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  1. I cannot reveal Radical Ace's secret identity or his powers of logically displaying facts to inept posters will be ruined. By the way, I wonder what ever happend to Dire Wolf ?
  2. Bumping back to the first page.
  3. Best article I've reaed this week.
  4. That was funny as all get out. I can't remember who the two posters were but they got into it on this board so bad that the challeng got thrown down to meet at Waffle House. One was there and the other never showed up. That week of those two going at it was hillarious.
  5. Remember the message board showdown fight that was supposed to take place at the Waffle House a few years ago.
  6. Radical Ace, Did you previously post under the name Dire Wolf ? I always liked Dire Wolf because his posts were very insightful. You remind me of him because your posts have the same weighty logic. I was just wondering, anyway thanks for the time you take to post. They are always worth reading. Not kissing up here, just giving some props.
  7. If I lived in Atl I would be there. Thanks for the report.
  8. Anything less than the playoffs would be a major dissapointment. We will NOT be dissapointed this year.
  9. I hope he plays one more year after this one.
  10. I was at this game. I was wearing a Falcon shirt and got a lot of ribbing. But it was good natured. It was bad enough seeing us lose but watching us play poorly was terrible.
  11. We have drafted O-Linemen 6 years in a row with 7 still on roster now. We have drafted D-Linemen 4 years in a row with 7 still on roster now. I like the way we are keeping our team strong in the trenches. Offense 2005 Clabo (Edit : I just realized that we singned him not drafted him) 2006 Ojinnaka 2007 Blalock 2008 Baker 2009 Reynolds 2010 Johnson, Hawley Defense 2007 Lewis, Anderson 2008 Bierman 2009 Sidbury, Jerry, Walker 2010 Peters
  12. He catches it over the middle fearlessly, Gotta love it !
  13. Just talk about the Falcons and you'll be fine. You're problem is that you constantly talk about yourself (this case in point).
  14. This is my prefered mock draft. Best draft I've seen.
  15. I found Mike Mayock's top 20 prospects list but can't find his top 100 prospects list. Maybe he has not made it yet or maybe you have to pay for it. Does anyone know ?
  16. I noticed that these players are no longer on the Roster but I don't remember hearing about them getting let go. Did all these guys get let go or am I missing something ? 38 C Peprah 80 M Booker 36 V Haynes 30 A Stecker 37 G Sharpe 27 J Fudge 51 T Gilbert 41 A Harris
  17. It means he made everybody drool over him. (just learned this myself yesterday)
  18. You know a spork is a combination of a spoon and a fork. I'm sure someone here can post a pic. Is Spoon your daddy ?
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