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  1. 5 hours ago, mqg96 said:

    LOL I already know this, but this has nothing to do with my point. I get that the Falcons are contenders this year, I brought it up on my first post in the first or second page, and this is not a Literature or Technical Writing class, this is the Falcons forums. I can try to space my sentences out to make it easier for people to read but most of the time I don't have time to proofread and revise just to get a post off. 

    Falconidae is just kindly telling you the truth. I read every post in this thread but when I go to yours, I skipped it. When he reposted it using some spacing ... I read it an enjoyed what you had to say. The thing is, if it is a wall of text, people will skip it and never know if it was worth reading or not. Just an encouragement to you because your content is good.

  2. Just thought I would share a little encouragement because I am working through the hurt like we all are. This weekend my wife took me to Houston (4 hour drive from Dallas where I live) and bought me a Ryan Jersey with the Super Bowl logo on it. I am thankful to have a wife like this and I refuse to be sad but will wear my new Jersey with pride. A friend told me that when the storm comes all the loose leaves are blown away and the ones left are the quality ones that hold tight in strength. I stand with all true Falcon fans. Rise Up !

  3. This is great. My brother is deaf and people just don't realize how difficult it is. Most people think that a deaf person can just get a job using a computer and not have to talk or hear. What they don't realize is that deaf people usually have very poor reading skills because they don't sign the way we speak. ASL is not the same as english is word for word. Because of this, when they write it looks very chopped and it is difficult for them to follow english as it is written.

    Once again thank you for your videos.

    One suggestion ... have  a narrator tell what you are saying so non ASL people can also appreciate your viewpoint.

    God bless

  4. I live in Waxahachie which is about 30 miles south of Dallas. I wish it were a late game because then I would come. By the time I get out of Church I have to rush home and catch up to live action by watching what has already been recorded. I know what you're thinking ... why don't you just leave Church early that Sunday ? Can't, I'm the Pastor. LOL

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