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  1. you gotta love HD's attitude and play making ability.
  2. I would love to see Tony G put on a TE highlight show. Shockley should be ashamed to get on the same field as Tony G.
  3. There are few plays more exciting than seeing a Safety seperate the ball from a reciecver and break up a sure reception.
  4. There are 52 players listed on our depth chart. Even the innactive players are listed. Smith is the only roster player not listed on the depth chart. (James is on Roster but not on depth chart - but thats because he is suspended)
  5. He's not on the practice squad. He's on the 53 man roster. I don't know why he is not on the depth chart ?
  6. He is listed on the 53 man roster but he is not listed on the depth chart. I don't know why ?
  7. I hate this drama. SIGN already ! Please
  8. I'm excited to see Ryan in his third year. That's the telling year. And I like what's going to be told.
  9. I work for the Church, so I'm usually the last one to leave. I always DVR the game and start it as soon as I get home. I did the Direct TV call and got the 20.00 a month discount.
  10. I've been using Direct TV's Sunday Ticket for the last two years but every time I get the notice that my already high bill is going up 49.99 for the next 6 months ... I hope there might be a cheaper alternative.
  11. Sports Bar is a creative answer ... But I'm on Central time here so 1:00 ET games begin here at 12:00 and I don't get home from Church until those games are half over.
  12. Born and raised in Atl. now living in Dallas. Is there a cheaper way than Direct TV's Sunday Ticket to watch this falls Falcon games each sunday ? NFL.com has game rewind, but I don't know if they would post the game the same day after it was played. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Ah, the good memories are so few and far between. Thanks for posting
  14. Doesn't NFL.com have a cheaper option to watch the games. Anyone know details about that ?
  15. Great article, well worth the read. Thanks for posting it.
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