharpe 29 J Fudge 42 E Brock 26 E Coleman 28 T DeCoud 25 V Hutchins 51 R James 38 T Tiller 18 C Williams 2009 TD and Smitty have added these : 90 L Sidbury 61 V Walker 94 P Jerry 59 S Adkins 53 M Peterson 21 C Owens 35 W Middleton 25 W Moore
  8. Thanks for the input. I couldn't remember what happened to Fontenot. I am REALLY impressed with TD and Smitty's Draft last year. It gives me great anticipation as to what will shake out with this draft class. I'm sure we're going to see several more Rookie starters this year. Awesome Drafts under this regime.
  9. I think this is how our draft turned out last year. Please correct me if I have anything wrong. Round Position Player Status 1 QB Matt Ryan 1st Year Starter 1 OT Sam Baker 1st Year Starter 2 LB Curtis Loftin 1st Year Starter 3 CB Chevis Jackson 2nd String 3 WR Harry Douglas 2nd String 3 S Thomas DeCoud 2nd String 5 LB Robert James Practice Squad 5 DE Kroy Bierman 3rd String 6 RB Thomas Brown Practice Squad 7 CB Wilrey Fontenot Cut 7 TE Keith Zinger Practice Squad
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