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  1. Hey Quarterback, I want to use that quote about body and soul in your sig. Do you know who originally said it so I won't be plagerizing.
  2. I live in Texas now and I've been trying to recruit new fans every year.
  3. The Stat I Like : 16 Touch Downs 5 Interceptions
  4. Dumba$$ Aints Fan From the Redundancy Dept. of Redundancy.
  5. Dadgumit, I meant to say Weems. My point was that it was a small wide reciever, not a large punnishing running back. Don't mess with our recievers, they will light you up.
  6. It was not Snelling that knocked Jones out of the game. It was Harry Douglas, truth is stranger than fiction.
  7. Dang Great American, lighten up and have some fun.
  8. NFL network said that Andy Reid's offense has called 60 % pass plays to 40 % run plays since he's been the head coach in Philly.
  9. Injuries are killing my fantasy football team. First Kolb, now Finley.
  10. I guess we need to work on the passing game on both sides of the ball. The rest looks great.
  11. Because the other team has professional athletes as well.
  12. Not that it matters, But I agree that if Vick is out, we should sit him.
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