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  1. Falconidae is just kindly telling you the truth. I read every post in this thread but when I go to yours, I skipped it. When he reposted it using some spacing ... I read it an enjoyed what you had to say. The thing is, if it is a wall of text, people will skip it and never know if it was worth reading or not. Just an encouragement to you because your content is good.
  2. 99 % of stats are made up on the spot.
  3. Just thought I would share a little encouragement because I am working through the hurt like we all are. This weekend my wife took me to Houston (4 hour drive from Dallas where I live) and bought me a Ryan Jersey with the Super Bowl logo on it. I am thankful to have a wife like this and I refuse to be sad but will wear my new Jersey with pride. A friend told me that when the storm comes all the loose leaves are blown away and the ones left are the quality ones that hold tight in strength. I stand with all true Falcon fans. Rise Up !
  4. It must be policy because Mike Smith did the same thing.
  5. The last quote about ugly and pregnant was not Matt, It was Coleman.
  6. As soon as Ryan gets 152 more yards passing and 2 more touchdowns ... He can sit.
  7. I grew up in Atlanta but now live in Dallas and can't get the game. Is your method of watching the game virus safe ?

  8. Don is my name 00045 is the model of Martin I custom ordered a long time ago. I wanted the wider string spacing like a OM and wanted the shorter scale length of a 000 and so I custom ordered a guitar to my specs. 45 (with snowflake inlays) because I like beautiful things.
  9. 11:45 Eastern time and still no video available on Gamepass. Thats so wrong.
  10. It's now 8:30 here in Dallas and the Monday night Falcons game is not available in video. I can only get the radio broadcast. All other games work fine. Does anybody know what the problem is ? I'm desperate to see my Falcons kick Saints around.
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