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  1. How much do you seriously think can be obtained in just 2 years ?
  2. Falconidae, Thanks for the link, I found the info.
  3. 2009 Draft Garrett Reynolds was a 5th Round selection, but what number pick was he ? Spencer Adkins was a 6th Round selection, but what number pick was he ? I could not find the answers on the Atlanta Falcons Home page. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Thats from Proverbs 24:16 "for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again"
  5. How old is Tye Hill, and how long do we have him signed for ?
  6. You know, for the first time in forever, I'm thinking about the playoffs at mid season. It feels really good to dream a little. Looking forward to the future with hope is a really nice thing.
  7. I've heard about people getting spit at and beer thrown at for wearing another teams colors. I guess I want to have a good time without having a drunk try to fight me. Maybe the stories are few and far between, that's why I asked what you guys thought. It was an honest question.
  8. I'm in section 443 Row 18 Seats 3 and 4
  9. I live in Dallas and I'll be there. Section 443 upper deck 50 yard line. I havn't decided if it's safe to wear my Falcons shirt or not. What do you think ?
  10. Look at it this way ... 1st Round Peria Jerry Starter (Injured Reserve Now) 2nd Round William Moore 2nd String 3rd Round Christopher Owens 2nd String 4th Round Lawrence Sidbury 3rd String 5th Round Willima Middleton Practice Squad 5th Round Garrett Reynolds 2nd String 6th Round Spencer Adkins 2nd String 7th Round Vance Walker 2nd String In one draft we got 8 players thats : 1 Starter (Now Injured Reserve) 5 Second String Players 1 Third String Player 1 Practice Squad Player That is an awesome draft.
  11. "and Kroy Biermann, a 260-pound second-year backup who had two sacks and a forced fumble, looked like the second coming of Bruce Smith." Ha Ha Ha Ha, That was my favorite line in the whole article.
  12. Platnumbirdz, sorry, I thought you made it. It does have a great intro ... thanks for posting it.
  13. I'm a Falcons fan and I have to say this is a lame big nik wanna be. The Audio ... If you have music playing while you talk ... turn it up so we can't hear you or turn it down so we can hear you. It was a total distraction. The Video ... You only filmed the top half of your face and it was way to dark. Buy a light and tripod and set them up. The Content ... A lot of rambling and repeating yourself. I'm not saying read a script. What I am saying is have an outline in your head so you're not repetitive and have more points. If you're going to represent us Falcons, Do it well or don't do it at all. Oh yeah, I give you props on the intro for Jake and the Falcon players. Great job on that.
  14. Trey Lewis was on the Falcons 2007 53 man roster. In 2007 he competed in nine games while making five starts in his rookie season. So this is not his first time on the 53 jman roster.
  15. 7 out of the 11 2008 Draft Class made the 53 man roster last year. 6 out of the 8 2009 Draft Class made the 53 man roster this year.
  16. Yeah, we drafted him in 2008, but he spent the entire year on the practice squad. That's why I included him because he has never been on our 53 man roster until now.
  17. 3 Deffensive LInemen P Jerry, T Johnson, L Sidbury 2 LIne Backers M Peterson, S Adkins 3 Corner Backs C Owens, T Hill, B Williams 1 Safety W Moore 1 Wide Reciever M Booker 3 Offensive Linemen W Svitek, B Romberg, G Reynolds 2 Tight Ends T Gonzalez, K Zinger 1 Full Back V Haynes 1 Quarter Back J Wilson
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