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  1. The Falcons Broncos game is not available on NFL rewind. All the other games are available. Anyone know why ?
  2. I live in Dallas and was at that game wearing my Falcons gear. I was embarrassed and heckled by everyone around me when he did that. With that said. When someone apologizes, forgive them already. Life is too short to carry around bitterness and grudges. For what it's worth, I forgive him.
  3. BadMoonRising, Would you please keep the first post updated. Thank You
  4. I grew up in Atlanta but live in Dallas now. I defend my Falcons constantly against these Cowboy fans. They always bring up thier history, I always shut them up by saying ... The Cowboys have won only 1 playoff game in the last 15 years. That embarasses them into silence.
  5. It didn't work ... Nevermind, go about your buisness, nothing to see here, Did you hear me, break it up and go home.
  6. Total 1999 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 91 1 2 2 6 7 14 9 15 35 QB 8 C Redman QB 2 M Ryan QB 4 J Wilson QB 19 D Davis QB RB 44 J Snelling RB 33 M Turner RB 35 A Smith RB 32 J Rodgers RB 30 D Nance RB 40 R Frey RB FB 34 O Mughelli FB 42 M Cox FB 36 B Ewing FB WR 84 R White WR 83 H Douglas WR 80 K Meier WR 11 J Jones WR 15 M Calvin WR 12 K Cone WR 16 M Jackson WR 19 D Davis WR 17 C Pearcy WR 18 J Rodgers WR TE 85 M Branson TE 81 M Palmer TE 86 T Gallarda TE 85 L Brown TE 88 T Gonzalez TE 86 A Nissley TE OT 77 T Clabo OT 72 S Baker OT 74 W Svitek OT 70 B Harris OT 76 L Holmes OT G 63 J Blalock G 75 G Reynolds G 79 M Johnson G 69 A Jackson G 65 V Manuwai G 68 M Phillipkeith G C 62 T McClure C 61 J Hawley C 64 T Horn C 66 P Konz C DE 55 J Abraham DE 71 K Bierman DE 90 L Sidbury DE 93 C Matthews DE 69 L Mzegwu DE 98 R Edwards DE 96 J Massaquoi DE DT 95 J Babineax DT 94 P Jerry DT 91 C Peters DT 97 C Powell DT 67 M Regis DT 99 V Walker DT 70 R Kibble DT 92 T Robertson DT MLB 52 A Dent MLB 51 L Tatupu MLB 53 P Schiller LB OLB 54 S Nicholas OLB 50 R James OLB 59 S Adkins OLB 56 S Witherspoon OLB 30 M Hansen OLB 43 R Council LB 8 46 M Gruder LB 49 J Harris LB CB 20 B Grimes CB 21 C Owens CB 23 D Robinson CB 29 D Walls CB 22 A Samuel CB 24 D Franks CB 27 R McClain 37 P Thompson CB 38 M Markett CB S 28 T DeCoud S 25 W Moore S 39 S Schillinger S 41 S Tuimaunei S 26 C Mitchell S 40 C Faulcon S ST 3 M Bryant K 5 M Bosher P 9 D Zimmerman P 82 J Zelenka LS 47 J Harris LS 48 C Adams LS
  7. We currently have 91 players on our Roster according to Falcons home page. They have to cut somebody !
  8. I came over to the board here to ask the same question . Anyone know the answer ?
  9. There are four players that were on last years roster that are not on the current roster, but I have not read anywhere that they were oficially cut. Are they just not signed yet or are they gone ? 53 Peterson LB 73 Chambers OT 66 Romburg C 89 Kelly TE
  10. Metatron360, I'm just mad at Lofton because I liked him so much. Sorry I let a little of that leak out on you. Grammar apology offered
  11. This thread is stupid. And stop putting a "h" in the word "were". It makes it a totally different word and makes you look stupid as well. And don't say it was a typo because you did it many times.
  12. Warning : A lot of language, in case you are at work or kids are in the room.
  13. I'm excited to see someone blitzing on third and long intstead of going into a prevent defense.
  14. You don't have to look any farther than our own line to see an UFA outperforming a 1st Rd. pick.
  15. When you say stuff like this, you make yourself look like an idiot.
  16. Any long time fan of the Falcons has proven their tenacity. Any short time fan is free to go.
  17. He was probably acting like he does in his home stadium, treating visitors like garbage. Only this time he did it in the opponets stadium and got his due.
  18. I live just South of Dallas. Last few years I had Sunday Ticket on Direct TV. Changed cable service, so this year I'm going with NFL Game Rewind. I hope I like it.
  19. You can't pick the same team twice in the season, right ?
  20. First I've seen it. Thanks for posting it.
  21. Can you watch the game on NFL Rewind as it is being played live ? If not, when do they make it available to watch ? (I live in Dallas and I no longer have Direct TV.)
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